22 Replies to “Murray Gold: Conversations With Composers”

  1. Tom Gallagher - Second Hand Media says:

    since Rise of Skywalker is the last Star Wars movie John Williams is going to compose for. I can't imagine anyone better to continue his legacy than Murray Gold. His music is simply sublime.

  2. MrMarco33333 says:

    Just reinforces my belief that Murray writes straight from the heart. I've always known this. The results speak for themselves. I think it was around Ep2 of DW that I started to realise that we had something really special going on here music-wise. I suspect it was Rose's Theme first.

  3. Ian Barcelos says:

    And now his soul is gone from Doctor Who.

    Everything ends.

  4. Leo Caldwell says:

    ‘Doomsday’ makes me cry every time.

  5. TIMELORD327 says:

    The score to Heaven Sent is surely Murray's masterpiece

  6. Weijie Xu says:

    You know Murray is a house team in my school and I'm in Murray good old Murray

  7. Ксения Яковлева says:


  8. Izuku Midoriya says:

    I came here because doctor who

  9. Laura Moulding says:

    Murray Gold is amazing!! Wish I could compose music like him!!

  10. Michael Shannon says:


  11. imyouandurme says:

    Also, John Lunn has scored beautiful music for Downton Abbey. Have you seen the show? It's brilliant! I'm beginning to LOVE British TV 🙂

  12. Lunareffect93012 says:

    Dear Murray Gold, the song you composed "This is Gallifrey, Our Childhood, Our Home" is the most breath taking piece I have ever heard. Bravo…even though you may never see this comment, bravo!

  13. Parteatime1 says:

    I think he's not doing film music cause the television companies that employ him don't want to let go of him…

  14. TheYelkca says:

    I just want him to stick with Doctor Who 😉

  15. imyouandurme says:

    I know! This guy could score an entire film on the toilet!

  16. Daniel says:

    You need to write a lot more for a television series than for film.

  17. Brimstone Pyro says:

    LUCKY! Would love to meet he and of course John Williams.

  18. Brimstone Pyro says:


  19. Joel Everett says:

    He's a great composer, but I miss some of the sparseness of the Classic Who music, but that may be far more due to the Producer's wishes than the Composer himself.

  20. imyouandurme says:

    Why is this man not making film music??!! He's SO overqualified for television! I love his music for Doctor Who, it makes for all these uber emotional moments you would never expect in a show like that.

  21. Mystery Account! says:

    He makes so many different types of music. All of which I love!!

    Murray Gold is Gold!!!!!

  22. DigitalliPix says:

    It was an awesome evening and a real pleasure to listen to Murray talk 🙂
    So glad this has finally been made available online!

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