100 Replies to “Katy Perry – Hey Hey Hey (Official)”

  1. hets366 says:

    go katy!!!!

  2. hets366 says:

    Whos watching this November 2019!!!!

  3. Chó Hành tinh says:

    Nhìn giống chipu quá 1:00

  4. Sanvi Acharya says:

    Girls SQUAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Charles Scott says:


  6. Rae Anne Cantero says:


  7. Maisha Nubah says:

    Love how she ate the Takis

  8. Amariyah Vereen says:

    this is a almost song

  9. Kurt Boehm says:


  10. anotherboy from-mars says:

    Yoooo this was a year ago

  11. lalacyia lala says:

    Njirr lambang mata 1

  12. Jen Sim says:

    I love the 18th. Century Aethestic

  13. Rainyalukas A says:

    0:14 wat is that smile

  14. CcatLlover says:

    Is this like marie antonette or something? Don’t remeber how i wrote her name but learned about her in history

  15. Ayvacado Kit Kat says:

    Love this song!!!! 2019

  16. nikolabri says:

    Lol the theatre in me is thinking of six the musical and king Henry the 8 lol

  17. Wendy elena Caro chavez says:


  18. Mau Mariano says:

    Lol, the views is counting.

  19. Sobre Política says:

    Oh good song

  20. Настя Ковалева says:


  21. erick rey says:

    49:00 takis y hello i am mexicano

  22. Expastel 14 says:


  23. John Wayne says:

    She really did this? 😭 the worst video, the worst era

  24. Sophie Fana-ang says:

    Funny face

  25. mandrakillusions says:

    Hello Katy …. I see you are helping children in India, which is a very nice gesture and I hope you are successful in this. That you posed with a member of the royal family who is also responsible for all poverty and sexual abuse of children in Morocco and India (I hope you know that every other child in India is a victim of sexual abuse), which is well described by the French former member of the secret services and cocaine dealer throughout Paris and politics in Paris in the 70s and 80s, Gérard Fauré. Talking about how members of the royal family go on their sexual excursions to Morocco, where they make a living over children who are 5-6 years old. This is no secret, but he is the first to describe it specifically in the book. His father was a surgeon and a physician to many politicians, etc., and he had to treat these poor children who had been injured from sexual intercourse by politicians and others. In the future, consider taking a photo with any politician or member of any royal family. They are beasts without empathy that depend on child sexual abuse. Even Dr. Phil, spoke about political pedophilia in his show, which was censored. … Bosnian Indian from Slovenia STOP CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE

  26. loyhea says:

    Eu amo tanto esse clipe, essa musica, essa mulher af

  27. Hazard tool says:

    straight up Illuminati sybolism on her friggin chest come on wtf is that!!

  28. Jack filled of pranks Lol! says:

    Me:WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!!!!

  29. Carlos Augusto says:

    Essa música não sai da minha cabeçaaaaaaaa 😍😍😍😍

  30. Draco Lucius Malfoy says:

    Marie Antoinette has left the chat

  31. Olympe Lescure says:

    J'adore cette chanson !!!!!!!!!!😘🎤

  32. StilqnVSV says:

    I hate you

  33. Nisa Erdoğan says:

    I am a Turkish 14-year-old girl and when i was 6 years old i started to listen Katy Perry. Still i love her and i wanna see Katy in more quality clips like this. I think she lost her energy.

  34. Finessed Cookiez says:

    why does the beginning remind me of k-12?

  35. RiseAsTheDawn - says:

    prince piggy

  36. Noahide says:

    https://www.youtube.com/c/Noahide – Noahide Videos Bible – Genesis 9

  37. Kardashian News says:

    this sucks

  38. Радмила Сахарова says:


  39. Veronica Pound says:

    November 2019 anyone🙋 ????

  40. theColdest waterbottle says:

    I feel fantastic.
    Hey Hey Heeeyyy.

  41. King TravisSearles says:

    Last chance you'll ever get if you want to be with KingTravisSearles who in 500 years will be more recognized than Jesus Christ is today! I prevented human extinction. 2x's and encountered life from another galaxy!

  42. The Tarchira LTD 24. says:


  43. Cat Girl says:

    Funny clip but great song!!!

