42 Replies to “Green Day-Wake Me Up When September Ends lyrics”

  1. Sara Carvajal says:


  2. Νικολας Τσικας says:


  3. Gabriel Mendoza says:

    Just two months

  4. Rixius Shade says:

    4:31 like time is stopping

  5. Jason Games YT says:

    4 wake ups

    1: This song
    2: Wake me up before you go-go
    3: Wake me up inside
    4: Wake up, Get up, Get out there from Persona 5

  6. Mirio Togata says:

    I love this song 😀

  7. Maitreye 1997 says:

    Years end… but this song is always soothing 🤗

  8. Raishmel Villaruel says:


  9. Reandhy 69 says:


  10. Inalivrn says:

    People are being all serious about deaths and stuff…..

    I was just like: Ooooo a new song

  11. Peter Ian staker says:

    Cool, see you guys back here September.

  12. aewon zxc says:

    Gisingin nyo ako pag ayos na ang lahat

  13. ronald moreno says:

    A classic, I love it. If modern music of today sounded like this,, i'd still be listening to it. But instead it's like listening to commercial jingles.. Wtf..

  14. Anna G says:

    I remember a year ago, I heard this song in summer, I was depressed and completely forgot about it after through the year. Now, this summer yet again I'm still so fcking depressed, but I thought back when I really loved this song and how it made me feel better. So I'm glad I fell on it because now it's giving me hope once more, hope that next summer things will be better this time and I'll think back to this evening with a smile on my face.

  15. Jamkic je says:

    My first birthday was on sep 11 2001 so this song kinda makes sense to me

  16. Anderson Le says:

    I am currently being bullied for stupid reasons at school. I am also being stressed with extra work and being the best and successful in life. I wish I could just leave Earth and freeze myself out in space. I hate myself

  17. Sping Playz says:

    I miss my father now, it's been 5 years and time passes by so fast, I wish he could see me grow up..I relate to this song a lot.Also, I really don't remember much, he..passed when I was really young. Even though I didn't get to know him that well, I still love him and hold him dearly in my heart. I hope he's watching me!

  18. Pratik Sinchury says:

    Eagerly waiting for the end of September….👍

  19. Richaela Alarcon says:

    this is one of my favorite songs because when September ends, it's my birthday

  20. Fitria Purwanti says:

    Juli 2019, i am coming listen it

  21. Hendrik Surya says:

    it's because "tonight show" talk show from indonesian tv. i can remember the title from this song

  22. LightfulWings says:

    There's a parody of a song called "wake me up, when summer ends" I only heard it a few times in the radio but cant find it anywhere in YouTube ):

  23. Peter Pan says:

    Wake me up when the sadness ends.

  24. OhSkyzeeh says:

    This describes my little sister

  25. Nashmia Chowdhury says:

    RIP to those who have given a dislike

  26. Charlie Muñoz says:


  27. bagaboo says:

    I love you Ron this song will play in your memory

  28. Logan Pettit says:

    Made me feel really nostalgic. This used to be my dad's ringtone.

  29. Chuba Ozzy says:

    Listening to these song brings back my memory lane…my school days. Now I am married to a beautiful wife and survived by 2 daughter

  30. Syafiq Irfan says:

    olease someone tell me what this song means?

  31. justin cajas says:

    Con esto me corte las venas mi alma esta escribiendo esto y ahora me iré al fortnite con mi lagartija toda putrefacta

  32. Valentina M. says:

    The song reminds me on my best friend…she died by suicide in november 2018…
    I love you and I miss you 💭❤️

  33. ejatscobar _ says:

    this song will never ever be forgeted , Every year we got september , Who with me ? like 👍

  34. AJ MIRANDA says:

    I dont know but i miss my dad i cant believe he's gone im dealing with this unbelievable pain i dont know how long i can stand with this pray for me 🙁

  35. LoGaNg 4LiFe says:

    Tbh i was born September 11th a bad day

  36. Cong Hau says:

    It was 5 year cmon they need us

  37. T J says:

    My father died last December 4 days before my birthday. That December and probably many December's to come I'll be feeling like sleeping through December.

  38. donofon101 says:

    I don't want to sound like the Grammar Police.. but the difference between "PAST" and the intended PASSED is important to the story being told.

  39. Catherine Santos says:

    2019?? ❣️😍

  40. Emaan Shahid says:

    Song of my early childhood

  41. Muhammad Noman says:

    Like my father's come to pass, one year has gone so fast.
    Wake me up when May ends!
    On 22-May-2018 Thats when my father left us.

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