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Language genius Hao is also a music genius? [The Return of Superman/2020.02.21]

What is the Kang family doing in the good morning? – They’re singing as usual. / – ♪ Q, R, S ♪ (T, U, V) I’m getting a glass of water. Do you want some too? Here. Have a glass of water. No. No. Give me green. – There’s no green now. / – He knows what he wants. – It’s sky blue. / – Yes. They dressed like the Korean flag. I already drank it. – Did you finish it? / – No. (What’s more important than water now?) – Let me see the birdies. / – Birdies? It’s a magpie. Dad, there’s a magpie. – A magpie? / – Yes. – There is one. / – Where is the magpie? Over there. – There’s the magpie. / – It’s over there. Are we having a nice guest today? – What? / – Are we having a nice guest today? He knows the tale about magpies bringing a guest? Who do you want to see the most? I want to see the writer. The writer? I want to see the producer too. – The producer too? / – Yes. What about Dad? I don’t want to see you. Why don’t you want to see me? – He’s a little imp. / – Aren’t you glad to see me? – Do you love me or not? / – No. What? It’s only morning. He’s only joking. Here. – I’ll do it. / – Will you do it? – Whatever it is, / – No, don’t use that. – he wants to do it himself. / – No, don’t use that. I got it. (He’s in a rush.) Give it to me. – It’s delicious. / – He’s having yogurt. Enjoy your yogurt. I’m going to use the bathroom. (While his dad is using the bathroom…) It’s good. (Ringing) Someone’s here. (The doorbell suddenly rings.) (Who is it?) I’ll check. Who is it? – He’s checking it himself? / – Who is it? – Delivery. / – It’s delivery. – I see. / – Delivery? – Yes. It’s delivery. / – A nice guest. – That’s right. A nice guest. / – Parcel delivery is – the nicest guest. / – That’s right. We have delivery? He rang the doorbell. – Hello. / – Hello. You have a delivery. – Thank you. / – I’ll carry them. Haoh has to carry them. – I’ll carry them. They’re heavy. / – Do it together. – Can you carry it? / – It’s heavy. Carry this, then. Carry this. Dad will carry it. What’s this? – Bring it to the room. / – What did he order? Let’s open it. Let’s open it. What is it? You’re strong because you had food. Yes, I’m strong. Haoh, let’s do an unboxing. – “Unboxing.” / – “Unboxing.” Gosh, he’s cute. Heave-ho. Heave-ho. It’s always exciting to open packages. (He’s making all kinds of noise while opening the box.) What’s in it? Let’s open and see what’s in it. What is it? Is it for Haoh? – A pot? / – A frying pan? Oh, they are carp-shaped bread mold. We’re going to make carp-shaped rice today. After I watched “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant”, I ordered this so we can make carp-shaped rice. Let’s make carp-shaped rice later. – Yes. / – Yes. – This one. / – Shall we open this? – What’s this? / – Let’s open it together. – Yes. / – One, two, three. I’ll give you some gum. You know gum, right? I’ll give you some gum. Pull it. Can he have gum? (Surprised) What’s with that spider? It’s a toy that looks like gum. (Throwing) I don’t want it. – “I don’t want it.” It’s weird. / – Smell it. It smells like gum, doesn’t it? – There’s such a toy. / – It smells like gum, right? – Here. / – It’s real. – It’s real. / – Yes, it’s real. – He fell for it. / – It’s real. I don’t lie twice. Here. Come on. (You said you don’t lie twice.) Why did he tell him to pull with his mouth? It’s the perfect toy for Gary. It looks like a snack. (This time, it’s a real snack, right?) I’ll open it. Open it. Gosh. Open it. Gosh. – He’s startled. / – Look at his face. He’s so cute. (It’s not a still frame.) It suddenly popped out. (Looking around) He’s trying to figure out what happened. – Something popped out. / – What was that? (A snake popped out.) (Is he startled?) It was fun. Was it fun? You had fun and weren’t scared? Yes. You’re brave, Haoh. Haoh is brave. You’re brave, Haoh. This wasn’t scary at all? (It’s scary.) (He’s scared out of his wits.) – He’s so cute. Oh, no. / – Okay. – We make the kids cry at the end. / – Go away, snake. – Dads always make the kids cry. / – Goodness. (That scared me so badly!) – It’s over when the kid cries. / – It’s gone. – Why do they do that? / – It’s over there. Seriously, dads. Was that a prank? – Yes, I’m sorry. / – But I do that too. I was trying to make this fun for you. Sorry. – I won’t eat it now. / – I’m sorry. – You were brave. So eat this gum. / – I won’t eat it. – Here. / – I won’t eat it. – He won’t