100 Replies to “Lil Mosey, BlocBoy JB – Yoppa (Official Music Video)”

  1. Kadence Galvan says:

    This song is lit

  2. OmniHellaScient says:

    Cap rap asf

  3. Nolandre1738 says:

    Wheres his chains? oh wait,

  4. Theflipsidekids Anderson says:

    Lil mosey is the best

  5. Riley Jordan says:

    Mosey 🗑💩

  6. Some Dude says:

    Two of the most untalented artists in the game

  7. Lunga Mcambi says:

    Please listen and like https://youtu.be/1ie9_K00D74

  8. Seyam Ahmed says:

    I cant believe how lit of a song it will be with a lil tecca collab

  9. Bladen King says:

    In school

  10. Ke'Mond McClendon says:

    lil mosey yo version ass bruh no hate doe and you said you rock wit jd instead of jb

  11. Gang Gang says:

    For those people that don't want to watch the video, it starts at 1:14

  12. Biscuit Boi Gaming says:

    hillarious how none of those guys knew how to hold a gun

  13. Moè CaSh says:

    Make 500,000 in an hour

    Rob a bank to activate

  14. King First says:

    Yeah this doesn’t go together well

  15. Aiden Smith says:

    whos the best singer blocboy or lil mosey leave a like and tell me down below

  16. Cassie Duncil says:


  17. Marcos Benitez says:

    Oh yeeesss

  18. Marcos Benitez says:

    Very gooddd brous

  19. Sawyer Leigh says:

    Who is better
    LIL pump like
    Lil mossy reply

  20. X Inity says:


    You Can Thank Me Later

  21. TBO Yesenia Cosío says:


  22. Braden Waugh says:

    the add was dog shit

  23. Steffan Rübner says:

    This Beat goes Hard fr

  24. RainSZN says:

    No no no

  25. Zecty says:

    lil mosey would suck if he didn't have auto tune

  26. bon bon says:


    Why he look so fckin fine

  27. Connor Rich says:

    Lil Mosey is the whitest black person I have ever seen

  28. Ярик Бухтулов says:


  29. Ярик Бухтулов says:


  30. Tristan Barkley says:


  31. Kee Youm says:

    When blockboy starts rapping the beat sound like Tessa Brooke beat in team 10 everyday bro like if u agree

  32. Robert Elkins says:

    Lol he looks 14

  33. Rx B says:

    Mosey been to Baltimore 😂

  34. brayden barnes says:

    If your not a cunt make the button blue

  35. Jeanne Mott says:

    u got these kids workin till 9am

  36. Faded Swanz says:

    job needs to be a producer this nigga kills songs vibe just my opinion don’t come for me

  37. Andrew Kirkpatrick says:

    its ight i guess

  38. Joshua George says:

    2:20 Me waking up in a class during a lecture trying to figure wtf just happen

  39. Joshua George says:

    Also caught him lacking 2:30

  40. Kota says:

    if u listen to my songs i give u a cookie ok

  41. Hbkyoungan says:

    I knew i noticed that nigga its jahaun

  42. CAOS SER says:

    like if this is one of the best duos song!!!

  43. Vktr Omegx says:

    This actually 🔥

  44. oniel alexander says:


  45. Arian Dizdarevic says:

    If U guys don’t know “that guy” that’s kinda sad lmao

  46. mayrol Eugenio says:

    Like 2019 o 2020

  47. JK KJ says:

    I don't get how this world works…. I've seen actual white people (Europeans) that are darker than lil Mosey, but yet lil Mosey is considered, "light skin" and some white people who are darker than him are still "white"…..

  48. michael parker says:

    Lil mosey can barely say the N word

  49. Ethan Bernard says:

    Like is Lil Mosey is better than Lil Pump

  50. Hubert Rwechungura says:

    No one:


  51. Juan Francisco Mateo says:


  52. Juan Francisco Mateo says:


  53. lil sliver says:

    ngl blockboy JB always looks high

  54. Carlos Zambrano says:

    pareren que estan drogados xd

  55. Hybrid says:

    Eric bledsoe and offset in one would be blocboy jb

  56. Kai Sewhuk says:

    Lil mosey is definitely cock asian

  57. SEVEN NIGHT Official says:

    Lil mosey =6ix9ine 🔥

  58. Pedro Ferraz says:


  59. JimGamer18 says:

    0:52 ight that was gay looking

  60. Jason Bray says:


  61. Kyrie Irving says:

    I love you boy

  62. greatest says:

    my nigga
    If you are gay. Then be gay. Fuck these top comments.

  63. Lucy Lawless says:

    Danm if my son had of live he would have came out looking just like little mosesy

  64. Bry_3199 says:

    Is this English?

  65. Sarah Weaver says:

    Why can this white kid say the n word all he wants

  66. mikel40404 says:

    juhahn jones is in this video

  67. CEO DRABO says:

    New Banga check this out “CANT TRUST” Litt🔥🔥🔥

  68. زهور says:

    mosey is whiter then some white people wtf

  69. Noah Shakakeesic says:

    Mmmmmm milk&chocolate😍😍😍😍

  70. joshua alix says:

    Mosey we cleaning yeah pussy

  71. Big Mazsi says:

    yo this fire https://soundcloud.com/bigmazsi/sets/pollution-ep

  72. Bahire Germain says:


  73. Its Stormzy says:

    this shit straight up fireeeeee

  74. Javeir McInnis says:

    I get it lil moozy is exposing the furniture stores for having gang and mafia ties because the is no way in hell furniture stores rake in over 5 million dollars a year. THX MEESY

  75. Artemio Garcia says:

    He is so hot

  76. Shivam .Ranavaya says:

    2:22 what my dad sees when he is beating me

  77. Beastboy says:


  78. Its Stormzy says:

    i litteraly cliced on this song so many fkn times hahaha

  79. Phinesse LoL says:

    blocboy just trash tbh he only got put on cause of the drake feature

  80. Kevin Soria says:

    This song will never get old good job lil mosey like your music

  81. Adrien Mtl says:

    Like: Mosey
    Reply: Tecca

  82. Jez Chavez says:

    your a crip lil mosey

  83. Connor Rich says:

    When he says "on me" it sounds like the word "army" in a British accent

  84. Flex Gang says:

    Lil Mosey with that fake ass chain i see

  85. Arron Spider says:

    Legend 🔥🔥

  86. marko williams says:

    I like this song but the video is fucking confusing I have no idea what story they were trying to tell with it lol

  87. Χρηστος Μαρβακης says:

    he white btw

  88. Lhavanjan Suresh says:

    3:38 Nobody:
    LIL mosey: (youtube in 20 years; creating a water gun with a real gun)

  89. Lil Masx says:

    December 2019? Anyone

  90. Joker Gamer says:

    when i lisent to is i get to be gay

  91. Dennis Lovato says:


  92. MaddZyid says:

    Thumbnail changed?

  93. Victoria rod says:


  94. iRamic says:

    when you see visitors walking threw the front door 2:19

  95. Gaurav Kashyap says:

    Gang 😈

  96. Jose Dejesus says:

    Whites black dude lol

  97. Tony Rubio says:

    Shoutout to Edwin PINTO🔥

  98. 서소오 says:

    릴 모지 오빠 진짜 사랑해요
    i love you lil mosey so much

  99. Kevin Michel #42 says:


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