Media Composer – Key Out A Green Screen

in this video we're going to look how to key out a video that is shot in front of a green screen using spectrum at you're an avid media okay so we have our shot here I've already marked an in and an out on our clip here it's a rather long clip alright so I've got the part marked that I want to put in my timeline and just a quick word about your green screen you know this is not a great setup this would be he's sort of a consumer setup right here you can see we have some wrinkles in our green screen that we really should have gotten out of there you'll really save yourself a lot of time in the production part if you take extra time and make sure your shot is correct for example right down here we're actually shooting past the green screen so we might have to enlarge it a little bit lighting definitely could have been better here but something like this is probably what you'll be dealing with on on a consumer level most the time and it actually works out pretty well here and avid media composer or so we have our clip it's marked do we go ahead and import this now well we can because we want to key it out but when we key something out would basically make it transparent make all this green part transparent so what you might want to do is set of king it out right here which we'll just do this real quick let's just grab our color there just grab it again go to a green here see now we're on black but how well does that help us you may want to start your key like this and start adjusting things and your softness up your things like this you kind of have to play around with a little bit depending on the shot and you know you have a spectrograph here that you can use as well but maybe it would be a better idea and go and delete that effect instead of structuring it like that first let me find what I want to lay underneath it and that's this clip right here I think this will work alright so let's go and put this on video one and I'll hit control Y I'm on Windows alright well add a new video track now we'll go ahead and grab our clip that we wanted and we'll put that on top of our other video clip that we want to be behind us for the background because that's how King works right okay so now let's go and start to keep we're here in the effects go to hkey here's our spectrum add drop it right on top of our green screen effect here go into effects mode we have our key color you can adjust things here a bit if you want but I like to just grab this as click it once and then I want try to find the best this place in here now that made me invisible so I'll do it again here click it here make sure we get green over here on the video side I'm just looking for the green that will reference the largest portion of this because we're going to have to do some cleanup okay that's alright as you can see though it's kind of a dirty key as we can see all of this fuzz coming through all right but we can fix that here with spectrum at so let's go in here and we can show our alpha preferably what we would want is all of this black to be completely black and all the white to be completely white that's what we're kind of what we're shooting for there so let's start adjusting thing and our spectrograph brightness that controls us behind here alright what we want here is our chroma control our tolerance level is going to check that up a bit move this around yes looking a little better already a bit more our key line again you kind of got to play with these to see what's gonna work best now all the way down and our key saturation fit down now the inner softness can definitely help out but if we take it too far you can see I start to erode by the way we can zoom in here I thought it will help you out when you're editing with your effects it's going to take that back down it helps out a little bit but we don't want too much let's pop in a little and then we'll take the outer softness and we can pull that down or up you want to pull it down a bit all right so now it's already looking a whole lot better see it's not near as fuzzy or fizzy around here we have opacity control that's good for doing like effects if you just want you know see-through subject there pretty cool but we don't we want this all the way up alpha offset just mess around with those two you get them about where you want them now our luma curve and able or not we don't really need it suppress shadow will help us out here but again you go too far you see how my blacks start being degraded so I'll put that down I'm gonna pull it up just a bit okay now down to your mat processing this will be very helpful I like to leave it on a road it's on blur I'll just show you what happens you can see it's blurry there if we go to dilate that's what happens but I like it on a road so we'll just I wrote it a bit just a bit that's pretty good there we're losing some of backs down here so on the suppress shadow I pull it back a little bit all right we have our spill angle offset you can see how that starts turning me pink there so I go further further I do want to jack it up a little bit and then our spill saturation which about there's fun now we have things like scaling which I'm going to fix the aspect ratio I might go up one or two just using the keyboard there all right and then position and crop all right so that's the basics of how you key something out using spectrum at here and have a media composer but before we go I also want to mention down here you see this little 3d icon we can promote this to a 3d warp spectrum at as you can see down here we have our road our background color and we can actually do something pretty cool like this all right so we'll go here to this game and right now it's on this gray replace color and now your subject is completely black and white on top of a color background there pretty cool and there's a lot more you can do in here of course we could change this to any color you want all right but gray is pretty cool all right of course we can turn that off as well turn down the gain okay so with the 3d warp version as well it's got a few more options like maybe I want our subject on the other side of the screen and we can do that really easily here with rotation just take your Y down to like minus 180 all right now we're on the other side pretty cool and of course you know your background can be anything at all doesn't have to be something that even makes sense to be honest with you so we'll just get rid of it and we still have our gun shot right there we still have that so let's just grab something else it can be anything at all we can pop that in let's pop in something different say yeah something from outer space there you go pretty cool then I'd probably come in here actually and somedy focus might be cool on this a bit there and then turn this up to black and white that's pretty cool and then we could of course put in our muzzle flash which is what we're going to do in the next video in the next video we'll add a realistic muzzle flash using alpha channels alpha Channel clips and add them right to our gun shot so it looks a little more realistic okay but that is how you use spectrum at to key out a video shot in front of a green screen and it doesn't have to be green specifically it no blues also a color that's used quite a bit but whatever color you use you know pop in there to spectrum at you saw I had ton of controls and be sure to check out the promote to 3d that's pretty cool as well pumping officious ourself underwater there for no reason you can do a lot of cool stuff using green screens and spectrum at you're an avid media composer

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