100 Replies to “Music for Office: 10 HOURS Music for Office Playlist and Music For Office Work”

  1. Ludwig Cools says:

    Ahh relax

  2. Ludwig Cools says:

    If i wake up at night ,grab my headphones and ipad ,and listen to this amazing music 😀

  3. Mike Pinto says:

    Thank you soooooooo much, will be playing this at my italian restaurant, J Dominick's Trattoria (u should try it), for lunch

  4. Joshua Mark George says:

    This was so relaxing I fell asleep 😂

  5. Alegra Malakova says:

    Ahhhhh…made my 8 hours so much nicer! I will play it again tomorrow


    good one

  7. Antonluisre says:

    Great for school.

  8. FeFe Kaye says:

    Been listening to this nonstop it is awesome!

  9. Linkリンク says:

    This makes me read better

  10. Scorpio of THE FLAMING NATION says:

    this playlist does the impossible

    makes doing homework relaxing

  11. Bon Vassan says:

    Awesome Playlist for my designing studio…

  12. Leonardo Delavega says:

    My mum and l loved the music and you should do this more

  13. yeet yote says:

    literally thought this was going to be the office theme but ok

  14. John Lopez says:

    Been playing this the whole day. Thanks!

  15. Ian Hamilton says:

    I love this, it helps me with my homework.

  16. Mike .R. says:

    When I used to sell Sea Rays in Tampa and Clearwater, FL – I had a local artist paint a similar scene on a large, blank wall in our showroom, very similar to this setting, with a couple large Sea Rays anchored out a little ways and a smaller Sea Ray cruising by further behind them – then I built some indoor docks as walkways for people to be able to walk around the boats easier and then the kicker; Those outdoor speakers that look like rocks – I put along the walk way and some nice larger speakers up in the rafters and we pumped smooth jazz just like this. Our sales skyrocketed after I got this done!

  17. ProtoTube channel says:

    I could not imagine a music can relax me like this while working. Thanks to creator. I was just listening this via headphones and doing my job. Absolutely did not disturb.

  18. Frosty says:

    You took me by the hand, MAAAADE me a man, that one night(one night) you made EVERYTHING alright. So raw, so right, all night, all right, oh yeah.

  19. Queen Msp says:

    He copied a song this is not fair

  20. Marie Alsina says:

    Washed away all the stress…

  21. Ebiuog Guo says:

    helps alot with the concentration

  22. belleartiste08 says:

    Nice! nice! nice music!

  23. belleartiste08 says:

    love the music…I would love to see more of a changing view of a beach, or the ocean..people walking, boats going by, or the sun setting..

  24. Ariel Castell says:


  25. Naty Assis says:

    Wow! Wonderful!!! <3

  26. Deric Bowen says:

    Good Gracious #wow

  27. YOGESH SONULE says:

    Listening this music for more than a week with my new Bose Noise cancelling headphones. Now can concentrate more on my work. Thank you @levisLuong

  28. Wade Baker says:

    "Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line while we find you a customer service representative…"

  29. BreakingUA says:

    Nice ! Good job !

  30. crimebro YT says:

    this is a life saver, I love this so much

  31. Arsalan Sheikkh says:

    been listening from last 4 hours and enjoying..

  32. T Webb says:

    i liove this one!!!

  33. L.A. says:

    Thank you for this fantastic playlist and allowing us beautiful visuals to break away from the monotony of work.  Very well done and sincerely appreciated!

  34. seunswag says:

    I am listening to this in the reception of the hotel I work at and its making work so much smoother , it's so nice

  35. chedereon says:

    Thank you for this, made me feel better)

  36. Abigail Nyberg says:

    So relaxing. Thanks so much

  37. Lovey Love says:

    I need this today, Beautiful and relaxing!

  38. Yelnats Devlin says:

    Love it very much. Where is this place by the way?

  39. furniture metal says:


  40. nalin mehta says:


  41. Joy Mazini says:

    oh I felt relax hearing this , though in I have so much to do _my assignments, yet this makes me feel better to get things 1 step at a time. From Solomon Islands.

  42. panchalshreyash says:

    ilove this music so much, i play for my offfice, my customers liked it too.

  43. Silver - Slamurai says:

    Sigh Makes my want to watch some Bob Ross: The Joy Of Painting, with a nice cup o' coffee…

  44. Krizha Anyayahan says:

    Were I'm in office here in Philippines, I felt more relaxing my mind, smooth to making work. Thank you @LewisLuong

  45. Manasi gaikwad says:

    Is there any audio mp3 file of this instrumental song?

  46. phiwa dlamini says:

    Whats the name of this song

  47. Daniel Lopes Justen says:

    Somebody knows where is this beach?

  48. Alice McLeod says:

    I am on a beach with my favorite book and a nice cold tropical drink next to me.

