Get Malaysia’s High Pole Lion Dance listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

This is a Malaysian tradition that the whole world has seen. But hardly anyone knows it is actually Malaysian. This is the High Pole Lion Dance: An Original Malaysian Tradition It all started with these guys, a small troupe from Muar with big dreams. “We went to Hong Kong for a competition in 1992.
And our High Pole Lion Dance wowed everyone.” “Kids jumping on poles no wider than 15 inches.
No one had seen something like that before.” “It was so exciting.” “When I found out that the High Pole Lion Dance was from Malaysia, I felt proud and was inspired to join more competitions to represent Malaysia and my home-state Johor.” “The classic lion dance is from China.” “But the High Pole Lion Dance from Malaysia.” It’s time for us to make sure the world knows that the High Pole Lion Dance is from Malaysia! The UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage recognises and preserves cultural contributions considered important or significant. So far, Malaysia has gotten Silat, Dondang Sayang and Mak Yong theatre listed by UNESCO. Let’s make our High Pole Lion Dance next! Malaysia’s local art is so incredible that Mak Yong has been recognised by UNESCO. The Malaysian High Pole Lion Dance too deserves the same recognition. Let’s get our Original Malaysian Tradition the recognition it deserves. This is for all Malaysians! Sign the petition!
and get your friends and family to sign it too. Together, we can show the world how rich and diverse Malaysia’s culture really is!

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