Latte Art | Pouring 6 Love Heart Variations

Hi everybody and welcome back to another
Weekly Wolff Vlog. My name is Josh and today we’re gonna be taking a look at
the various different patterns in pouring a love heart. Now I find this
especially helpful if you’ve just started pouring latte art and you’re
practicing to perfect your love heart. It’s definitely one of the more basic
and easier patterns to pour and just because you can pour a love heart
doesn’t mean you can’t produce many other different types of patterns around
the love heart. So let’s first revisit the love heart
and how to get a really banging love heart out in the cup. I always feel like
the love heart although it’s a really basic pattern is one of the more
impressionable patterns to pour for a customer. I’d much prefer to be able to
pour a really fantastic juicy love heart for a customer then fail miserably
trying to pour a swan. So first off we can make sure that we’re pouring really
nice espresso and have well textured milk and we’ve got videos for that in
our Weekly Wolf Vlogs. So you can go back and check our catalog if you need any
helpful hints on getting those two elements correct. When creating the love
heart make sure at the start it’s a confident pour and you’re pouring into
the deep end of the cup . Then we’re going to be mixing in, mixing in, mixing in.
Making sure that the milk is sinking under the crema and we’re going to bring
that crema about two-thirds of the way up to the top of the cup before we drop
our jug down. You can almost rest it on the edge of
your cup when you pour at this point. You’re going to increase the tilt of
your jug to increase the flow out of the jug and what happens there is the flow
spreads out evenly left and right of your jug spout and you’ll end up
creating the base of your love heart. Once that base is formulated and you
haven’t filled up your cup just yet you want to then be able to raise your jug
up without stopping the pour but thinning it a little bit to pull through.
And that’s what drags through the tail of your love heart. Now the trick with a
love heart to get a really large one that fills the cup is certainly after
mixing in, the quicker you mix in, and the sooner you start the love heart, the
bigger your patterns gonna be. But you still also need to control the
contrast of the coffee and the milk. You don’t want your love heart to exhume the
whole size of your cup without having any coffee around the edges of your cup.
So that is the basics of pouring a love heart. Practicing that and being able to
perfect it in the cup every time is going to make a big difference. So taking
a look at a feathered love heart. So simply taking what we’ve just learnt
then adding in a little wiggle into our wrist movement as we’re pouring the base
of our love heart. So we’ve mixed in, mixed in, mixed in; we’ve brought the
crema two-thirds of the way up and as we drop our jug down to begin pouring our
love heart we’re gonna just tilt our wrist back and forward ever so slightly
and allowing the jug spout to spray out across the milk and giving it texture to
the love heart. This way it looks feathered. Once we’ve created the base of
the love heart again we’re gonna lift up the jug and then pull through. Practicing
your wiggle in the love heart gets you used to wiggling your jug and
controlling the wiggle. So it will help you down the track when you begin to be
pouring Rosetta’s. So my next two patterns I’m gonna be talking about are
very much the same as each other and they’re called a wrapped love heart. So
with these two patterns you’re first putting down one base love heart and you
want to be aiming this base love heart to the top of your cup. So further away
to the back edge of your cup and closer to your hand that’s holding the cup to
create the base. Once you’ve created a nice thick base, stop your pour, head back
to the top of the cup and then begin your second love heart, and as you have
this love heart being produced and holding that love heart in place, that
first base love heart will begin to wrap around the edges of your second love
heart, and that creates a frame or a wrapping of the second love heart. So
what you see here is a love heart with a nice thick frame around it. And a really
easy way to make a variation on a framed love heart is just by mixing up
whether you add a wiggle or not. Now let’s take a look at a framed love heart,
with the frame being feathered and the love heart being solid. And side by side
to that we can take a look at a framed love heart where the frame is solid and
the love heart is feathered. And then the other two combinations you can have to
that is feathered-solid and solid- feathered; with two feathers and two
solids as well. So you’ve got four combinations of love hearts along with
just your basic love heart and feathered love heart in the cup. So already just by
pouring love hearts we’ve got six patterns you can pour once you’ve
perfected pouring it. And certainly getting better at latte art has a lot
more failures than it does successes .So I just say practice practice practice.
Love what you do, take a lot of photos of your latte art and you’ll be able to see
your progression. It’s a really good way to keep yourself motivated when learning
latte art. Thanks for watching, I hope you’ve learnt how to perfect love hearts
and how to make it more interesting. I want to thank all our subscribers. If you
haven’t subscribed hit that red button! Feel free to add your comments below
with your own experiences of pouring latte art, we’d love to hear from you. And
you’re welcome to jump onto our website
We’re now shipping worldwide coffee and there’s also courses available for you
to preview. So again thanks very much for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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