Joy Division – Disorder (Performance From "Control")

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44 Replies to “Joy Division – Disorder (Performance From "Control")”

  1. Sean Williams says:

    He should of had fucking help! It’s fucking mad how it was back then!

  2. Adrenalin Pump says:

    Pussy. Great band though 🙂

  3. Fernando Martini says:

    This film is incredible, this piece is genuine!

  4. sportbiznes . c o m . p l says:

    super hehe

  5. Daniela Cano says:

    Que belleza.

  6. Jose Carlos. L.g. says:

    (To me) I like more when sing the firsth guy. I d't understand.
    Its a movie?

  7. roxana altamirano melendez says:

    Cuánto me.gusta…amo a joy división!!! 😍😍😍

  8. Mephisto Cat says:

    what pained him so much? you look in his eyes and you see pure despair and hopelessness,. RIP IAN….it didnt have to be this way

  9. TheDeathwalker86 says:

    Oi oi oi

  10. Hate Everyone says:

    Algún latino????

  11. Zidanestheman says:

    Where’s my 20 £ It’s in my fuck off pocket! Like that a lot

  12. Mick Devlin says:

    NONE of them knew how ill Ian was. It's the horror of Joy Division. This was rock music's Munich.

  13. Antonio Fombuena Vidal says:

    Me encanta…😚😚

  14. Anthony Sclafani says:

    Sam Riley should've won an Oscar for this. This movie is incredibly well-done, Corbijn really nailed it

  15. Bri G says:

    “……love, love will tear us apart….”

  16. Freddy Marcel-Marcum says:

    Oh look it's my first DJ set.

  17. Alan Turner says:

    Where did that concert take part

  18. Horváth Gabriella says:

    :(((((( He wasn"t to be able to do THAT 🙁

  19. daddy says:

    I love how agressive the bassist gets when someone tries to attack him and his mates

  20. Make Them Meow says:


  21. zephyra says:

    if only bands could fight their audiences these days. the audience members would bitch and whine and demand money if the bass player beat them over the head with their guitar, though. lame.

  22. Faris Alrasyid says:

    It's more than 5 times i replay this video, and the reason is :

    1. Disorder is one of my favorite song
    2. Sam riley's impersonating, make ian look alive at this

    What a great !

  23. JReed1985 says:

    Joy Division is nothing without Ian Curtis!

  24. Ezequiel Varela says:

    0:59 chester bennington

  25. Kobke says:

    Where’s my 10 pounds? In my fuck off pocket

  26. pthfan712 says:

    Love how they just beat the shit out of those crowd members

  27. Mario Oldani says:

    Gee whizz schmattman

  28. Joelma Teles says:

    Aren' they?! Wow

  29. Danny Boyo says:

    Brilliant performance by Sam.

  30. Shashwat Srivastava says:

    People didn't knew much about mental disorders, distress back then. Really feel bad for Ian and other people who went through it.

  31. Tracey Mills says:

    Where's my £20.00 in my fuck off pocket !

  32. joseph alvt says:

    rip..too cute and young to die.. ughhh loveee uuu

  33. DE SUCCES says:

    A IAN igualarlo dificil.

  34. stepping stone says:

    I love this movie

  35. Ad Lyng says:

    The drummer's face honestly looks like Sid Vicious (not talking about his hair)

  36. el stink says:

    This is both funny and really sad at the same time.

  37. Kari Grindstaff says:

    This is like that episode of spongebob where everyone hates squidward but is fascinated by spongebob

  38. Bruce Grossman says:

    I saw this film a while ago, so my memory is a bit shaky, but I remember reading in the book that Ian could be incredibly volatile. Not sure if the movie really captures that. I need to watch it again, though.

  39. Meb Themes says:

    This film has to be one of the best music-based biographical films I have ever seen. Sam Riley nailed the role of Ian and managed to perfectly capture his movements and expressions on stage. It was also very well shot and the absence of color really fit what the movie was going for. The film was a very emotional ride into Ian Curtis' life and did an amazing job conveying the band's story.

  40. Gretchen says:

    Not only do the actors look just like the actual people they are playing,and do an amazing job at their roles, but this is actually the actors that play through the whole film. They learned every song, note for note, performed exactly as the actual Joy Division did, pretty much flawlessly. Really impressive.And the young man who played Curtis captured what it's like to live with severe depression, social anxiety, and to get hit with epilepsy as an adult.

  41. Gretchen says:

    This is an incredible film, and anyone who is a Joy Division fan, or even interested in the development of punk/new wave should see it.

  42. Dan Cooper says:

    Wow I thought it was Ian as I'd never heard of this movie

  43. Sony Shine says:

    больно смотреть

  44. Jenn Ziff says:

    Disorder my Fav Joy Division song!!!

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