45 Replies to “Making of ORPHAN BLACK's 4 Clone Dance Party – BBC AMERICA”

  1. Trop cool cette série !! 👍👍

  2. I never did get to finish season 4 and it makes me sad everyday lol cause I can't find it for free

  3. Esse seriado com certeza foi muito trabalhoso para ser feito.

  4. This scene legit had me smiling at my screen in delight. It's amazing to see them all forgetting their troubles and just dancing together.

  5. I miss this show so much

  6. Joseph SADO says:

    The way Helena dances is very funy😂😂😂

  7. Koma k says:

    this song is allahu akbar?

  8. Mds, essa série deve ter demorado a ser gravada. E elas tem contato direto.

  9. Rose Santos says:

    vai ter nova temporada???

  10. Omg i miss Orphan Black so much

  11. Been watching “the making of” but to me they are still different people lol

  12. Lada Morrow says:

    One of my most favorite series!

  13. Sashhh aa says:

    Imagine how Rachel or Beth would have danced?

  14. Allie says:

    Helena🤣 so cute💕

  15. Miss yu clone clup:(((

  16. Helena dancing, love it ❤️

  17. I miss #OrphanBlack sooo much! There hasn't been another show like #OrphanBlack on television since the last episode was aired. 😢

  18. Eu dançando sou tipo a Helena 😂

  19. Canalus says:

    The only thing more impressive than the technique is how Tatiana Maslany manages to translate each of her character's personalities through dance.

  20. ‎ ‎ says:

    that tv show is underrated af

  21. That was very time consuming.

  22. Yvonne Tran says:

    Die arme Helena was aus ihr wurde – aber die fand ich echt klasse 👍

  23. Cindy Yan says:

    When you realize it's actually one actress playing four different characters

  24. Palo Duong says:

    This serie deserves all the awards

  25. Cheeky Girl says:

    I adore you Helena 😍😍😍

  26. I just started watching this show in Netflix and thank god my curiosity made me watch this show. I'm finally at s5ep7 and it's almost ending, and i can't help not stop watching it but at the same time i don't want the show to end!

    This series is an absolute masterpiece from the plot, the characters/ cast, the cinematography, from make up to the editing, everything just fits perfectly.

    Too bad i came in the #cloneclub late but it's definitely a series i would rewatch and recommend. Now it's one of my favourites too! Thanking rhe writers and producers and the director for creating and managing the show, it's a perfection! 💕

  27. Mike Davies says:

    Omg ‘‘this would be sooo much fun!!!

  28. What’s the song ???

  29. Lana Banana says:


  30. Jas says:

    This was literally the only scene in the entire show that I could visibly see the CGI, especially in Helena. Otherwise I completely forget all these characters are the same one actress. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

  31. C0LDPL4Y says:

    Who spotted the doubles of Cosima, Helena and Alison at 2:23? 🙂

  32. Jaya Kumari says:

    Cosima fans hit like

  33. rox YEAH says:

    Sarah became a UFC fighter,
    Helena got really into P!ATD,
    Alison decided to imitate a pole,
    Felix turned into the exotic dancer on the pole,
    Kira…embraced her monkey heritage,
    Cosima thought of Delphine and turned into jelly.


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