21 Replies to “I Have a Plan (Instrumental) | The Lion Guard | Joel FazBear | The Musical Fox”

  1. Gamer TV says:

    Pls make a multilanguage video

  2. I am Scar says:

    Can you do lions over

  3. Alex Chaves Carrasco says:

    Puede hacer un instrumental de la canción "este vertedero voy al dirigir" o del "lamento de Chungu"?

  4. I am Scar says:

    Tell me when now

  5. I am Scar says:

    Tell me

  6. I am Scar says:

    Tell me now!?👿😈👿

  7. I am Scar says:

    Are you kidding me I cannot wait to wait 2 week

  8. I am Scar says:

    Please do it tomorrow

  9. I am Scar says:

    Do it tomorrow now

  10. I am Scar says:

    Can you do lions Over All insramenet

  11. I am Scar says:

    Promise ☹️🙁☹️

  12. RCStreamz says:

    It almost sounds like a "Kane" remix…

  13. Dustin Sawtelle says:

    cvhgcvbgfcvbg vbv c vv bgc gv b for old scar.new voice is better

  14. Fazzbear_ FoxBR says:

    Hei FazBear

  15. Dis2007 says:

    Bunga the wise? And duties of the king

  16. Axl Fitzgerald says:

    Hello. Could you make instrumental version of this song please?:) https://youtu.be/9UJb7kpmdBE

    I’ll give a link

  17. Hecc says:

    Can you do the " When I Led The Guard "?

  18. Alex Gacha` says:

    When i led the guard please? 🙂

  19. King Scar says:

    Bro in turkish translate so many sentences wrong.

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