44 Replies to “John Rzeznik – FULL CONCERT – Live at Concert On The Lake 2018”

  1. darkane71 says:

    this still touches me..for 25 years already

  2. TJ Hallett says:

    John was made to perform like this. Just him, his guitar, and his songs.

  3. bugzy c says:

    This made me cry.

  4. Zalandradell says:

    OMG. What will it cost me to have John play like this at my wedding?!?!!?

  5. Javiera Monsalves says:

    That beautiful! Rzeznik's voice is spectacular. I hope someday come to Chile and listen to him live <3

  6. RW Rodger says:

    He rocks! and very under rated! He wrote "Iris" for City of Angels" awesome song and movie!

  7. Drika Cunha says:


  8. Big Toe says:

    Well, at least his pitch never got better…lol pick a key dude!

  9. Mario Alberto says:

    -Any reque….
    -Thankyou, any re….

  10. RunDCM says:

    I wish he played my wedding when I got married. If I was one of those rich people with f you money.

  11. AsSeenOnTV says:

    Thanks to Michael J Fox for filming this

  12. Stella S says:

    I have to study, instead I watched the whole thing. 0 regrets

  13. DJ GREEDER says:

    Johnny never disappoints!  Cheers!!!

  14. Lisa Skaggs says:

    Only John Rzeznik could rock a stage with no band, no back up singers soooo awesome!!!

  15. Lisa Skaggs says:

    Man wish this was my backyard party!!! 💞💋💞 a night you would wish would never end!!!💞💋💞

  16. Danielle Guastella says:

    Omg how lucky you are!!! I love him!!! So so so cool!!!! Thank you for sharing. 😊😊😊😊

  17. Austin smith says:

    lol he messes up sympathy every time, awesome show

  18. Wellington Morais says:

    No dia que vier ao Brasil eu estarei no show… Excelente artista!

  19. RRR program says:

    Greatttt artisttt… most underrated…

  20. Rockstar Mgtow says:

    My NY bro….JR is a good cat

  21. Cissa4kids says:

    Had a meet and greet so genuinely nice I literally hear there songs all day over and over best ever !!!!!

  22. Niven joseph Remegio says:

    Good performance John from phillipines

  23. David Greer says:

    how the hell did that Mr Thibault pull that off? Thats Amazing

  24. Lanme' Davios says:

    Nature has the way of showing whom not for getting 😎

  25. Lanme' Davios says:

    If you really with an articulate eye ,in the back face you see a hatchet, a staff of cross, a third is recognize as a light

  26. Carlo Di Stanislao says:

    beautiful video. the music and the landscape, just a beautiful piece of life

  27. 4stringz says:

    John is a first class guy all the way. Just a great dude

  28. Mária Majetić says:

    Wow great show! Love John

  29. brunokp22 says:


    2:17 – Slide
    5:41 – Rebel Beat

    9:54 – Black Balloon

    15:55 – Here is Gone

    20:25 – So Alive

    25:01 – Let Love In

    29:48 – Sympathy

    35:15 – Name

    40:20 – Come to me

    44:48 – Boxes

    49:31 – Stay With You

    53:46 – Better Days

    57:34 – Iris

    1:03:11 – Broadway

    1:07:35 – Give A Little Bit

    BRASIL <3

  30. Gladys Bustamante says:

    Lo máximo!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  31. Stephanie Mcbroom says:

    How.lucky those peeps were!! Makes my heart flutter. Ahhh and that voice

  32. JT says:

    "Scars are souvenirs you never lose…" (from Name )
    That simple line has stuck with me from the first time I heard it.
    Simple. Accurate. Romantic.

  33. Haryanti Fadli says:

    love you forever goo goo dolls band warm huge from Indonesia

  34. Lanme' Davios says:

    He had a lots ladies to,take care of, I am no fool! !!!!!! Lol.! !!!!

  35. Humberto Celli says:

    John the best! amazing legend.

  36. Angela Nicole says:

    Love this video! This was so nice, really enjoyed this.love the band and I actually been to their concert before. They were amazing!! I have a video of it on my page, check it out!

  37. Chris O says:

    This Guy… 🙂 Thank you so much, Johnny!! (If only you had that sunset and show with your boys)

  38. Hilal Kaplan says:

    Love this. Johnny ist an amazing singer an musician. Come back to Europe soon. ❤

  39. shakeninja says:

    Such a cool guy😎

  40. Alma A. says:

    Johnny so humble and giving love the acoustic performance

  41. blue hacker says:

    still got it

  42. Control Oz says:

    What is this strange backyard party where the ones who never quite made it play? Who is on the bill next year? The guy from smash mouth?

  43. Romy Mohamad says:

    I’m big fans of The Googoodolls, thanks for sharing this video.

  44. snooooopycomehome says:

    Boy I miss the 90s and 2000s!

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