“Made in France”: Original compositions by composer/guitarist Andrei Bodnartchouk

I’ll start again, start again… our group is called “Made in France” It exists since 2008, with Alain Ruard on drums, Fabrice Bistoni on bass They are both french… Neil Gerstenberg plays flutes and EWI He is scottish… and I’m russian, my name is Andrei Bodnartchouk When I was young I loved rock… in the 70’s I listened to the Beatles, Led Zepplin, Richie Blackmore, Jimi Hendrix It was a time when rock was not tolerated (in the USSR) It was always ‘underground’… it’s funny… Then one day I entered a jazz studio Ahhh… It was unique, and I realised that the goal of this music was improvisation It amazed me… and from that point I started my own journey We currently play a suite of my original compositions (you like to compose? You compose a lot?) Yes I compose… But I wouldn’t say ‘a lot’… Ideas come and at some point I realised that I have to preserve them Because 10 minutes later I’ll forget them… So I started keeping them in my head. My compositions draw on my past experiences… My travels, my feelings… For example, Makiv is the name of a village in Ukraine I went there often when I was a child For me it was another world… that’s why it has stayed in my head I was born in Moscow, a large city… whereas Makiv…. is pure nature, cows, animals, forests… So the piece evokes my childhood – the images are strong and still come back today And here they are in this piece which is somewhat sentimental Ok, I’ll stay on this track because I like it… Samarkand…. Samarkand is a town in Uzbekistan (you’ve been there?) I went there to play.. our little jazz group visited nearly every corner of the USSR The region is unbelievable…. The culture is asian… it’s remarkable. In my composition I try To evoke the melodies of that culture It’s an image….

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