Hello! Hey I’m Trooper Rummer with the state police
I got a little microphone… Nice to meet you! Gonna record our conversation ok Yes sir Reason I’m stopping you is cause you don’t
have any license plates on this car Ok… Any reason for that? I’m from Dubai, it’s my license plate right
there. Ok but you’re not in Dubai, you’re… I’m visiting as a tourist Well no you’re not visiting as a tourist if
you brought a car with you! Well… Do you have your drivers license with you? Yeah yeah of course How it works is we ship the cars we get a
permit and… You don’t have a permit! What you need is a Carnet… What’s that? A Carnet It’s a very rare thing I know you’re confused
but… NO I’M NOT CONFUSED! If you wanna drive this car.. you have to have
a license plate from somewhere in the United States or a trip permit, which you don’t have,
do you have your drivers license with you? Yes sir Yeah, the way it works is… We get a EPA exemption PARDON ME? A EPA exemption and then a Carnet De Passage DO YOU HAVE ANY OF THAT? Of course, yeah, yeah, I’m gonna provide everything… Do you have something that says you can drive
this car on the road? Yes sir Let’s take a look at that Of course So, it’s gonna be a lot of documents, I will
give you one by one… Cause I think what you’re talking about is
the ability to import this and what I’m talking about is registering it No no, well… Do you have your drivers license with you? Yeah, yeah, I’m just trying to answer your
questions Well, it’s a temporary thing, I’m visiting
as a tourist and.. I CAN’T HEAR YOU! It’s a temporary import… IT’S A WHAT? It’s a TEMPORARY import It’s not a permanent thing, we fly our cars
here, we do our trips and we fly them back that’s how it works I know it’s confusing but… NO IT’S NOT CONFUSING IT’S VERY SIMPLE ALRIGHT! No, no sir… If you have some sort of import, that that’s
to get it into the country, OK? I will… Let me see what you have that says you can
drive it in Oregon You will understand in a second… PARDON ME? You’re gonna understand in a second, I’m gonna
provide… I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about
right now So, this is my permit, it’s a international
federal agreement Ok And, I’m gonna provide you with drivers license
in a second DO YOU HAVE YOUR INSURANCE WITH YOU? Yes sir! So, this would be the international drivers
license which they come as a package there you go, the other part is inside it as well This would be the registration of the vehicle What is this? The registration of the vehicle OK What I need is, proof of insurance Sure This is So the… this is, this is CANADA? Ok, there you go! No, no sir, this is UAE I NEED YOUR INSURANCE Alright, why are you so defensive? I’m trying to… PARDON ME? Why are you so defensive? I’m trying to provide… NO, I’m just asking for these documents and
you won’t quit talking about other stuff No sir, I’ve provided you everything you’ve
asked for I WANT YOUR INSURANCE! OK? I’ve provided you… I DON’T NEED ANYTHING ELSE RIGHT NOW! Sure, sure, you just asked me for the documents
and… PARDON ME? You just asked for a document and I provided
you and I’m gonna provide you the insurance in a second sir Just give me a second… Why don’t you keep working on that and I’ll
be back with you in a minute Sure, sure WOW What’s wrong with this guy? He hasn’t even realized the steering wheel
yet… This is gonna be interesting… Did you find your insurance? Yes sir! There you go THIS IS NOT INSURANCE! Sir, in the bottom you can read it, it’s insurance,
the policy number is there as well… WHERE ARE YOU TAKING THIS CAR? I’m going to Canada Going where? I’m going to Canada, Vancouver Where did you import the car into? From Canada, I drove it in here I do a road trip every 2 years You do a WHAT trip? Sigh Imagine you want to drive your car in Europe,
what do you do? You ship your car there, you drive it for
a month and you ship it back… NO that’s not that’s not what I’d do ok look… You… What is your question officer, I can answer
your question… Look… Yes sir Here, here’s your stuff here… You gotta get a temporary permit, OK? I have another call I have to go to SIR… Be safe pulling out into the traffic It’s a federal law, you don’t know the law? What the… What just… I have another call that was priceless! Hahaha There he goes… He just gave up on life! You have to have a permit blaah blah here’s
your stuff! What did he even talk about! What was wrong with that guy!


  1. Muhlizzle says:


  2. Nick's Vlogcast Channel says:

    Haha loser cop just buying time to Google the law after he said I'll be back in a minute while you find your insurance

  3. Jorge Rosete says:

    what a racist fuck!!

  4. Sidhanth Mishra says:

    American exceptionalism…at it's finest

  5. YoshiTheLyric says:

    Why did he take the steering wheel off?

  6. Lemonade197 says:

    Closed mind people wich think " they reality are the only one " If you have money and time you can ship your car …

  7. Sean Oakes says:

    What an asshole

  8. Samuel Nascimento says:

    When you have money you have money.

  9. Samuel Nascimento says:

    Sir you don't know the law. Kkkkkk

  10. Dardan M says:

    The ego of this cop to not admit it is a little confusing…

  11. Rory Shak says:

    F'n SWEET!! cops are only good for one thing. Anyone know then you know….lol

  12. Alejandro Becerra says:

    Welcome to the US of A

  13. Jorge Oquendo says:

    The pig talks to the guy like he has some kind of superiority

  14. A I says:

    2:51 cop: this is canada ?Ok ….
    there you go

    I was expecting the cop to say

    'No! THIS IS USA! OK?'

