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CantoMando 的觀眾大家好!
Hey what’s up CantoMando squad! 今天我們要來學一支韓流舞蹈
Today, we’re gonna be learning a K-pop dance. 但我們完全沒有舞蹈經驗
But we have zero dance experience. 完全沒有
Zero. 所以我們邀請到一位專業的韓流舞蹈老師…
So we brought in a professional K-pop instructor… 你們好
What’s up, guys? 我們還租了舞蹈室
and we even booked a studio 看看我們能不能學會 Blackpink 的 Kill This Love
to see if we can learn Blackpink’s Kill This Love. 看看我們到底能不能駕馭這支舞蹈吧
Let’s see if we have what it takes to kill this dance. 事不宜遲,開始!
Without further ado, let’s go! 我們來到了 Prestige 舞蹈教室
Alright, we’re at Prestige Dance Studio. 希望他們能教會我們跳舞
And we’re really hoping they can save us and teach us dance, 因為我們——
cause otherwise we’re gonna be– 因為你太沒用了
Cause you suck. …我們會表現得非常糟,畫面將會非常難看
…really really bad and this is gonna go awful. 進去吧
Alright, let’s go. 你們好
What’s up, guys? 我跳舞跳了九年
I’ve been dancing for 9 years, 我翻跳韓流舞蹈已經很長一段時間了
I’ve been doing K-pop covers for a long time, 我在不同的舞蹈教室擔任專業舞蹈老師
and I’ve been teaching professionally at multiple studios. 專業
Professional. 這很簡單嗎? 很簡單
It’s so easy. 我會令你們覺得跳舞就像坐著一樣輕鬆
I’m gonna make it feel like you guys are just sitting. 你們沒問題的
It’s gonna be nothing. 我很害怕
I’m scared. 我們行的
Alright, we got this… Sheldon,你會跳電流舞步嗎?
Sheldon, do you know how to do the wave? 喔不錯
Oh, okay, alright. 開始吧
Alright, let’s go… 好,我們要先看看這支舞蹈
Alright guys, we’re gonna see how the dance is, 決定我們要不要跳副歌部分
and see if we’re gonna dance to chorus. 有點緊張
I’m nervous, man. 來吧
Let’s go. 我的天天天天天啊 兄弟 這根本不可能… 這比上次防彈難——
This is so much harder than the B– 天啊
Oh my god. 你們肯定能學會!
You guys will get it! 你跟我們開玩笑吧?
Are you pulling a joke on us? 我們現在要開始學舞步了
Alright, so now we’re gonna start learning the dance. 第一步,手要在前面交叉
So my first move, they’re going to be crossing arms forward, 彈手指,向前擺,畫一個圓圈
so snap forward and drawing like a circle. 對
Yeah. 你不要擋住我 我看不到…我看不到!
I can’t see…I can’t see! 非常好
There you go. Edward,你在幹嘛啊?
Dude, Edward, what are you doing, bro? 不,腳不要動
No, not the legs, man. 瓦干達萬歲!
Wakanda forever! 瓦干達萬歲!
Wakanda forever! 這一步,我在洗頭
And then this part, I’m washing my hair. 手放頭旁邊
My hands are gonna be by my head, 向前刷,向前
and I’m going to brush forward, forward. 對
Yeah. 在這裡開始
So we start here. 腳的部分,基本上就是四個舞步
Basically, I’m going to be doing 4 steps with my feet. 先右腳,手交叉的同時,彈指,走
Right foot first, while we’re crossing, snap, walk. 你跳…
Do it… 感覺好性感
I feel so sexy, dude. 我知道!
I know! 然後手往上
Then you’re gonna shoot up. 再往下
Then you’re gonna drop down. 對!
Yeah! 提起右腳,往後踏
Lift my right foot, and step behind. 這樣就對了
There we go. Sheldon,手放下來
Sheldon, arm down. 手放下來!
Arm down! 很好
There you go. 這超累的 右手向下一拳
Punch, my right. 左手像扣板機一樣拉上來
My left is pulling like a trigger. 轉,轉
Roll, roll. 右腳要做腳跟,腳趾,腳跟
My right foot is gonna go heel, toe, heel. 你好像在踢地上的什麼東西
You’re like kicking things on the ground, bro. 我們學了多少?
How far along are we right now? 大概三十?
Like 30? – 20% – 秒嗎?
– 20%. – Seconds? 20%? 向前
