How to Draw Your Feelings + Painting Emotions / Easy Art Therapy Activity Demo for Beginners

hello friends today I’ll show you how to
draw or paint your feelings onto paper. I will help you express yourself and use
art as an outlet for your feelings step-by-step. So let’s get started. The
art materials you need are: drawing material of your choice,
I’m using oil pastels, sketchbook or paper, and if you are painting you can
choose a painting material of your choice, brushes, and bring a cup of water
as well as a watercolor paper or other surface that you want to paint on. I
received this watercolor paper pad from Arteza and they were so nice to give me
a coupon code for you all to use if you would like to get some materials from
Arteza. First, to start this drawing or painting get in touch with how you feel.
How does your body feel? Then close your eyes and ask yourself if this feeling
had a color a shape, a form, a weight, temperature, or even texture, what would
it be like? Imagine all the details of this feeling. Now you can put that onto
paper. So if you imagined your feeling being
very heavy or looking very dark then you will want to depict this heaviness and
darkness on to paper using colors shapes and lines. You do not always have to know what this feeling looks like or be able to visualize the whole thing. All you
need to do is be willing to work with this feeling so go with your gut and
intuition – ask the feeling what color fits, what shape or form feels right. You can
create the image as you go without having the whole picture in your head
beforehand. We all have some kind of experience with
art but we rarely use art as a way to truly express our feelings so it can be
difficult to do this at first. We tend to use our thinking mind too much but when
we let go of it and when we use our intuition we can get access those
feelings and easily express them onto paper. We want to draw or paint our
feelings because we need to express ourselves and words do have a limit. We
express because we need to but also because we need to be heard
be validated and be listened to. It’s really hard to get that sometimes and
that’s why we have art – we can hear ourselves, we can see our feelings in
front of us and that is very validating. And we can really empathize with our own
self. I also try drawing my feelings out as well. What is difficult for you when it
comes to art? What kind of challenges do you have when you’re trying to express
yourself through art? Let me know in the comments below. When you are finished with your drawing
or painting let’s dive deeper into our feelings and emotions with reflective
writing. Bring a pen and journal and write down your answers to these
questions: what does the drawing look like? Perhaps it reminds you of something. The next question is, describe the
drawing from that drawings perspective – so you can start the sentence as ‘I am a
drawing and I am…’ then you describe what you see around you, what it feels like, or
what you would experience if you were that drawing. And last question is what
did you learn from this exercise? Maybe you learned something about yourself or
maybe you learned something about this feeling and your relationship with it.
So that’s all for today but if you want to watch the next video it’s already
live on my Patreon page today – the link is in the description box.
There’s also bonus podcast episodes there if you want to listen to that. But
thank you so much for following along with this tutorial or exercise – it’s
really truly a gift as humans to be able to express ourselves through art. So if
you enjoyed this please like this video subscribe to the channel and I’ll see
you next time. Bye!

27 Replies to “How to Draw Your Feelings + Painting Emotions / Easy Art Therapy Activity Demo for Beginners”

  1. Nekro Fushii says:

    i love your videos so much (: you are gorgeous btw love from bulgaria <3

  2. Bérénice Namysu says:

    Thank's a lot for your videos. I also want to become an Art therapist and your approach is so soft and conscious, I love it very much.

  3. Julissa Layne says:

    For me I think that I end up thinking too much into my pieces. I'm a storyteller and illustrator so a lot of the time I end up thinking too much about the characters and setting and not about how I feel and what I want to express through them and that's a habit I wanna break

  4. Thirsty For Art says:

    What's one thing that's difficult or frustrating about expressing yourself through art?

  5. Barbara Massey says:

    Your video IS art. Peaceful gentle healing art. Thank you.

  6. Chris Desatoff says:

    I like how your art came out.

    If it's okay for me to ask, what kind of feelings did you have that you were trying to express in this piece of art?

  7. Jonna Andrusca says:

    Very nice. Thanks.