    This is about as far his geography knowledge would permit!

  15. Yo Lo says:

    To the driver of this Lambo: welcome to the corrupt A-holes we call "Police" in the USA. If you have the time, I would recommend going to the police station and filing a complaint against this Pig.

  16. Zoxy Btw says:

    This cop went out drinking and did weed shortly after this

  17. cdinero22 says:

    Just hating! Like he going drive a car like that with out insurance!

  18. x Di3HARDx says:

    Stupid Pig

  19. Gentry J. Pitts says:

    The police officer wasn't familiar with his situation and was get irritated at that fact.

  20. Teagan Marbury says:

    Snotty tourist. He should have gone to jail.

  21. Teagan Marbury says:

    Oh, wait. He's too rich to go to jail. My bad.

  22. Desryck Pritchett says:

    Cooked his pig ass 😂😂😂😂

  23. peek a boo says:

    Why is the cop on the opposite side? Of course you cant hear. It'll be better to view car and passenger side from driver seat.
    Cameras are making cops look like ridiculous.


  24. peek a boo says:

    4:40– 4:45 this nigga realized he is broke and being goofy 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Speedy O’Malley says:

    Lmfao fucking cop

  26. foppo leeuwerke says:

    Every time I see this it is more embarrassing.All the cop had to do admit that he never had come across this type of insurance and arrangement to be able to drive a car in the U.S.He should have also apologised for his behaviour.He wasn;t man enough to do that and run away instead.

  27. PoppaRBX says:

    TBH i wonder if its that easy to become a police officer

  28. Tricé Davis says:

    The cop is SO dumb. Whyyyyyyy 👏🏾is👏🏾the👏🏾cop👏🏾so👏🏾ignorant👏🏾…🤦🏾‍♀️! I CAN NOT! The cop gave up because he was dumb as shit!

  29. Vaz123 says:

    Later the cop was arrested

  30. Vic says:

    U.S cop just always think they 'know' everything.

  31. ozz ozz says:

    U r an asshole lambu guy.

  32. allen bold says:

    once again I respect most cops but this one is a DICK

  33. allen bold says:

    boy that cop bolted when he realized he was wrong

  34. Sam Morris says:

    Not all cops are pigs but this dude is bacon

  35. Tom Fort says:


  36. Joseph Leonardo says:

    Dumb cop had to get the last word in

  37. Fuck Trump says:

    Cop looks like his name is Billy

  38. E Irving Diaz says:

    Police officer should be fired for being completely incompetent. He does not know how to be a police officer.

  39. X Rulesis says:

    And then black dude shows up and pulls his phone


  40. kenlove you says:

    The cop probably thought that he can fill his pocket with money since that guy in from Dubai

  41. Carlos Guzman says:

    “Mission failed, will get em next time”

  42. Kukenu tanu says:

    Sorry to say that this is typical of most Americans.

  43. x96942yuMADbruh says:

    when you realize that the cop is power trip maniac 🤦🏽‍♂️

  44. Jaune Noa says:

    He's like "f*ck this, too much work."

  45. nomad with a camera says:

    Id have punched the guy in the face. Just for being a rich boy.

  46. DogWin Aye says:

    Honestly you were kinda of a dick With grin on your face because he didn't know something and In the tilte you put Mess wrong Lambo owner Just to rub your Money and Ego in people faces thats just my opinion though

  47. Andrew Seeber says:

    Stupid pig didnt realize his dumbass was gonna be YouTube famous

  48. Ash Sherr says:

    lol oh fuck this im out.

  49. Free Weed says:

    troopers are cucks lmao

  50. DogWin Aye says:

    I want to Personally Say Thank you For your Service and Being There To Protect
    Thank you for going through The Stabbing, Shooting, Murders
    Don't let people Judge you for a Traffic Stop
    You Have my Respect
    Thank you To The Men and women you Wear Blue 💙

  51. I-10 Veteran says:

    What if the driver was …………………………………….Black 😐

  52. XanD3R says:

    Tsk tsk. Americans. LOL. Don't even want to go there as tourist now.

  53. UK DJ PARIS says:

    what a penis of a copper

  54. Mista Dre says:

    Dumbass cops

  55. Inherent Emperor says:

    Bastard white cops
    .. same like these exist as lawyers.. its a typical trait. these people follow in English speaking countries . They say im doing this for xyz years so i know,, im a cop so i know.. bullshit bastards.. InUk and USA if u cant get a job even as a janitor.. they become cops loooool.

  56. Sanjay Kumar says:

    Cop didn't understand a shit but he kept saying oh! Its not confusing.

  57. joshua parker says:

    "He just gave up on life" lmao I usually don't stay till the end of videos like this, but I'm glad I did

  58. Victor C. says:

    Oh you gonna learn today, officer lmaooo

  59. tyrone j says:

    Racist cops that why i dont go to that country. Poor mindset.

