28 Replies to “Joseph Jacobs ' Jazz · Instrumental · Hip Hop ' Best Of Mix [2016]”

  1. TempestSora says:

    2019 anyone?

  2. She Loves The Father & Son says:

    Joseph Jacobs really deserves more supporters imo.

  3. mcknife25 says:

    Love this! Didnt realise .Kuya (aka Kharisma) used these samples, Good stuff!

  4. Neoptolemus says:

    This lighthouse image is from Chania Greece?

  5. Jackson Ludwig says:

    Made a public playlist on iTunes for this although out of order. Some tracks like "Beat Tapes" and "Water Falls" were not available.

  6. in bixzi says:

    Мир всем

  7. Patrice Sankara says:

    We are still here

  8. đăng nguyễn says:

    hay vãi nhái

  9. Taro Kobune says:

    my favorite : 6:23

  10. Glory Expressed Bible and Creative Journaling Plus says:

    Awesome thanks for sharing. I would like to use your music in my videos. Can we discuss this please? Thanks!

  11. Martha Mosue says:

    I always come around for that 1st sample at the beginning … I need that.

  12. LAMONT AG says:

    40:20 Nipsey hussle

  13. Ethan Cullis says:

    ▬ Tracklist ▬

    0:00 Joseph Jacobs – Up Late Again

    3:23 Joseph Jacobs – All Around Me

    6:23 Joseph Jacobs – Beat Tapes

    9:01 Joseph Jacobs – Contact

    12:35 Joseph Jacobs – In the Early Hours

    16:03 Joseph Jacobs – Tune In

    21:11 Joseph Jacobs – Late Night Thoughts

    24:23 Joseph Jacobs – Forward Moving

    28:42 Joseph Jacobs – It's Easy

    32:39 Joseph Jacobs – Stay For A While

    36:04 Joseph Jacobs – Better Frame of Mind

    40:13 Joseph Jacobs – Where You Find Yourself

    45:09 Joseph Jacobs – Unstoppable

    48:59 Joseph Jacobs – Connection to a Different World

    55:31 Joseph Jacobs – Song Inside Your Laughter

    58:42 Joseph Jacobs – Chilled Breeze

    1:01:38 Joseph Jacobs – Your Own Path

    1:05:13 Joseph Jacobs – Why Not

    1:07:59 Joseph Jacobs – We Are

    1:11:09 Joseph Jacobs – Resonant Sounds

    1:16:32 Joseph Jacobs – Mellow Moment

    1:20:39 Joseph Jacobs – Midnight's Solitude

    1:23:22 Joseph Jacobs – Nightfall Sequence

    1:26:01 Joseph Jacobs – The Same in Some Ways

    1:28:30 Joseph Jacobs – This is How it Goes

    1:31:51 Joseph Jacobs – We All Dream

    1:35:48 Joseph Jacobs – Life In Emotions

    1:40:02 Joseph Jacobs – Water Falls

    1:43:27 Joseph Jacobs – Secret Place

    1:47:29 Joseph Jacobs – Qualities

    1:51:04 Joseph Jacobs – Semblant

    1:55:06 Joseph Jacobs – New Heights

    1:58:41 Joseph Jacobs – Midnight Mist

  14. YOUSEF 120 says:

    Joseph:my name

    Jacob:my dad's name


  15. MrSaemichlaus says:

    If I could get my computer to slowly fade this in when I have to get up in the morning, that would be great.

  16. MrSaemichlaus says:

    When you hear a crackling sound effect, just imagine … bacon!
    Thank me later my friend.

  17. Crafty Crafty says:

    Joseph Jacobs, on the remote chance that you read this I just want to say that I love this.

  18. Mineninjaextreme says:

    I'm really curios about how this mix has 3 million people listening to it but, when JJ uploads his own music he has only some thousand… Although it kind of makes sense since only 17k chose to like it publicly.

  19. Jaden Reece says:

    16:04 Kind of gives off a Napolean Dynamite vibe

  20. Unknown Identity says:

    40:15 Dear god…
    My ears have never heard such beauty like this one before. ♥♥♥

  21. Roya says:

    Nice, what can I say

  22. Eunhyoung Lee says:

    1:47:20 I love qualities

  23. Daniel James says:

    The music helps me stay in the present.

  24. DPN // Films says:

    Is this music copyrighted?

  25. Ukraine Kyiv says:

    Nice music & good life. I love you!

  26. Sasha Mirage says:

    I’m in luv with this!

  27. lucaprovolone says:


  28. Souhayl A Photographer says:

    C'est pas mal tous ça !

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