36 Replies to “Make Your Own Kind of Music ( Mama Cass Elliott )”

  1. Rotorqueen1 says:

    Wow! She sure could sing!!!

  2. james afrin says:

    When music was music, brilliant

  3. Lucas Cocolo says:

    Here by Dexter

  4. Erin says:

    Such an excellent voice! Did she make that song or what!?!?

  5. Lewis Riches says:


  6. Phyllis Hammond says:

    Adele should played her!

  7. Phyllis Hammond says:

    If they do a film. I think Christine mertz should play her or Melissa McCarthy.

  8. videox222ify says:

    I just love her

  9. All Roads Lead Here says:

    Beautiful woman

  10. Dale Nicholls says:

    Nooo not lost!! How about cos mama cass was an exceptional singer and gone way to soon. Does me head in when people say oo who's here cos of lost. Piss off!!!

  11. ЗемляПлоская КосмосаНет says:

    4 8 15 16 23 42

  12. neguys says:

    Love her

  13. Bruno Badoco says:

    4 8 15 16 23 42

  14. yvonne flori says:

    I love her so much,.

  15. Ian Thaddiam says:

    Sammy with the cigarette.

  16. Francesca Ceconi says:

    Lost la botola

  17. Francesca Ceconi says:

    4 8 15 16 23 42

  18. O anônimo conta says:


  19. Davey Jones says:

    Love your mama Cassie Elliot god rest your soul you left this too early you got a beautiful voice

  20. Jen X says:

    My parents played this song a lot when I was young (I was born in 1973) but I heard it again on the last season of Dexter.

  21. Leo XD says:

    This song is my cup of tea!!!!!
    From korea😄

  22. Guilherme Gil says:

    That singer was simply fantastic

  23. ddas adfassaf says:

    Inimitable is a pretty high compliment

  24. MaTaylie Beganovic says:


  25. mad hanger says:

    Such a shame many people remember her for her weight more than her spectacular singing voice…she’s got a beautiful voice

  26. New Thought says:

    One of the best songs of all time. Nice how it is straight to the point, inspiring and short.

  27. Gary Sudron says:

    Only 26

  28. ubmuhkehcubol says:

    Make you're own kind of miming etc.

  29. ubmuhkehcubol says:

    Too bad she's miming!

  30. goddambitch12 says:

    class eliot

  31. Pete s says:

    Amazing voice

  32. Tammy Mingoy says:

    She was the realest of the generation as i remember it I miss her

  33. Joel Osteen Fan says:

    Casually has a smoke because it's just a fucking cigarette, in Massachusetts 10 dollars a pack. Fuck you take it and leave. Feel like you won the fucking lottery when you light up.

  34. sillycliff512 says:

    it seems like shes not really into singing it.

  35. Joel Osteen Fan says:

    Talk about rising to the occasion.

  36. Sand Witch says:

    I love you. Penny

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