How to Set Up a Home Recording Studio : How to Choose a Computer for Your Home Recording Studio

Hi! I‘m Tad Donley and I’m speaking in
behalf of Expert Village. I got a couple of keyboards over here which helps and also the,
I have a Dell Precision 650. It is a dual xeon 2.8 megahertz processor, it has got two
gigs of memory and it can handle big operations. You do not need that for Nuendo. You can get
something smaller than that. Do not get me wrong, but make sure you get something that
handles, that handles this pretty fast, so it makes it easier for whatever applications
you are using, ProTools, Nuendo whatever using, but that little beauty is great, it is powerful,
it is fast, that is important.

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  1. Max Dyer says:


  2. Chill Jr says:

    I learned alot

  3. Ed Boi says:

    "uh uh 2 uh, 2.8 gigabytes uh uh, uh, i mean, uh uh megahertz, uh… processor."

    Translation: "2.8 megahertz processor"

  4. Gussie Kessler says:

    Tad didn't show how to set up shit.

  5. s,DK Jesse says:

    this guy's confidence is over 9000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000690000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  6. Michael Tsang says:

    Best intro ever, just the hesistant "h-hi"

  7. PhanaticGamer says:

    Thanks man. This video really helped a lot! /s

  8. Undead Monstrosity says:

    This is like if Travis Miles from fallout 4 made a video guide on what kind of computer he has.

  9. NowakVulpix says:


  10. Lars says:

    " I got a couple keyboards here, which helps" – This shit was hilarious.

  11. Levi Bulls says:

    Papa bless.

  12. ProfessorGage says:

    I bet he can run club penguin at max settings on that sick setup of his.

  13. Juan B. Cabral says:

    Dave Mustaine?

  14. zoomy sketchbook says:


  15. CharBar26 says:

    Love his 80's haircut

  16. Max Blankenbeker says:

    This guy gets it

  17. I Eat Ass says:

    What an amazing and educational video

  18. Radioactivity3 says:

    expert village doing my man ted dirty like that, why u gotta cut this nigga off?

  19. Alemme01 says:

    Shitty Dave Mustaine

  20. Andrew Philips says:

    I think he broke off at the end because he started crying

  21. nimav82 says:

    me when talking to girls I like

  22. Mr.McFancy , says:

    in the description he's classified as an "expert"

  23. Djanko Kahn says:


  24. Ryguypie17 says:

    0:18 – Uh, it's a duel xeon, uh, uhm, 2, uh, 2.8 gigabytes uh, uh, uh i mean uh, muhh, megahertz, uh..

  25. Great job says:

    Wow he has some really nice blue eyes, almost like blueberries.

  26. Solar9 says:

    Um um um um um um

  27. Look Its an Ivysaur. says:


  28. BanjoeCommando says:

    2.8 Megahertz?! I didn't know I needed a supercomputer to make music!

  29. EF86 says:

    good work man

  30. Jonathan Poulter says:

    He said um 15 times…

  31. timecrusade says:

    nice meme guys

  32. Pin Head says:

    Thanks! This really helped me in making my own studio!!! 💯

  33. Arcade Matt says:

    Thank you so much Expert Village! I found out what I was doing wrong… I needed a keyboard!

  34. M L says:

    So keyboards help. That's a good first step.

  35. john james says:

    This is my computer, um… EXPERT VILLAGE

  36. CS1K Anon says:

    Blink if you're being held captive

  37. CallMeNevermore says:

    That glam rock hair tho…

  38. VGM Revisited says:

    I've got every major production company hounding me, Pharell has me producing beats for his latest album, the money is rolling in and it's pussy madness. Thanks, expert village!

  39. XavlaminYT says:

    Whenever someone asks me an technical question, because they think I would be big on IT, I gonna send them this video xD

    It's annoying when people can't think for themselves and google… I mean I am not the all-knowing god of computers, because I know the difference between Google and Google Chrome…

  40. Alex BigShid says:

    Let's just be honest, this guy has no idea what the fuck he's doing.

  41. Alex BigShid says:

    Literally me when i give presentations.

  42. Mikoo says:

    Thank you so much, this video helped me tremendously!

  43. Tony Cee says:

    Fascinating (in the words of spock)

  44. 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐑𝐞𝐝𝐑𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧 says:

    Lol…I found his Facebook.

  45. Totally Not The FBI says:

    Wow! Great tutorial! Super helpful, thank you so much, Expertvillage!

  46. Nick Simonds says:


  47. ChopsticKris says:

    So apparently the dude had a stroke in the past…

  48. Tim says:

    It's like he's doing a class where someone reenacts an exchange and then the students have to repeat it the best they can.