Forward! 放在胸前
In front of my chest. 提起兩隻手臂
Lift both of my arms. 往上,然後要…砰砰!
Going up, and then they’re gonna go…KAZAAM! 這一步最簡單了
This is the easiest part. 然後要用手比心
And I’m making a heart with my hands! 這真的是一個心形
This is actually a heart! 然後要拉開,因為你要扼殺這份愛
Then I’m gonna pull, cause you’re killing this love, 拉開,然後慢慢往下
you go pull, and then you’re gonna drop it slowly. 1, 2, 3. 你好像有點無可救藥了 你再跳一遍!
Do it again! 我們只差最後幾步了
We’re like on our last few moves. 哇!
Wow! 左邊
Left 向左轉身
So we’re gonna turn left. 就說吧?很簡單而已
See? It’s easy, guys. 並不簡單
It’s not easy. 他一直說很簡單
He keeps saying it’s easy, 但這是我幹過最難的事了
but it’s the hardest thing I ever did in my life. 這舞蹈是我學過最難的了
It’s the hardest dance I’ve ever learnt. 我們現在要彩排一下
Alright, so now we’re gonna have some rehearsals 個人練習時間
and practice on our own, Steven 會巡視和糾正我們
with Steven coming around and correcting us. 開始
Let’s go. 我要往…那邊嗎?
I’m going…that way? 我覺得你的上半身傾太斜了
I think you’re leaning too much with the upper body. 盡量保持在你的框框裡
Try to keep in your comfort zone. 我們肯定會毀掉這舞蹈
Yo, we’re gonna mess it up, man. 太難了
This is so hard. 我只記得這一步,還有這一步
All the thing I know is this move, and then this move. 然後出拳,然後砰砰
And then punch, and then kazaam. 太難了
This is too hard. 我們成功了!
We got it! 成功跳了八拍
We got 8! 這比賽簡直易如反掌
I got it, this competition is easy. 我們來到了最後一個階段
Alright guys, we’re at the final stage now, 練習過了,指導過了
practice done, instruction done. Edward,我,和 Mike 將會上場
Now we’re gonna have Edward, me, and then Mike, 這位是我們的評審
and we have our judge here. Steven 會評審我們三個的舞蹈
Steven is gonna be watching each of our performances, 然後選出最出色的一位
and he’s gonna see which dance is the best, alright? 開始吧!
So, let’s go! 5, 6, 7, 8. 天啊,我覺得他會贏
Oh my god, I think he’s gonna win! 我都忘光了 我忘光了
I forget so much. Steven,你覺得他的表現怎麼樣?
Alright Steven, how do you feel about that performance? 我覺得他的表現…
I felt like that performance… Edward,很不錯
Edward, good job. 你跳對的那些部分非常有力
Really powerful for the parts you owned. 很明顯你漏掉了幾個舞步
You definitely had multiple cracks in your performance, 但有跳的部分你都跳得很好
but for the parts you did do, you did them well, 而且你的台風很妖豔
and you had a very sassy aura. 恭喜你
Congrats to that. 我給你七分
I give you a 7. 5, 6, 7, 8. 在跳哪一個舞步?
What part is this? 天啊
Oh my god. 不不不不不!
NOOOOO! 哇,我看了什麼?
Wow, what was that? 我覺得…你的律動很平淡乏味
I think like…your moves were like flat. 而且…你漏掉了前奏的舞步
And…you missed like the intro moves, 還有你的結尾很有意思
and like your ending was interesting. 「有意思」
“Interesting.” 還有…你的氣場感覺很令人困擾跟迷惑
And…your aura was like confused and bewitched. 舞步還是有在裡面的,但…
I think you have some pieces of choreo there, but… 所有部分也需要多加努力
you need to work on your like everything. 但是!
But! 你有一點節奏感,有一點
You had like some rhythm, like some there. 十分我會給你四分
I would say 4 out of 10. 哇!
Wow! And, 5, 6, 7, 8. 他走了有十步
He took like 10 steps. 在跳哪一步?
What step is this? 天啊!嘿!
Oh my god! Heyyyyyy. 哇,我給了四分 Sheldon,但…
Wow, I gave Sheldon a 4, but like… 這一位…
This one’s like… 我不知道!
I don’t know! 比他更差——
