Live Phone Call Monitoring with Call Recording Software

In this video I will show you how to monitor live phone calls with the Versadial Solutions call recording software. The window we are looking at is the VSLogger remote client. We are currently logged in as Administrator. On the left hand side you will see a couple different icons. For this particular video we will be concentrating on live monitoring. Two panels will appear. An upper panel and a lower panel. The upper panel are your current channels that you are recording. The lower panels are the archived section that we will get into later. Let’s take a look at the upper panel. You have a couple different columns displaying information. The first column is your status column. The green icon represents an active channel that you are recording. The gray icon that you’ll see here is a non- active channel. It’s not being recorded at all. To the left of this channel you will see another icon that pops up. What this represents is an outbound or inbound call. The green arrow to the left represents an outbound call. If there was an inbound call the arrow would be pointing to the right and it would be blue. The next column shows your channels. The agent name is the next column. You can have an actual agent name displayed or extension, depends on your particular setup. Next column is description. You can put anything you like here to help you identify each channel. The start column is next to description. It represents the start of the conversation of the live phone call. Length is next….this conversation is 7 minutes approaching 8 minutes. The next column is the number dialed. If this was an inbound call, you would see a caller ID displayed. The last column is the notes section. To listen to a phone call, a live call, you have two options to start monitoring: You can double left click to begin monitoring. After clicking the channel the green phone icon changes to red. To stop listening double left click again. The phone icon changes back to green and you are no longer listening to the conversation. The other option is right click your mouse on the channel you want to listen to. Here you can see a couple different options as well. Select: START MONITORING You are now listening to the live phone call. During a live call you can make notes. Selected EDIT NOTE and another window pops up. You can create a note related to the conversation. For example: Great opening – share with sales force After clicking ok, your note is assigned to that recording. To stop listening we right click and select STOP MONITORING. That concludes the live call section. There are no other live calls currently happening. When there is a live call in progress the agents name and information appears. On the bottom panel is the archived section of your call recordings. You can show last 15 minutes or even the entire day. You can select one channel to get the history of the day or select multiple channels. Lets select Steve and Stephen and see their phone conversations for the last 6 hours. Here you can see the information of the last 6 hours between those two channels. You can see inbound icon and outbound icon. Blue icon to the right was an inbound call. The green icon to the left was an outbound call. The length and start time of the call is displayed. Number dialed and caller ID will also display. (currently blocked out) There are a couple different options you can do as well in this panel. You can e-mail out the entire phone call. You can select the call: email it to a manager, boss, or to the sales person. You can also update and edit notes. Clicking NOTES ICON pops up a window to add a note or edit a previous note to this recording. You can also grade reports for quality control. Grades are on a scaling option. (This will be covered in another demo video.) To listen to a recording you can double click or click the PLAY ICON. A player window slides up. You are now listening to the archived recorded call. You can pause the recording, rewind, fast forward. When you pause or stop recording, you can insert a bookmark. Continue the recording and insert an end bookmark. The section between the bookmarks can be extracted. You can save the extracted audio file to your hard drive. This is great for sharing with your sales force or a client. It can be used in training sessions with your sales force to help increase productivity and closure rates. That concludes the video demo for live calling. There are more demos available on our site ( You can also call an account executive for a one on one live demo. The live demo goes over everything from start to finish and you can ask questions and get more details.

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