stop until the end. / – He’s liking it. (Ringing again) – Someone is here again. / – It’s here again. – Haoh, since we saw a magpie, / – Another package? a lot of people are visiting us today. Right? We have another visitor. Who is it? Is it a real visitor this time? – Ding-dong. / – Who is it? Who is it? – Hello. / – Hello. We have a package. – Thank you. Let’s go in. / – I see. It’s the food his mom ordered – from the supermarket. / – Just one. Goodness, it’s heavy. Gosh, it’s heavy. Please wait. Haoh, let me bring the money. Hello. (First, he politely says hello.) He’s so polite. – What is this? / – It’s delicious food. What’s this? – These are tangerines. / – You have tangerines. – I’ll take this inside. / – It’s heavy, too heavy. – It’s not heavy. / – Can you lift it? – The box is bigger than Haoh. / – Can you lift it? – I can’t lift it. / – Isn’t it heavy? – He can’t lift it. / – Please help me. My goodness. Goodness. – Please help me. / – Okay. All right. Wait up for me. – When he asks for help like that, / – I’ll do it. – you just can’t say no. / – Please help me. – Gosh. / – Goodness, I’m sorry. Haoh, did you drag this in here? Would you like some juice? – Do you want to give him juice? / – He’s so nice. He might’ve asked for help – because he wanted to give juice. / – Purposely? – I’ll give it to you. / – He’s very smart. – How old is he? / – He’s 27 months old now. – Goodness, he talks very well. / – I’m 27 months old. Sir, how old are you? Me? I’m 60 years old. – 60 years old. / – Sir. – Thank you. / – He gave the man juice. A 27-month-old is taking care of him. I’ll feed it to you. – He’s feeding the man. / – My gosh. This is good. Thank you. – Drink some more. / – More? – You should finish this. / – Let him have the juice. – Take the juice, please. / – My goodness. Please enjoy it. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Please be safe. If we think about it, Haoh actually returned the favor. Haoh, you are so kind. I’ll make rice that looks like a carp. I’ll make carp-shaped rice. Okay. Thank you. What’s he doing now? I see. The mold. (No way. Is that) (the stove?) He’s coming up with a situation and is cooking now. I’ll quickly make it. I can do it. (He said he’d make it quickly, but where is he going?) (He picks up a toy from the floor.) (Until the water of the East Sea and Mount Paektu) Well done. (Haoh is having fun, pretending to cook.) (He focuses on cooking again.) (Coat the mold with oil.) – He saw the whole process. / – I need rice. I must spread rice on it. – Cook with “C” rice cooker / – “‘C’ rice cooker.” – It smells so good. / – My gosh. He learned – to say those things. / – Put the rice on it. (He sings as he waits for the rice to get grilled.) (But the white paper) (Was too small) Was the white paper too small? So I was sad. – Is that why you were sad? / – Yes. I guess he finds that part sad. Are you cooking food for me? I’m still cooking it. It’s all done. (Amazed) This looks delicious. (Gary is actually cooking.) Let’s check out Gary’s version of carp-shaped rice. I’ll make a delicious meal for you. (Stir-frying) What am I going to do? That looks great! That looks delicious. When it comes to doing an activity with kids at home, – cooking is a great one. / – It’s ready. It’s perfect. Haoh, you should coat it. Look. Let’s do exactly what Aunt Yeongja did, okay? On “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant”, Yeongja cooked with this recipe, and it was a huge hit. I watched that episode, and it looked so good. This looks fun. This looks fun. I see they like putting food in molds and pressing it. Well done. Watch. Just like this. Haoh, put the rice in here, please. (Focused) You and I made rice balls before, right? Yes, we did. – That was two weeks ago. / – We made rice balls. – Do you remember it? / – Yes. Haoh, do you think this will be tasty? I can’t wait. – You can’t wait? / – That’s an advanced expression. Shall we put cheese on this since you like cheese? – Yes. / – Here’s your cheese. – This is cheese! / – That’s it. – That’s it. / – He put cheese on top. I want to add corn too. – Add corn too. / – He must have prepared – Haoh’s favorite ingredients. / – Right. Okay. I’ll add a lot of meat in this. – I’ll put in a lot of food too. / – Okay. – This is a lot. / – That’s a lot. – That’s pizza sauce. / – Pizza sauce. Pizza sauce? It’s good as it is now. Gosh, I’m salivating. Scoop up the rice and put it on this, please. Please put the rice on it. Please put the rice on it nicely. Haoh, do