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Tia Hill: Over the past few years, Travis
Scott has become one of rap’s biggest superstars. But from his early mixtape days to his number
one album ‘Astroworld,’ how well do his fans really know his music? We decided to hit the streets of New York
City to find out. Tia Hill: So are you a Travis Scott fan? Speaker 2: Yes. Speaker 3: I am. Speaker 4: Yeah, I fucks with Travis Scott. Speaker 5: I don’t know a lot about Travis
Scott, but I like his music. Tia Hill: What’s your favorite Travis Scott
song or album? Speaker 6: “Sicko Mode.” Speaker 8: Anything off of ‘Rodeo.’ Speaker 3: This is kind of weird but “Sloppy
Toppy” from ‘Days Before Rodeo.’ I know it’s crazy because it’s graphic, but
I found it so funny how he made a song about that. Speaker 10: And I think I’m going to get all
the questions right. Speaker 11: I don’t think I’ll do that
great to be honest, but … Tia Hill: Be confident. Speaker 11: Okay. Tia Hill: What was the name of Travis’s first
mixtape, ‘Owl Pharaoh’ or ‘Days Before Rodeo?’ Speaker 13: ‘Owl Pharaoh.’ Speaker 10: ‘Days Before Rodeo?’ Speaker 12: ‘Days Before Rodeo.’ Speaker 5: Definitely ‘Days Before Rodeo,’ yeah. Tia Hill: In 10 seconds name as many of the
tracks from ‘Days Before Rodeo’ as you can. Speaker 3: “Mamacita,” “Sloppy Toppy” … “Basement,” “Backyard.” Speaker 2: “Skyfall,” “Mamacita,” “Goosebumps.” Speaker 3: “Sky’s Falling.” Speaker 2: “Backyard Freestyle.” Speaker 4: Time’s up. Tia Hill: Which rapper narrated ‘Rodeo,’ Kid
Cudi or T.I.? Speaker 10: I’m going to have to go with T.I. Speaker 6: I would say Kid Cudi. Speaker 7: I’m going to go with T.I. Speaker 3: T.I. Speaker 5: Kid Cudi. Speaker 12: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no. Speaker 14: I’m saying Kid Cudi confidently. Speaker 12: T.I. I heard that with my own ears, it’s T.I. Tia Hill: Which song was originally meant
for Kanye West’s ‘The Life of Pablo,’ “3500” or “Piss on Your Grave?” Speaker 4: Oh, “Piss on Your Grave.” Really? Tia Hill: Yeah. Speaker 2: “3500.” Speaker 5: “Piss on Your Grave.” Speaker 14: I think it’s 3500. Tia Hill: What song on ‘Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight’ has the album title in the lyrics, “Pick Up the Phone” or “Goosebumps?” Speaker 8: Damn. “Goosebumps.” Speaker 6: “Pick Up the Phone.” Speaker 11: Pick Up the Phone. I feel like I remember seeing the lyrics. Tia Hill: Can you sing it? Speaker 8: No, no, I can’t sing it. Tia Hill: Are you sure? Speaker 8: Definitely not. No Auto-Tune. Tia Hill: Which song
on ‘Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight’ features vocals from Blac Youngsta, “Coordinate” or “SDP
Interlude?” Speaker 4: Coordinate. Speaker 12: Coordinate, right? Speaker 5: Coordinate, yeah. I had to think about that again and that’s
the one Travis Scott answer that I actually did know, so just keep that noted, all right? Tia Hill: What is the cover art for ‘Huncho
Jack, Jack Huncho’ based on? Speaker 3: There’s no multiple choice for
this? Tia Hill: No. It’s just like if you know, you know. Speaker 3: I don’t know. Speaker 2: I don’t know. Speaker 10: Not going to cap, no fucking idea. Tia Hill: He said not going to cap. Speaker 5: Just going to go with The Nightmare
Before Christmas. Tia Hill: It’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Speaker 14: I know that movie, there’s no
way that it was inspired by that. There’s no car, there’s no long cigarette,
did I miss that? Tia Hill: Which Southern rap group is sampled
on “5% TINT” from ‘Astroworld,’ Goodie Mob or Three 6 Mafia? Speaker 11: I want to say Three 6 Mafia? Speaker 6: Goodie Mob. Speaker 7: Three 6 Mafia? Tia Hill: In 10 seconds, name as many features
on Astroworld as you can. Speaker 11: Okay, so I know he has a song
with Migos, right? Speaker 8: Don Toliver, Drizzy, who else do
we got? Speaker 11: He has a song with Quavo. Tia Hill: Don’t hurt yourself. Speaker 13: I’m hurting. Tia Hill: Is Post Malone on the album? Speaker 8: Kid Cudi came and hummed on that
track. Speaker 12: Rae Sremmurd Speaker 6: I would say Kanye West? Speaker 12: Swae Lee, I mean Swae Lee. Speaker 10: Drake. Tia Hill: Coming out strong today. Speaker 13: The effort was there. Speaker 2: I saw him in concert recently there was all types of stuff going around from like the rollercoaster to the ferris wheel to the lights. Speaker 6: He’ll bring people on stage. He’ll do the little mosh pit and the crowd
surfing, which is cool. Speaker: I think his talent stands out, a lot of the energy he does on stage it’s pretty dope. Speaker: When people make music with content for a purpose outside of themselves I always like that. Speaker 11: He’s a rock star. He’s a rock star and a rapper in one. So that’s kind of cool, we don’t really see
that that often. Tia Hill: Well, Travis fans came out strong
today and while some found the test pretty easy, for others it was a bit of a challenge. How’d you do? Let us know in the comments. I’m Tia with Genius News bring you the meaning
and the knowledge behind the music. Speaker 5: ‘Rodeo’ came out to two years ago,
no? Two or three years ago? Tia Hill: It came out in 2015. Speaker 5: Got you. All right so three years ago, wow. Tia Hill: Four years ago. It’s 2019.

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