  49. LONE GAMING says:

    uhhhhhhh BONELESS

  50. gurgy3 says:

    2.8 Mhz processor? Psshht, Chandler s laptop is faster

  51. Craisins says:

    This is the best video on the internet

  52. Prole says:

    this video really helped me

  53. Wira SW says:

    can i get uhhhh boneless pizza?

  54. welp says:


  55. Joey Hinds says:

    Ram's an animal, stupid!!

  56. Juice says:

    I'm glad I found this again

  57. MusicallyStoned says:

    It'd be funny if he actually turned out to be a musical genius. He reminds me of Brian Wilson.

  58. Mike Badwolf says:

    Thanks fat dave mustaine

  59. VanillaFejz says:

    Guys. these comments are gold.

  60. dave omega says:

    Fuxk this dumbass

  61. liquid0001 (Squadalaxd) says:

    If you read his bio on his website, you're gonna read one of the most fake fucking shit ever. He had millions, played in ultra mega successful well known bands, then he somehow lost all and he find a God. lol

  62. OpiatedBliss says:

    uh I mean, uh

  63. Jherson Cuarite says:

    What the heck happened with Dave Mustaine?

  64. Isabelle Krempel says:

    now this is a SLAMMING video

  65. TheBathing8pe says:


  66. Federico Obialero says:

    This is the greatest video of all times.

  67. Dandelion Kev says:

    vape nation yo!

  68. FluffyroxGames says:

    The end of this video gets me every time.

  69. yinyang beats says:

    The value of this video as comedy is greater than its tutorial value

  70. lintlickerize says:


  71. lulyhead says:


  72. ______ says:

    h3h3 brought me here

  73. Gamer Gunk says:

    Clickbait in its early days..

  74. Sneathers says:

    Well, I have keyboards so I'm set!

  75. Banjo String says:

    This tells you nothing except this guy knows jack-fish

  76. MAZZ0Murder says:

    I like this video for all the wrong reasons.

  77. Ellington Banks says:

    "Thats uh… Important."

  78. Jonathan B says:

    The keyboard helps

  79. Tyler Gunn says:

    bless him

  80. Mad Titan says:


  81. Sui G says:

    That was an amazing tutorial.

  82. BrokeBot says:

    Lol the old comments are harsh af on the guy

  83. Tyler Micha says:

    Me when I explain stuff high or sober.

  84. Hansel Leos says:

    Well this was shit

  85. Alejandro Alderete says:

    It’s so funny that someone un-ironically uploaded this video

  86. Joseph Sabry says:

    This was useful thank you

  87. xl says:

    Even in 2007 , a Dell precision 650 was just an above the average desktop computer. It could barely be called a workstation. My workstation is a Z820 with 64 GB of RAM and 16 cores @ 2.6 GHz . (dual Xeon) .. Now that is what I call a powerful workstation

  88. lintlickerize says:

    it's powerful, it's fast…uhm that's uhh important…. u m m – – 🙁

  89. samsquanch1996 says:

    ExpertVillage? More like AwkwardVillage.

  90. I Dzoavits I says:

    this is fucking ummmm errrr…. gold

  91. james8470 says:

    Oh how far we've come…

  92. banjo pariah says:

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 You guys should come back as a satire channel… Wait, is that what this was all these years?

  93. MIYO. - Music says:

    I mean isn't this representative of all of us? Uuuummm

  94. zion chan says:

    Thank uh like uh so uh much cuz um uh when you I mean I when you have that, its important because um uh yeah its important because uh so I uh can like do do the my I mean make my setup uh so I uh when you like when I do my setup it uh helps me uh write on uh the comouter uh so um its important that I um have the uh computer keyboard when um its like there so yeah thank you uh, wait no when thanks you uh know I uh know that its computer keyboard to um type so uh thats important um Expert Village

  95. zion chan says:

    Hi, I'm Ted Donley. And I'm speaking on behalf of expert village. Uh I gotta couple keyboards, you know, here and there which helps. Also I have a Dell precision 650 uh it's a dual xenon uh uh 2 um 2 point eight gigabytes uh uh uh I mean uh uh megahertz uh processor. It's got 2 gigs of memory and it can handle big operations. You don't need that for Nuendo. You can get something smaller than that. Don't get me wrong. But make sure you get something that handles that handles those pretty fast that it han- so it makes it easier for uuuuhh da- whatever application you're using. Quotetools, Nuendo, whatever you're using. Uhhh but that lil beauty is great uummmm it's powerful, it's fast, uummm that's uhh important ummmm-
    Expert □ Village
    All Rights Reserved
    [email protected]

    (Yall better like this cuz I spent 10 percent of my battery to make it lol)

  96. CerealKiller says:

    imma computer! STOP ALL THE DOWNLOADIN'!!!!

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