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– This is so satisfying. – [Forrest] Right? Just like a real poop. – I’m not so sure about that. – You should eat more fiber, kid. (producer laughing) (upbeat music) – Hello. – [Producer] Do you ever
eat pancakes for breakfast? – Pancakes? – [Producer] Pancakes. – Yes. – [Producer] Today, we
brought a very well renowned pancake chef. – Pancake chef? – [Producer] Yeah. – Sounds yummy! – Do not touch this, this is wildly hot. – Well hello, my name is Jules. – My name is Forrest, – Hello Forrest. – World-renowned pancake chef. – It kinda looks a tiny bit different on the one my dad makes. He makes blueberry pancakes. and they’re always round, but this one is actually a
pretty cool shape for a pancake. – I think they look pretty basic. – Are you ready to flip it? – I guess. Three, two, one, go. – [Forrest] Boo. Boom. – What? – It’s Pusheen the cat. – Aw! I think that’s a unicorn-whale. (producer laughs) A narwhal? – Ba-ding! We are doing pancake art today. – Yay – Wanna eat some Pusheen? – Time to die, Pusheen. (producer laughing) – [Producer] Here’s some syrup. – Syrup on venom, delicious. – Back into an ocean of syrup. Just finish her off. Pretty good? – It’s like, fluffy. – What do you wanna draw today? – Whatever I want? – Whatever you want, anything. Anything that’s in this mind of yours can come to this non-stick canvas. – Oh, let’s make that. – You wanna make that rainbow heart? – The poop emoji. – I think the unicorn’s
actually pretty cute. – Alright, we’re doing a unicorn. – What colors do you have? – What colors can you imagine? – Red, white, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, brown, black. – Bada-boom, we got ’em. Do you want any of these colors? – [Producer] A what? – Oh, no not those colors! – Yeah, these are a little too Seattle. Where should we start with this unicorn? – Maybe like outlines? – Perfect! – Let’s start with the top. – Okay, you haven’t done this before? You are a natural. – Thank you. – How do you like the circle I made? – Gorg. That is the helmet, the
unicorn’s helmet, right? – No, it’s its head. – Okay, ready? Go, go, go, go, go. It’s kind of a lot to squeeze. – Mm hmm, yeah, just like the real thing. (producer laughs) – Maybe instead of like this big line, another, like, exact same, maybe purple? – [Forrest] Purple, coming up. Can you pass the blue please? – Yup, can you pass me the pink? – So, here’s the thing. We have a pinkish red. We can try to like, mix up some of the white and the red, or we could, do you want
some like, straight up pink? – I don’t want red, I
just want pink, okay? – Oh, this is pink to you? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, okay? – Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, it’s cool. Can you pass some blue please? Thank you Mackenzie. – I can help. – Thank you. Are you gonna be an
artist when you grow up? – Actually, I can’t decide
’cause I love engineering. And, if I do, I will have
trouble deciding which one. – One thing that you might
not know about pancake art, is you might’ve noticed
that with that Pusheen, was surrounded in a
layer of pancake batter, because you think that’s gonna hold? You think that’s gonna hold? – Nope. – Might fall apart, so we can just put a little
batter around this stuff. Goodnight, little unicorn,
what’s this unicorn’s, maybe, we’re gonna start with warm and we’re gonna crank it 300 degrees. Look for some little bubbles. – Why do we need to look for bubbles? – ‘Cause the bubbles mean
that it’s starting to cook. Should be easy. – That poop does not look good. (producer laughs) – It’s starting to bubble a bit. Yup, it’s ready to flip, I think. – [Forrest] It’s ready to flip? Three, two, one, flip! (producer gasps) – [Jules] Oh, no! – [Forrest] Go. Oh, snap. (producer laughs) – [Producer] It’s beautiful. – [Forrest] Flip! (producer gasps) Nailed it! Up top, Mackenzie. – Time to drown, sorry. That’s actually pretty cool. – Did you know that
unicorns cry in maple syrup? – ‘Kay, ready, set, go. – Mm. – It’s amazing, for a poop. – Would you like to try some of mine? – I think I’m all set. – It’s really crispy. – I still have some more anyhow – You should try it
– Mine is very crispy. – Try it.
– I’ll take it home. (producer laughs) I’m gonna take it to go. – Thank you, Forrest. – Thank you, Crystal,
it has been an honor. Thank you for watching.
Thank you for watching. – Bye. – [Producer] Bye. – Bye bye. (upbeat music)

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  47. Suman Botle says:

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