  49. Sugakookies Lover says:

    Best office music

  50. Alice McLeod says:

    Love to listen to this music when it is raining, so good to hear this type of music!

  51. darkcashyz says:

    Thank you so much for the song. I'm so stressful with life and harsh times these days. This helps me to work calmly at my PC, I can get my work done a lot faster. I really appreciate this piece, it's very soulful, beautiful, and I'm graceful for it.

  52. william oding says:

    Nawau oooh…Nice am telling you!

  53. rattycharge1 says:

    L A I D B A C K

  54. Lacey Arnold says:

    OMG so nice to play for my customers in the lobby. Also helps get work done! Thanks 🙂

  55. Daniel Hiraldo says:

    These tracks are the best. The Team here ask me to put it on.

  56. Soothing Music says:

    Very calming music and so beautiful! thank you!

  57. Roberto Rodrigues says:

    Very good, wonderful, gratitude…

  58. Tamarak Gardens says:

    This is some jazzy and serene music for the apartment complex I work in. 10/10

  59. Grace VanFossen says:


  60. Daniel Lopez says:

    way too relaxing.. fell asleep on the job and almost got canned!!!!!!!!! I still love it doe

  61. Hanseaten im Garten says:

    Thx for it. I was happy to find a playlist with music which is not to slow and calm and not to noisy. This Mix is easy and nice for homeoffice working.

  62. MidoriShark says:

    nice gj

  63. David Salomón Pineda Hernández says:

    I am working in a doctors clinic andthis music sounds in the waiting room and it makes my work time more comfortable. thanks for sharing this music.

  64. Ralph Garrett says:

    Wowww this a blessed video! God bless you!

  65. lil pokemon monster says:

    I love this music because its so calming and peacfull

  66. Meridith Rhone says:


  67. Angela Cannon says:

    My coworkers ❤️ this particular playlist. 👍👍

  68. 彭啟則 says:

    Stop reading comments!

  69. Charles Lebbie Jr says:

    I get more zeal to work when listening to music in my office. you know music makes me forget about my worries and concentrate on my work.

  70. Charles Lebbie Jr says:

    this sound reminds me of Mumbai airport….oh my God sound so sweet.

  71. Emoji112617 says:

    This must have token SOOOO LONG TO UPLOAD XD

  72. Danios Live says:

    very chill 🙂

  73. Srikanth PS says:

    Awesome..so relaxed

  74. Centaur Montano says:

    What resort is this anyone?

  75. KADOEL says:

    like if you really enjoy this music!!!

  76. Regina Miles says:

    All the praise and glory go the most high Jehovah, the one who created it all for our happiness and enjoyment.  The sky, the water, the music etc.  What a loving GOD!

  77. Ackrien says:

    its 9:06 pm, i have a group homework that i have to hand in tomorrow and my class mates are like… "Dude!!! did you finish it yet???" and I'm just here making a youtube comment

  78. Richel Huang says:

    This is so good,that ninjas ligma flyed away…👍👍😍

  79. Kiwi6 says:

    never maked it to the end…

  80. jeju_이웃사랑 says:

    Thanks so much

  81. bernice bernardino says:

    This clip has gotten me through difficult deadlines and tasks I really, really hate… Thanks!

  82. TEJASH BC says:

    Very calming music very nice
    i like it

  83. Ethan Williams says:

    Mum said one more video then go to sleep

  84. Justin Cheyka says:

    so relaxing

  85. Eli Ralph Lumbo says:

    Really really nice music to hear especially when doing your thing gives you the energy to keep on going.

  86. alexis gotcha life videos 7621 says:

    this is so soothing thank you for makeing this it is 😉 amazing

  87. Màhmóûď Mòhâmêď_ محمود محمد says:


  88. Stella Frost says:

    Me and my friend we're playing store and this is good store music.

  89. Maritza Muñoz says:

    Put this on in the office and all my coworkers liked it, perfect for a calm feel in the office. Thanks!

  90. GigiGacha says:

    Me and my friend are doing surgery on slime while listening to this

  91. Kiki The Bunny and Sophia says:

    This is so relaxing

  92. Marcus Pesquira says:

    I love this song very much. Because it's so relaxing and stress relieving.

  93. Cookie Cat says:

    Very Nice. I love to Write stories so this gets me in the mood.

  94. Bri-Ann Szelestey says:

    very relaxing and helped in my hospital

  95. Монолит 39 says:


  96. NDC1234 says:

    Stop reading comments and get back to work!!

  97. Yanga Zukelwa says:

    I had a terrible weekend after a long fight with my lady. She's not taking my calls and not replying to any of my messages.

    Guess what, I have a monthly report due in the next hours. This music just eases the pain. #CapeTown #WeApprove

  98. sushzi says:

    i listen to this when im scared

  99. Elaine Raby says:

    I LOVE the addition of the waves to the instrumental music.

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