  44. Aidana Anjelika Nurgissa says:

    Katy Perry as Marie Antoinette

  45. Mya Salinas says:

    Love you Katy

  46. 100K subs with 1 video? says:

    Katy's face and everything reminds me of Cybernova ;-;

  47. Luc Zagbo says:

    I like the music video. It's quite aristocratic yet modern to a degree.

  48. Candy Johnson says:

    hey who

  49. Janet Kundere says:

    That part with the ‘Wake The Hell Up’ lolololol!

  50. Gacha_ Polina says:


  51. CQ Channel says:


  52. Charlely Liline says:

    Je suis fanne de toi😀🐶🐰

  53. Ecrin Tatlı says:

    3.08 Disgusting.

  54. Espresso Yourself says:


  55. jac0b says:

    Came here for historical innacuracies in the costumes, was not disappointed.

  56. hattie sparks says:

    0:13 That face scared me…

  57. Emma’s Gacha stuff says:

    Is she fighting with baguettes?!

  58. gaby sanchez says:


  59. gaby sanchez says:

    Me gusta ver mucho este video de katy.

  60. gaby sanchez says:


  61. Vilma Lundell, Svartbäcksskolan 4B elev says:

    i love you 🙂 DX

  62. Shark. D says:

    Queen Elizabeth in 10 years

  63. Sigrid Langkilde says:

    No no noooooway

  64. The Starman says:

    Oh so good

  65. The Starman says:

    Hey goodbye hey hey goodbye Canned head hey

  66. Rosy Martinez says:

    .lo ve yo u 👍👌

  67. Kelly Vince says:

    Hello Katy Perry my name is Maddysen Vince eighteen years old become adult today i'm ask you please bring Folk Singers Joseph Nathan and Bindi McDonnell please this for 2019 two singers for me let Steve Natalia Gemma Josh Maddysen Vince Viggo Bravo Terri McJack now because only Concert from The x factor Australia 2019 next year new Singers 2020 is coming up until start March 14th Saturday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Sunday this Week and next week on 7 Channel Streaming 7 plus Record it

  68. vanrammawi joute says:

    Who else watch this video in November 2019 …..
    Please like, please.

  69. mindy trace says:

    i like you katy perry.

  70. JAV Gaming says:

    She wear a dress that have a eye looking like illuminati



  72. Nurgül Seven says:

    Hey hey hey

  73. Nurgül Seven says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  74. Michelle Freed says:

    Why wth

  75. Simon Kirchman says:

    wrote by Sia

  76. Ghana Mafia says:

    Is that my love James Franco? 😍

  77. millinha super super says:

    Eu tenho 8 anos e já sou sua fão quero ser como você ketti

  78. mxxnlight says:

    The thumbnail legit looks like an older version of Luna Lovegood.

    Anyone else?

  79. {Angie Animates - Edits} says:

    UwU Joan arc if that’s what I remember

  80. Sean Kelle Pesquisa says:

    I hate it but I like it a bit

  81. Glitter Fam says:

    I've watched this like moltipl times

  82. puppygirls asmr says:


  83. 혁이 says:

    Why can't I see this music video in Russia. ……..

  84. ehmad wajid says:

    Devil had fucked up this girl and she is slave of satan nothing else..
    That's what she wants to understand fool people of world…

  85. BTPRagu Technology says:

    Katy already queen ever also this Queen very tortured and killed.

  86. Love Yaoi says:


  87. Jon Jonson says:

    this is actually my favorite Katy Perry song…🙉

  88. Der Baum says:

    December 2019?!🌚

  89. Helio Dias says:

    Takis fuego😜

  90. Hugo Ribeiro says:

    Hitou sem prometer, amo

  91. Sofi jkcl says:

    me encanta su camisa al principio tipo la banda metallica pero dice mozart jasjaja

  92. jedakagri says:

    she has fucking HINATA haircut

  93. KMA CHANNEL says:

    Who's here after Cozy Little Christmas??

  94. Jane Doe says:

    I love you Katy but fuck this….women aren't this with your eye on your chest have a fucking better moral than "you can't break me" is it about you…or the people/fans who are listening? LEAVE IF IT'S THAT BAD. this is b.s.

  95. Jane Doe says:

    You're strong as hell fucking sing about it

  96. TOP. says:

    So good song

  97. Jay Hudson says:

    watched this again cuz of cozy little Christmas … like if u did too!

  98. juan Rodriguez says:

    Omg Amazing!

  99. cleill beyOtcH says:

    Katy Perry's MVs are so creative

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