Jenna Dewan Was Kelly’s Backup Dancer During A Walmart Parking Lot Performance In The 2000s

(crowd applause) – One of my first things
ever to do after Idol and I don’t know if it’s
one of your first things you’ve probably been dancing
since you were a kid. But… we met and you were back up dancing and I was doing Miss Independent. – Yes, you had just won American Idol. – We were in a Walmart parking lot. This is not a joke. I sang till like 2 am and
like we were just out there and she was dancing and I was like “God you’re beautiful, can I
dance like that maybe one day?” No, um and then turns out I
just sing well. Sometimes. And anyway but it was the
most random thing because I was so excited because I had no friends. You don’t even know this
part I’m about to tell you. But I had no friends because at home I did but I was working in LA
I didn’t know anyone, and so it was just nice
to like see a Texas girl and just so nice and you were kind. – Oh that’s so sweet. – And I really needed somebody
to be kind in that moment and you were and so thank you so much. – Ohhhhh, Kelly, that’s so sweet! – No it was really nice I was so sad cause I didn’t have any friends like out in LA all my friends were in
Texas and so I was like I miss Texas people. – I so remember this
and for like the entire time this was a longer than we… It was a long time ago. – It was like five years ago. – You know, we were like
20, which is 2 years ago. – Yeah. – Um I told everyone that
would listen to me I was like “Kelly is the nicest, most amazing person, she’s gonna be huge!” And you know listen, I’m
psychic ya know, look at this. – Yeah what else do you project? – Yeah right so but- That was funny. Do you remember we were dancing
on a stage that they built in the parking lot? – Literally in the parking lot! Uh huh. – And we ran back to the break room. – Oh break room! – Yes! – Yes! – People were having their
smoke breaks and I was like stripping clothes. – And you’re trying to
keep it cool and be like so professional, yeah. – Yes. And we’re like “hey!” And then we’re running
through the aisles to get back on the stage. – Yes! – There was so many times- – It was ghetto it was awesome I liked it! (crowd laughs) – I was back in Texas, we were- I was so happy to have gotten the job. It was just like, it was a fun experience. But that picture I
found I couldn’t believe I found this picture. – I saw! I know I saw! – Our style, everything. It was everything It was so great. – Well I was in jeans I was
quite very comfortable actually. – Yeah. – Ah, I’m just remembering that.

17 Replies to “Jenna Dewan Was Kelly’s Backup Dancer During A Walmart Parking Lot Performance In The 2000s”

  1. anandguruji83 says:


  2. neverbluerosestar says:

    "It was ghetto. It was awesome. I liked it!"😆 Love Kelly.

  3. Maya Shawareb says:

    Kelly is actually the sweetest person ever 😍🤍

  4. Kionah Wiltse says:

    84th person to like 😁 💗 she's the best boo and that's on period 😂 ❤️ Omg i love you so much ❤️ your my idol I'm 14 and You inspired me to start playing instruments 😁 💕

  5. Vicki Stine says:

    Awww…so fun! We Texans are pretty loving! ❤️

  6. Blue Large says:

    Witches of east end fans?

  7. Valerie says:

    Someone’s gotta find video of that!!!

  8. Michael Burkhow says:

    I know I'm gonna get some complaints for saying this but I don't care. Kelly, I love you but can we stop saying "that's so ghetto" surely you know the origin of that saying is fraught with racist undertones.

  9. Shorty Cherubim says:

    Is Jenna doing things to her lips and cheeks…starting to see some signs…hmmmm but why she is already so naturally beautiful

  10. pinokiboi says:

    Kelly is so self deprecating it’s funny sometimes, but I also wish she would just acknowledge the fact that she’s FUCKING AWESOME!

  11. Moshe Telles says:

    I felt the same way when I was living in LA. Just seeing a Texan does wonders. Especially the 281 or 713 area code.

  12. Vamanos Ninja says:

    Jenna looks so pretty.

  13. Sara Elisabeth says:

    "Can I dance like that maybe someday? No. Turns out I just sing well. Sometimes." 😂 Kelly is me

  14. nik Lin says:

    Kelly no friends 🥺🥺

  15. bitchez120 says:

    Whew Chile The Ghetto

  16. bowtie345 says:

    Is kelly bi 🤪

  17. Unicorn says:

    So sweet ♥️

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