24 Replies to “Guerrilla Date with Hyunbin [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.01.23]”

  1. Shamshad Siddiqui says:

    Miss u from india

  2. Cherry Duyen says:

    Oppa iu wa à ❤️💚💙🧡

  3. DoReMi says:

    Am I the only one who watch this clip over and over again? He's so handsome tho 😂💕

  4. wonu says:

    he’s so composed and well spoken, he seems like he knows everything but there’s something very mysterious and enticing about him. feels very intimidating 🥵 exactly my type

  5. Sada Ahmed says:

    his dimples omg

  6. LOWE sonia says:

    He is delightful with his fans. Knowing his looks drive everyone crazy ,he stays modest ,kind , caring. Two years on from this interview . He has become an International Star. More Gorgeous than ever and still a gentleman. HYUN BIN PERFECTION.

  7. Yessy N says:

    How is it possible that i never getting tired just watching him on youtube xD

  8. Mon Myat says:

    He really took care of his fans. so lovely

  9. Chyntia Aidilia says:

    Hyun bin is very kind 😍

  10. Fauzia Habib says:

    He could easily get the 'Sexiest man alive' in Korea. I think.

  11. Vanda Nunes says:

    Maravilhoso!!! Hyun Bin incrível…o MELHOR!!!

  12. LOWE sonia says:

    The girl who says 'he is like a Sculpture' Exact, bone structure, adams apple. Laid back ears, soft hair, very well cut in his last MOA. Flawless skin . Just the Base of this beautiful gentle kind,caring. PERFECTION of a man.

  13. Yusuf Mikaeel says:

    why I see his charismatic and style like jung woo sung🤔

  14. LOWE sonia says:

    This is noisy Far too much Awful chatter from reporter . And crowd sound that is outdated. And HYUN BIN is shown as a Product instead of WHO HE IS . I can make this critic today after seeing other interviews and clips of this EXCEPTIONAL MAN and ACTOR . 23 3 19.

  15. Amirah Natasya says:

    Arggg i love him!

  16. LOWE sonia says:

    Am addicted to watch and listen to this Very Special Man. Day is brighter Thankyou for being Hyun Bin.

  17. celyn 03 says:

    im in love w/ his dimples 😍

  18. LOWE sonia says:

    From every aspect he seems to be a wonderful human being . I wish him good health, Continuing career . The right Partner so his life will be as happy as he makes others with his gifts as an actor, exquisite presence and beauty. His voice is as pleasing as his smile. His mother is a fortunate Lady.

  19. Joyce Chua says:

    I've always loved his voice and the way he talks. So soothing and calm. Plus, he's always so humble and shy despite his success. I've liked him since Secret Garden. A lesser known work of his is Snow Queen, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a good tear-jerker melodrama

  20. Aman Dhaliwal says:

    how i can meet this man . im dying .

  21. Hằng Lê says:

    Đẹp trai

  22. Aquarius says:

    Hyun Bin❤Son Ye Jin ……

  23. Redfox 33-RC says:

    First come to mind: Ha Ji Won😂😍😍

  24. insouciant lady says:

    2019 anyone???

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