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When I think of like mad love, I say that
a lot to people, where I'm like, "Oh, mad love for this," but then also there's like mad
as in like angry, or like crazy, which can also be like passionate in a way. So yeah, those were sort of the ways that
I was toying with it, just like the really positive, and then the other aspect which
was like kind of twisted. When I wrote it, I was like, you know in that
beginning phase of kind of seeing somebody, and being like, "Oh," when you have like butterflies,
and everything's great. It was like something positive in the air,
and I was like, "I just want to write a positive song for summer." Like about when you meet somebody, and you
like them, and they like you, and how it doesn't have to be more complicated than that. It's always crazy when you get a song back,
because like often I'll hear it in the studio however many times, and then you leave, and then like
it might take a week or something before you actually get the finished product back. I was in my hotel room listening to it, and
I could hear my manager listening to it next door. And we were both just like on repeat just
playing it over and over and over again. And I was like, "Okay, no, this feels like
a good sign." My type is like, I think in looks it varies
a lot, but like definitely somebody that's like super confident. I'm quite confident, and I think that I need
somebody that can kind of like, you know match that energy. So yeah. If I see somebody in a room, and I'm like… You know, you come in the club and you see
a guy that's like just got that energy about him, then I'm going to be like, "Boy you're
looking like my type." That's sort of what the song is about, where
it's like you can't just be all talk, and be like, "Oh you know I'm going to do this,
and I'm going to do that. And I'm about this." And then like a lot of the time like you actually
meet guys that says things like that and then they're like super shy. So I guess I'm kind of just saying that like, you know, you need to back it up. I like how I'm like, "You heard me when I
said before," because like it obviously… I said it in the line before. So yeah. I like that. I think that was like one of the first things
that came about in the song. I was like, "How many times can we repeat
this section? Can we put it in the verse, and the pre, and
the chorus? Is it that good?" And it turns out, we could. I'm always thinking about females when I'm
writing my music. You know I sort of grew up in an era of listening
to like ‘Independent Woman’, and ‘Survivor’, and sort of had songs like, you know, that made me
feel powerful. And I think as a woman it was really important
to me to sort of be assertive about it, and not be afraid to like come on to a guy. Because I think, you know, as a woman, we're
supposed to just like wait for somebody to come and talk to us. And I was like, "But why?" It's 2019, I want to talk to you so I'm going
to talk to you, and I guess sort of encourage other girls to do the same. If there's something that you want, if you
see somebody that you like, then go for it. The hook was difficult because I tend to overthink
things. I'm a story teller, so like my favorite thing
to write is actually verses. Because in a verse, you can give all the specifics,
you were wearing this, and I was wearing that, and like, you know just really tell the story. And I think sometimes I'll try and do that
too much, whereas like the idea of the song is simple in a nice way, where it's just like about
liking somebody and them liking you. So I wanted to make the chorus simple. I feel so proud of that chorus just because
its so different to anything else I’ve ever done. You know. Yeah I guess when I'm chilling with a guy
I'll be like, "Let's watch a movie, or just like talk, listen to music." And like that's what I had in mind, just like
that nice moment of just sort of assuring somebody that, yeah, I really like you. So it's like, yeah we could chill, like we
could take it slow, that's cool. But like you know I love the thrill of like… Yeah. That sort of game, and like, you know, everything
that goes down. Trying to not get too R-rated. Yeah, no, yeah, exactly. ‘One Shot’ is one of my songs. I love that song. And basically the hook in ‘One Shot’ is
like, you only got one shot. I wanted to just put that in there to just,
you know, add the little bit of pressure, I guess that like, “It’s cool. It’s chill. But also like, don’t mess it up.” I always try and like sort of reference things
I've already said in a song in a bridge, like I feel like lots of 90's songs were like really
good at doing that. So I think maybe, we were like, "Oh we should
get ‘Mad Love’ in there again." And then the melody came. And it's just like, again, simple in the best
way. I'd say like the whole message of the song
is just like about that feeling, like that rush that you have when you meet somebody,
and that like whatever you're feeling, I'm feeling, too. You maybe think that I'm like, "We're moving
too fast," or this, and that, and blah, blah, blah, blah, but like I'm probably thinking the
same things that you're thinking, and like I want you too, basically. It's amazing when you write songs that like
fans then come back to you, and they're like, "Oh I met my boyfriend now around the time
that this song came out. And like this is our song." I mean it's still early days, but I'm still
getting like those messages every day, people sort of making their own memories to the song,
which is the best thing ever.

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