21 Replies to “My Type | Dytto | Saweetie | Dance Video”

  1. bruhhh if u hella white or super dark chocolate, WHO GAF??? YO ASS FINE ASL ANYWAYS n that’s just facts. ppl needa stop bein haters periodtttt.

  2. Why yall acting like u never seen a pale person before

  3. Where are the comments bashing her skin tho…?

  4. Delilah A. says:

    the middle one!!! she’s so pretty omg 😭😻

  5. justwatching says:

    I thumbs down kuz homegirl said 'period!'

  6. Lyssaaa says:

    HOW am i barely coming across this!? yassss this is dopeee asffffff PERIODT.

  7. I’m quite pale and have always loved it, actually. While my friends are sunbathing at the beach, I’m trying my best to not tan 😂 My paleness is rare, I love to have it.

  8. Vee Wisdom says:

    Y’all look like the girls from Star 🌟 haha I was fooled !! I really thought y’all was 🗣😂😂😂

  9. Kya Janee says:

    Three different skin tones👑just Beautiful 😍y’all killed it🔥🔥

  10. MadisyCity33 says:

    Okay this is lit 🔥

  11. Derrick D says:

    Loving that Alabaster sheen!!

  12. They need some new pants. 🙂

  13. Love to see this type of dytto's dance again! They're all sooo good. Hightlighting the black lady. She rocks it!

  14. They are entertaining y’all asses so stop complaining about everything and just enjoy it. Judgmental much asses. That’s why y’all haters in these comments stay broke while she out hea WOKE ASF.

  15. Alicia Scott says:

    Wasn’t feeling the choreography

  16. timnit says:

    the comments: iTs oK tHaT sHeS pAlE sToP bUlLyInG hEr

  17. (3) ugly Stankholes that smell like a gas station Turd-Filled Toilet

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