22 Replies to “Jenna Dewan Reviews Iconic Dances, from ’Dirty Dancing’ to ’Napoleon Dynamite’ | Vanity Fair”



  2. Riot Mel says:

    She’s glowing 🥺✨🤩

  3. Lidia marie Zendejas says:

    Hi can I get a shoutout please

  4. Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun says:

    The Pulp Friction dance is the most memorable one

  5. The Royal Gamerzz says:

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  6. Alejandra Garcia says:

    Shes beautiful but who ever put her in that dress ain't it sis

  7. Ryan Howell says:

    She's very beautiful

  8. Jarren Lumpkin says:


  9. Rachael J says:

    She looks like Snow White here

  10. harshita neppalli says:

    She looks great but that dress looks so uncomfortable !

  11. FabulousKilljoy917 says:

    I thought this would be a more technical breakdown like some of the other videos, it’s kinda just like “oh yeah I remember this movie it so cute”

  12. 5 in1 says:

    No Ginger Rogers?

  13. Jennifer Douglas says:

    Wish they had thrown ‘Center Stage’ in there too! 😥

  14. Orlando Florida says:

    Napoleon Dynamite Jenna Dewan Reviews Iconic dances

  15. TONI TERRASA says:

    Like this for no reason

  16. Keeping up with Kaia says:

    Step up queen

  17. Novacane says:

    throwback to Channing

  18. Vlog's De El Brockoly says:


  19. Annie says:

    Becouse of that my mom granny and nany was freting me..i have independency problems..

  20. Annie says:

    I dont believe that she is my real mom. I never saw pictures that she is pregnant

  21. Annie says:

    Im sceared..when i was deported .. organisation doesnt gave me what they promisse. I was looking for rental property on my own. Big issue i need somebody to support me!

  22. mvc says:

    please have timothee chalamet over

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