It’s even wor– 更差?
It’s worse? 你是在跳 Kill This Love 嗎?
Is it even Kill This Love? Sheldon 跳的時候…我還能看出來他在跳哪一個舞步
I could tell when Sheldon…what move was happening. 但你的話,你好像完全把舞蹈改成了嘻哈風格
But for you, you like changed it into a hip hop piece. 我是在即興
I was trying to improvise, 因為跳到一半我就忘光了
because I lost my way halfway through everything. 不,那很好
No, that’s really good, 但整支舞蹈好像變成了 freestyle
but the whole piece became like a freestyle, 你把風格完全改變了
and you were like adding a different vibe, 我剛才也有被你帶動,但…
and I was like, “heyyy”, but… 就這支舞蹈的標準,我給你打兩分
For the actual piece, I think I give it like a 2. 兩分? 兩分?? 第三名是得到兩分的 Mike
At 3rd place, with 2 points, is Mike. 第二名,十分滿分拿到四分,表現很精彩
At 2nd place, 4 out of 10, this is a good battle, you know? 我覺得他已經盡力了,Sheldon!
I thought he worked hard, is Sheldon! 第一名,獲得壓倒性的勝利,十分滿分拿到七分
And for 1st, winning by a landslide, 7 out of 10, 是 Edward
we have Edward. 他表現十分優秀!恭喜!
He did so well! Congratulations! 謝謝
Thank you. 他只是運氣好而已
He got lucky. 謝謝大家收看今天的影片
Thank you guys for watching today’s video. 非常感謝 Patreon 上的朋友
And also big thanks to our pengyous on Patreon 提出影片內容的提議,跟支持我們
for suggesting this video, and for supporting us. 你們的貢獻非常重要
You guys do so much for us, 每一份捐款的意義都很重大
every little bit of support helps, 我們真的感激不盡
so we’re very very grateful for all of it. 如果你們有興趣的話
And if you guys are interested, 連結可以在下面的簡介找到
the link is down in the description box below, 記得去看看
so please go check it out. 感謝大家
We really appreciate it. 你們大概已經注意到
And as you guys have noticed, 我們穿著的是 inbetween 的其中一個系列
we are wearing our collection from inbetween. 這是中文學校系列
It’s the Chinese school collection, 是我們的品牌 inbetween 的出品
and it’s made by yours truly from our brand, inbetween. 設計和靈感都來自於美洲華裔
And it’s designed and inspired by Asian Americans. 這一件描述的是中文學校的回憶
So this one right here, is Chinese school life. 比如說當你在寫習字簿的時候
So for example, as you’re writing words, 會越寫越醜
it gets progressively worse. 我是笨
I’m the stupid one. 這一件是「笨」
This is “ben”, stupid. 這一件是「好」
This is “hao”, so… 如果這些設計有引起大家的共鳴…
If you guys relate to any of these… 如果你小時候有上過中文學校
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because I thought that my dance was… 我覺得我…跳對的部分
I thought mine…when I got the parts right, 其實跳得不錯
were actually pretty good. 真的,我必須得說
Come on. Yo, I gotta say Sheldon 這一次真的比你跳得好
Sheldon was actually better than you this time. 天啊
Oh my god. 還沒的話,記得訂閱我們
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What? You audition for a K-pop band? 沒錯
Exactly. 去韓國?
In Korea? 沒錯
Exactly. 我們會搬到韓國
We’re gonna move to Korea, 面試成為練習生
we’re gonna audition for a group. 向成為韓國男團的夢想出發
Trying to become a boy band, alright? 先這樣,再見!
Until next time, goodbye!


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    Steven is the guy in One Ok Rock's MV omfg

  98. carli j says:

    Okyy. Im dead 😂🔫

  99. TheMasttew says:

    LOOOL fk

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