you like cooking and playing with me? – Yes, I like it. / – Do you like it? Should I tell your mom not to come home? – Can she not return? / – We have rice left. – Can she not return? / – He ignored the question. – This looks tasty, right? / – This looks tasty, right? All right. We’re done. You can stop giving me rice now. Okay. Please make it now. Okay. I’ll go over there and make the carp-shaped rice. – Wait here for a moment, okay? / – Okay. Haoh is having fun cooking their meal. (Focused) Gosh, it smells so good. – Gosh, the smell. / – I can’t wait. What a fascinating technique of using two hands. Gosh, this is going to taste great. – Look. Look at this. / – My gosh. – Is it ready? / – Let’s look. Is it ready? – I’m so curious. / – Ta-da! (Impressed) (The carp-shaped rice impressed him. How does it look?) Ta-da! Carp-shaped rice is ready. There are four cute carps that resemble Haoh and two that resemble his hip father, Gary. What delicious-looking carp-shaped rice! This is seriously so cute. Should we eat the tail first or the head first? – The head. / – Should we start with the head? (Shall I have a bite now?) (Taking a bite) It’s good. (How will he evaluate the dish?) – How is it? / – It’s crispy. Right? (This 27-month-old boy can talk about texture.) – My gosh. / – Right? – It’s crispy. / – He can talk about the texture. I have this much cheese. (Stretching) – Look. / – Mine isn’t stretching. Since they put a lot of toppings in the rice, it must be fun to choose one. You can do it with yours too. Let’s try it together. Let’s see if it works. Wait. Yours doesn’t have cheese. (Gary is flustered.) Cheers. Cheers with the carp. (The lookalike father and son eat carp-shaped rice.) (Taking a bite) He’s eating well. I’m sure he’s eating well because he helped cook it. It’s good. This is good. He’s having fun. – The lookalike Kangs / – Let’s go. – are out now. / – Haoh, this is called Tapgol Park. – Park? / – That’s right. It’s a park. Hello. Hello. There are so many grandpas. – My goodness. / – It’s a popular place for elders. – Right. / – What are you doing? – What do you think this is? / – I’m playing janggi. What is this called? They are playing a game. It’s a game. They are playing a game. Let’s go. – Please win the game. / – Thank you. – Please win. / – I guess he knows that they are having a match. Let’s go and look at guitars. There are guitars and other instruments. – Are there a lot? / – There are a lot of instruments. I’ll buy you a guitar like the one Teacher Wonbae has. I like that! – They went there to buy a guitar. / – Be careful. – My goodness. / – Let’s go! – I like, like it! / – You like, like it! – Let’s go. / – Haoh loves guitars. (Nakwon Musical Instrument Arcade) Nakwon Arcade is known as the mecca of instruments. On top of the guitars Haoh loves, there are about 30,000 types of musical instruments. I bet you can find every type of instrument there. There’s so much to see at Nakwon Arcade. I wanted to see what kind of instrument he truly liked. I was wondering if he really wanted a big guitar like the one Teacher Wonbae plays. (Heave-ho!) I guess he wants to introduce various instruments to Haoh. Come closer and watch. When you go to the arcade, you’ll see a mini-concert. – Dad, please buy me a guitar. / – Okay. Let’s watch him play first. We should look at the guitar. – There’s more. Hello. / – Hello. Haoh, let’s look at guitars. – Is your name Haoh? / – Yes. Look at this big guitar. Haoh, that’s a big guitar. A mini guitar like this one would be better for you. Haoh, take a look. Haoh’s eyes changed. This is Teacher Wonbae’s guitar. – “Teacher Wonbae’s guitar.” / – I like big guitars. Do you like big guitars? (Playing) He is playing the guitar. It looks like a cello next to him. Haoh, how do you like the sound? – It’s nice. / – It’s nice? How much is this? Will he haggle right away? It’s 220 dollars. – 220 dollars. / – 220 dollars. How about this one? That’s 160 dollars. That one is a bit smaller. This one is a mini guitar. – This one is a big guitar. / – That’s right. Haoh, which one do you prefer? – I prefer this one. / – This one? (I like big guitars.) – He likes big guitars. / – He compares them. Haoh has a guitar instructor he watches online. – Teacher Wonbae? / – Yes. He’s getting a different guitar. It’s also a big one. (Playing) This one is a bit more expensive. It’s 260 dollars. (My goodness.) – Haoh, which one do you like? / – What do you think? (What will be Haoh’s choice?) – We will look around