  60. Concerned FATHER says:

    This cop is a piece of shit

  61. daniel fawcett says:

    The cop just can't get it through his head that he might not be the all knowing all powerful infalible authority. When presented with legal documentation and information he just looks stupid. ITS NOT BAD TO NOT KNOW SOMETHING! Its stupid to close your mind to information because you're worried about it making you look less like an authority.

  62. mandrakillusions says:

    because of such pedophile jerks as this cop, all white americans have to be killed

  63. Santa Muerte says:

    Stiupid mother fucker cop

  64. John Bandera says:

    THIS is why people don’t trust the police. “If you want to test a man’s character, give him power” (Abraham Lincoln)

  65. Buttercream Boys says:

    Cop: I have another call I have to get to.

    This guy: I didn't hear anything

  66. a1234 B says:

    And the cops should know if you're going to go through the expense to pack up your car ship it over on a plane or boat or whatever imported into the United States go through all of the Customs paperwork that you're definitely going to have all your paperwork in order to be able to drive it legally I am sure all that stuff was checked out before you even left the shipping dock Port of Entry

  67. Hassan AL Zubi says:


  68. steven simmons says:

    That cop thought he knew everything when in fact he knew nothing.

  69. Rashid Mohammad says:

    the cop did not had his daily jerk off zD

  70. Latabrine says:

    "He just gave up on life!!😆"

  71. Rashid Mohammad says:

    a dumbass cop like wtf are they hiring idiots just simply idiots

  72. Way Too Many Napkins says:

    Smh American cops

  73. jjJuma dndcjnchd says:

    Disgusting cop

  74. Marco Tonta says:

    No way the state trooper could know if the guy was here just for a visit or a month……He had to stop him to be sure…

  75. Trust the Process says:

    Him: I do a roadtrip
    Cop: Ok, I give up on you. I'm not a real cop btw. I don't know those law u just said. Bye

  76. Hilario Martinez says:

    Everytime I see this video makes me laugh at the idiot's ( police officers ) that are hired with a stick so far up there ass that if they would listen they could be educated but they think they are the law which makes me laugh what a jester. If you know what a dunce is this officer is the one on the stool in the corner of the room with the pointy hat on. Hop this officer understands pointy hat

  77. Nigel Smyth says:

    Very ignorant police officer sounds to me he was jealous of the man.. the guy made me laugh tho I will help u understand..totally undermining the cops intelligence guy gets a 😎😎😎🤣🤣🤣

  78. Isaac Benson says:

    That's so disappointing, that guy was giving you shit for no reason, got unlucky and came across the biggest asshole in all of northwest USA

  79. Danielle aka Dani D says:

    U got him good

  80. Paulo Camara says:

    Were do they find these morons lol 😂 stupid cop's

  81. chris besu says:


  82. mic pic says:


  83. Papo Pagan says:

    Yes, it is very simple, you just don’t understand. It’s above your pay grade.

  84. Quang Tran says:

    Stupid fucking cop

  85. Jrbr 549 says:

    So the cop is the bad guy? Really? Are you folks really cheering on this arrogant dickbag? I don't know how I stumbled on this video but how there are 156K followers and 88K comments is beyond me.

  86. Its Galactic says:

    Sir I am so sorry that America’s protectors are so stupid I am so very sorry

  87. SiM Gonzales says:

    LOL can someone pretty please tell me this shit is setup? I refuse to believe this is a real cop he is seriously brain afk and too demanding

  88. 2HardBackRub says:


  89. Wenceslao Futanaki says:

    Well, kit was certainly a exceptional case, but yeah the cop was a douche and fuck dubai this guy surely lives from slavery

  90. Richard Hagen says:

    No wonder why American police have such a bad reputation 😂

  91. 6 SIXHUNNID says:

    U handle that good he was a mad dick that was upset he can’t afford a lamb . Keep being humble guy

  92. Saboteur LE says:

    Cop had bad day i guess

  93. SwazYNWA C says:

    Cop was definitely a dickhead but the driver was also definitely triggering him by being patronising. No need for it. The cop had a bad attitude to begin with I see that, he shouldn't be in this job if he can't communicate properly without getting angry. But the drivers "this is how it works" etc didn't help the matter at all.

  94. Matthew Burke says:

    He didnt give up, he warned you that you have to get a permit. If you dont and you get pulled over again, your fancy car is impounded

  95. Damian Whindleton says:

    His wife must just left him at the start of his shift

  96. Yen Xiong says:

    That cop was embrassed… LMAO

  97. Devoney Taylor says:


  98. Blix Hernandez says:

    And this is why i will always HATE cops. If you have everything legal as a beagel then at least be as disrespectful and rude as possible. Its not illegal to show no respect and pigs like this need there ego kicked down some. Dont ever call a pig "sir" when they are being like this. It gives them more power.

  99. Carlos Fox says:

    Omg I loved this guy's reaction to the trooper with a huge head and little weenie. Wow, this trooper is dangerous

  100. Chris Lovett says:

    He's just pissed he earns shit money and will probably end up riddled with bullets, the fucking tiny dicked faggot

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