  8. Deborah Meyers says:

    Your art is beautiful and I feel soooooo much healing just watching your art voice and cat 🐾🐾🐾Thank you for sharing♥️

  9. Monika Marsollek says:

    ❣️Hi, Youjung, I enjoyed your colours and growing forms, kind of plant based😉… if I draw or paint about feelings, it’s sometimes difficult to do this without a purpose, not to think about a special goal or about showing something 'beautiful' for the wall of my living room🙄. I’ve to remind myself to 'let it grow' (haha, also kind of plant based🌱🌿, I guess… thanks so much for sharing, love, Monika❣️

  10. Jennifer Lang says:

    Thank you! I really enjoyed this video and can't wait to give it a try. I'm also very excited about trying oil pastels. They look like they're lovely to use. 🤗🤗🤗

  11. Hoda Medhat says:

    The difficult thing is i only think of nature , i imagine the drawing in my head but can't apply it on paper so when i finish it ,i don't feel connected with it

  12. Art About Art says:

    Thanks for this beautiful video. I did this exercise in the park and I really loved it. It is really relaxing and healing.

  13. lawofliving says:

    I sometimes have a problem with really putting my feeling into a paper because I'm perfectionist. I'm trying hard to learn that not everything is perfect and I don't have control over it, but it's very challenging. Especially when it comes to drawing. I restrain myself from drawing my feelings because I want it to look perfect. 😔 Thank you for your videos, maybe if I'll be trying more often I finally manage to truly express my feelings through art without this barrier ❤🙏

  14. Sneha Sen says:

    Thank u so much for your videos… it really helps me to calm down… The difficult thing is I can't express myself fully in art… I just think something is missing… 🙁

  15. Andrea Cotton says:

    your tutorial is just perfect av been looking for your tutorial for so long Thank you so much

  16. Kuroi says:

    This was so wholesome, thank you 🙂

  17. Ghostlicks says:

    I’m always disappointed in my art if I can’t correctly visualize my emotion because I feel like I didn’t properly let out and express my struggles. Not sure how to deal with this

  18. Vlatko says:

    Hey there, fellow art therapist. I'm pleasantly surprised there's more of us. Especially those who make videos and reach out to people with podcasts. I've made a video on an art journal where I've referenced your videos in the description:
    Now, let me just hit that subscribe button… There we go.
    A difficult and frustrating thing about expressing myself through art? Almost always, it's technically demanding. For one, I'm a sculptor. Which means I usually make a mess of my work space. For another, it's time-consuming. I like to take my sweet time making art, but to the detriment of loosing sleep or being too engrossed into it. I never lack idea or the creative drive, being in the art field for so long. Thus, my saving grace is making an art journal, but in the style I've talked about in the link.
    Looking forward to your new work!
    P.S. My cat is 4750 miles away from me, so give your cat a treat in my name.

  19. Vivianne_ Tran_MUA says:

    My son have autism and he use art to express his feeling…. when he was young, he can’t talk and use to draw what happen so we can understand him. He communicate with us through drawing especially when he is angry words can’t come out.

    Now drawing is like meditation for him, it keep him calm…. I got to your page from you sister page and I’m loving it….. Keep up the amazing work, we need more people like you and your sis in this world.

  20. Chris Gil says:

    Hi Youjung, how can I use art therapy to help cope with the loss of a special friend who relocated to Japan. This friend of mine was some one I could always trust and even though she's thousands miles away, I can't help but think about her because we had a special kind of friendship. How can art therapy help me to ease the pain of losing a special friend like that.

  21. Ashley Vanstone says:

    Hi! I'm a grad student (art education) and I'm designing a contemporary lesson plan analyzing and utilising art as self-expression for emotional struggles, and I used this video as an educational reference example because you lay it out so well – it's such a clear approach: simple, short, I love it! Thank you!! I follow you on IG too and I love and appreciate your content ❤️

  22. Daria Almas says:

    This is such a great way to express feelings. Thank you for sharing it. I love the drawing you made in your video.

  23. YuJin Oh says:

    Can you explain more about the second question? Perhaps more example might help 🙂 Thanks

  24. Kimberley Mcdonald says:

    I never know what to do when it comes to creating. I know i can create easily, but the idea or subject is never there, and thats the blank. When you live a wholesome healthy life, its hard to create tbh (the art is boring). Negative impact is unfortunately inspiring and very easy to express. Its nice to follow along with your art therapy videos. Please make more.

  25. milyon arefaine says:

    I always wanted to be an Art Therapist.Your video has inspired me. Thank you!!.

  26. Kawaiikitty gamer277 says:

    I’ve been wanting to Express myself with the thing I love most (art) but didn’t know how, Thank you so much for helping I really appreciate it 😊

  27. Tami Moreno says:

    I struggle to know what to draw. It’s hard for me to translate the feeling into a picture.

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