first. / – Listen to him. – He is fascinating. / – I am sorry about the trouble. – Don’t mention it. / – Thank you. – Bye, Haoh. / – Bye. Haoh, is it fun here? Yes! (I am so excited.) These are xylophones. That’s right. Xylophones. These are harmonicas. – He can name the instruments. / – Harmonicas. – There are violins. / – Hello. There are so many violins. – It’s a baby violin. / – That’s right. – Are you interested? / – Who knew such a thing exists. – Should I play it? / – Haoh, what is it? Do you know how to play it? – My goodness. / – He must have seen it somewhere. – He knows how to do it. / – He knows how to do it. (Startled) The owner is startled. (His posture is perfect.) – That’s incredible. / – I didn’t teach him. (Haoh can play the violin.) I think he has a talent for musical instruments. – Really? / – I am serious. I think he is sensitive to sounds. Dad. Do you want to play it with your dad? It’s a cello. Sir, play it. – What? / – Does he want him to play it? Sir, play it. Shall the three of us play together? – Shall we be an ensemble? / – Will they? Sir, please play it. (The trio has an impromptu performance.) (The shop owner plays the cello.) The owner plays the cello and Gary plays the violin. (The music prodigy, Haoh plays the violin.) (Shall we begin the performance?) (She goes) (Outside) (He sings a K-Pop song to classical instrument.) How does he know that song? You should sing a children’s song. Who taught him the song? When I hum a song, he copies it the next day. He has your genes. – How old is he? / – I am 27 months old. – He can introduce himself now. / – 27 months old? – I am 27 months old. / – He speaks very well. I think he is on the fast side. Yes. He speaks very well. All right. Haoh, let’s go outside now. Haoh, let’s go outside now. We should go outside. How much is it? It’s 1,000 dollars. – 1,000 dollars. / – What? – That’s expensive / – You didn’t hear that. – You didn’t hear that. / – 1,000 dollars. – We will look around and come back. / – That’s right. – Thank you. / – Say that when you’re taken aback. Bye. The cameraman should come too. He will come. – Bye. / – The price startled him. I should take him with us. – He thinks he is held hostage. / – Hurry on out. Let’s go over there. What? Haoh, what is this place? – There are drums. / – Drums. – Hello. / – He even knows the drums. – May we look around? / – He even knows drums? – Go ahead. / – Can you play the drums? (Playing the drums) (What do you think?) (Concentrating) (He gave a cool performance.) – It was cool. / – How cool! – Try it. / – Haoh, it’s your turn. Haoh, try it. (Here comes Haoh.) He copies it right away. (Is this the part he is copying?) He is recreating the drumroll he saw just now by repeating the sound. (Drumroll and a cymbal) My goodness. (The finale was perfect.) – He’s better than me. I lost. / – I want to clap. – My goodness. / – He knows the vibe. He knows the characteristics – of each musical instrument. / – That’s good. – How much is this? / – Which one? This is 1,600 dollars. How much is this? That one is about 3,000 dollars. No, I won’t get it! – I like guitars. / – Do you like guitars? Does he know how expensive that is? It’s a pot. – It’s a pot. / – Is there a pot? This is fascinating. Is this a guitar? Yes, it is. – A pot at Nakwon Instrument Arcade? / – A pot guitar. It makes sounds. It’s fascinating. What is this? – It’s made with a washbasin. / – What? – He made it with a scoop. / – It suits Haoh. (KBS, KBS) Is he singing that song? (KBS, KBS) (Korean Broadcasting System) Haoh’s version of the company song will be played. – Where was the guitar place? / – Where are they going? Go straight. (Haoh remembers the way.) – Do we go straight? / – He knows better than his dad. – Thanks. We found it. / – Wasn’t that the first store? – Which one would you like? / – This one. This one? Wasn’t that the most inexpensive one? It’s inexpensive. It’s about 120 dollars. He remembered the most inexpensive one. – Let’s buy it. / – It’s a guitar for beginners. You have good eyes. You are considerate of your dad. Let’s buy the guitar. – Will you buy the guitar? / – Haoh is a good son. – Okay. / – Sir, let me pay – before he picks up another one. / – Okay. Thank you. Dad, thank you. Okay. – Don’t I look cool when I carry the guitar? / – Yes, you are cool. It’s heavy. Let’s hold one strap each. Haoh, hold this strap. Let’s go. – Thank you. / – Haoh, show us your performance – next time. / – Bye.

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