46 Replies to “Major Lazer – Run Up (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR & Nicki Minaj) (Official Lyric Video)”

  1. karbonphiber says:

    What a gay retarded song

  2. Alexandra says:

    J'ai bien tout les musiques de major Lazer 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍💘💘💘💘

  3. David E. Urbano Polanco says:


  4. Christine Ries says:

    Hear and you will know what is a good sound ..strong

  5. KID SAUCE says:

    Y'all still here

  6. Student Kyra Clemons says:

    2019 anyone

  7. Muhammad Zainul Hasan says:

    this song is underrated, 1000 times better than takitaki😅

  8. Tyra juste says:


  9. BoyALyrics says:

    I dont put sugar in my spaghetti sauce

  10. ENZØ says:


  11. ENZØ says:


  12. Janet Matutu says:


  13. Aruna Amandira says:

    I never understand nicky minaj part in every featured song. Like, what she was talking about?

  14. Atilla Tastan says:

    Who is 2019 😁👉

  15. 577AllWell says:

    These degenerate, abusive lyrics, sung so sweetly…has nothing to do my culture.

  16. Terry Melvin says:

    what language are they singing?

  17. Venkat Saii Hareesh says:

    nicki casually ruining the song 🙂

  18. curlon price says:

  19. caroline capitaine says:


  20. Upfront Gamer says:

    Why does nicki minaj have a Jamaican accent in her part of the song

  21. SpecialEd Kiddo says:

    Sounds like you was at the club. Sorry if I ruined the song for you -3-

  22. Solo Alvarez says:

    Respect Up Form The Puerto Rican Rasta

  23. Solo Alvarez says:

    Solo @LostBoy Puerto Rico🇵🇷 To Jamaica🇯🇲 Nicki Minaj Trini Dad🇹🇹 Stand Up

  24. Suryiah Rooknarine says:


  25. thecrazyindian says:

    This song is dope!!!!

  26. Subir Sharma says:

    I'm gonna be honest, as awesome Nikki can be, yeet her outta this, PLEASE

  27. Makeda Benjamin says:

    Omg i am inlove wid this song bruh 😘😘 thx for bringing out the song Major lazer 😘

  28. ΩシMAROUNKH63シΩ says:

    2019 and still the best song i ever listen ❤️

  29. Tamjir Khan says:

    Can you guys please tell me the name of this fonts?

  30. Sully Orer says:


  31. Nicole Martinez says:

    cardi can't be like Nicki. Nicki is best rapper

  32. Amine_34 dehas says:

    MAY 2019?

  33. Jori Wind says:

    Anyone may 2019 ?

  34. littlerixk ! says:


  35. Sweden says:

    the background effects are amazing

  36. Thileli Medani says:

    Am I the only one who wonders why does he say you was ? Troubles me 😂

  37. Tom Mansfield says:

    May 2019 (anyone)

  38. Ollie Brand says:


  39. Jewels Ohbearing says:

    I like the beat on this one. I wonder if they have an instrumental.

  40. God AMV says:

    manoooo do céu

  41. Crip Ninja says:

    yO wuS'Good .. ♤♡◇♧ [C] . [N] . [S]

  42. DJ Frites says:

    Lol it does more views than the clip

  43. Taariq Khan says:

    They didst think on occasion that thou art a shy girl, until I didst thou mine girl make.

  44. Nile Muhammad says:

    May 2019 ? This song never gets old♥️

  45. malaysia archangel says:

    He could've done this song by himself tbh…

  46. m w says:

    Who wishes 2017 will make a quick comeback!!!

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