My Dance Journey | Lauryn McClain

Growing up,I was very, very shy.And I always said,
“I’m not a dancer” or “I can’t dance” and
my sister used to tell me, “You should stop saying
that because you can.” And, you know,
I would never give 100 percentfor fear of not being
or for fear that people
were gonna think
about me what I thought
about myself.
♪♪ I dance because now
I’m not afraid to. My name is
Lauryn McClain and this is
my dance journey. ♪♪

39 Replies to “My Dance Journey | Lauryn McClain”

  1. Camilo Iribarren says:

    I know how bad shyness affects you. I’m extremely shy and I thought I could never become a good writer or be able to talk to people but it goes away when people start encouraging you to follow your passion. Great job and good luck

  2. Cordell Taylor says:

    NOOOO, give us more Lauryn! (First comment by the way) But, more importantly, there's something different about Lauryn, I feel we don't get enough of her.

  3. Cordell Taylor says:

    On top of my previous comment to this video. Lauryn McClain is the MVP, and I know how shyness can affect you, with me being an actor and a Hip-Hop, R&B and African Highlife artist. Acceptance into a group or a society is always something lingering in the back of my mind. So, I have so much respect for Lauryn for going out in the world and taking control of her life.

  4. CaptnPunch says:

    Lauryn is so talented! Plays killer tunes on her guitar, has the most angelic voice and can dance like a boss 💚
    Go get em, girl 🙌

  5. Sheng-Li248 says:

    China McClain's sister!!!!



  7. Dada underwood says:

    Um… Excuse me where tf is the rest of it. See y'all steady playin with people. People gon stop caring cause y'all giving us bullshit. Imma still be here to support lauryn but y'all really pissing me tf off like no joke. Y'all lucky the love I have for lauryn is strong cause I would of left a long time ago

  8. Talented_ China says:

    Go lauryn

  9. ardipithecus says:

    0:19 she snapped for that split second

  10. JJ solovely says:

    I’m getting so impatient. You guys said it’ll be out Fall 2017, we’re knocking on winter now. I just want to see Lauryn in action. She’s been holding back way too long.

  11. How2Kids Family Adventures says:

    You guys are amazing! HOW2KIDS……………

  12. Lexi Harris says:

    She is so pretty

  13. TreShawn says:


  14. Lyrical Descender says:

    About time they posted Lauryn's Dance Journey I've been waiting

  15. Lyrical Descender says:


  16. Tyisha McFarland says:

    Ugh this vid made me tear up ! So proud of Lauryn & how far she has come ! 🙏🏼💜👏🏼

  17. scyjynx says:

    It's amazing how much she looks and sounds like Chyna

  18. Katherine Bri says:

    Ohhhh that's China's sister

  19. Ethel Almeida says:

    china anne mc clain sister ☺️

  20. Emily Shu says:

    It’s sad. I like singing and dancing, but I’m somewhat like, shy about it and act like and can’t. Main reason is that my sister keeps discouraging me, saying I suck, my parents don’t know I enjoy it, well my mom knows I like to dance, but doesn’t really act like she cares. So I end up acting like I can’t. I don’t know how to step out

  21. Chloe says:

    Omg she is China Anne McClaines sister. I actually thought she was China Anne McClaine In the first few episodes.

  22. Brianna Canser says:

    This entire time i though she was her sister china ann… They can really be twins

  23. Marvina I says:

    You inspire me

  24. Diondre Alvarez says:

    Who else thought that was China at first?🤣

  25. rohan says:


  26. Angel Sanay says:

    Omfg she looks just like chyna

  27. Sid Sykes says:

    I knew she looked familiar her sister played on house of payne

  28. Emani Parker says:

    I understand you on that shyness part Laur! But at the same time I hate you haven’t been out here slaying the scenes like I know you would have been with China! Lauryn’s very talented: piano, guitar, sings, acts, dances (an I’m sure there’s more). But I know this is just the beginning, I’m rooting for you Laur!

  29. Valerie Hill says:

    Lauryn Mcclain We love you!!

  30. Karla Rodriguez says:

    Ummmmm…… Where IS the rest of this?

  31. Looty Looty says:

    I give u all some thing to wake u

  32. Riss728 says:

    Man get and China are twins SMH I know there not but man they do look like twins

  33. Rashé says:


  34. Laetitia Bah says:

  35. Malik Williams says:

    I love her she from my favorite group



  37. LIL RONNY G says:

    Omg I thought this was China in the thumbnail

  38. AlanaRosaTv says:

    I was shy dance in front of my family but I think I should dance on TikTok to see how it go 💙

  39. mdooms76 says:

    I love her speaking voice….so smooth and articulate.

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