100 Replies to “NF – PAID MY DUES”

  1. sihle mengameli says:

    Hit a like if you have come here as much as I am.🔥🔥

    I go into beast mode like I'm ready to feast😤😤😤

  2. Incerno says:

    Rappers nowadays: flex their girls and luxurious cars

    NF: hangs off a ceiling

    Ladies and gentlemen, we've reached peak NF. 🌋🌋🌋

  3. Ma Hit says:


  4. Sydney Starkey says:

    And the flow is longer and faster, requires supersonic talk ability and double lung capacity to rap it xD

  5. Eli McGuire says:


  6. LIL_ STORM says:

    lets vote……..nf for the next joker showdown

  7. Gilmore Baire, Boyd Tyler Odell Baire Gilmore says:


  8. Tiago Lages says:

    Producer:What do you want for Christmas NF?

    NF:A shopping car

  9. Zohaib Khan says:

    Man you are dope, Your songs are even doper

  10. Matt Morris says:

    This is mad good

  11. cap it off music says:

    Fucc with Cap Dog Topic

  12. ben higginson says:


  13. Kakashi Gamer says:

    I needdddddddd moreeeeee

  14. Csak egy Tumblis says:


  15. Slim Shady says:

    Well… I know this comment will get a lot of hate but fuck it and don't get me wrong I'm not hating on NF cuz I personally like his music but I just think his style is getting so repetitive like the dark and psychotic theme and I get what he's trying to do like to help people with depression and to help himself at the same time and I like this song but it just doesn't sound unique and it sounds like it's from "the search" album I would've just hoped that it was a lil different from his last work which was amazing like I loved that album it was phenomenal… I just would've preferred a different approach and a different theme for this song or his upcoming album… And that was just my personal opinion so I hope u guys get what I'm talking about or what am tryin to say that's all (no hate)❤️.

  16. Kasem Fahmi says:

    dude…what the fuck are you????

  17. Naviah Hill says:

    Is this an introduction into a new album, an addition to The Search, or is it a single?

  18. Dread Knight says:

    This is a blessing!
    Thanks a lot NF!

  19. Alex Rivers says:


  20. Måns Holm says:

    Alright, Eminem…. START DISSING NF SO WE CAN HAVE A FEUD BETWEEN YOU TWO AND BOTH OF YOU DOES FIRE SONGS!!! This video is just sick… NF is sick in his head… This is crazy…. I just love Nate…

  21. Aura says:

    I liked the video before I even listened to it

  22. alaa kallel says:

    i mean how can u be that unREAL ?

  23. Hanna W says:

    Amazing! It's crazy tho how much he reminds me of Eminem <3

  24. Burnt Toast says:

    My niece just walked in on me getting lit to this song in the Kitchen.

    Da Lay Za

  25. alaa kallel says:

    ure exactly the opposite of REAL

  26. Valen Corchs says:

    when nate se sienta en el palo JAJAAAAAA, perdón, tenía que comentarlo.

  27. Jamila Ouzzane says:

    Lyrics boy…where are you ??!😂

  28. imagine all the people living life in peace says:

    He boutta end Eminem’s career

  29. 1887 SV says:


  30. Victoria Reza says:


  31. insane professor x zone says:

    1:22 you rap fast like eminem. sound pretty good.

  32. Vortex Mav says:


  33. R-One Official says:

    Never seen a man like you!
    Out of the sistem and still got it.
    Many don’t get it but that’s unique tho.

  34. Jackson Littleton says:

    This is just like why
    When are you gonna sing another let you down type song

  35. baconmangamer 58 says:

    1:06 the demons at 3am me: ahhhhh

  36. jutt 82 says:

    Kinda of annoying that he tries to sound like Eminem so much. From the suburbs and shit.

  37. Justin Moore says:

    This guys shit sounds all the same. It's not his fault he draws the same circle. Can we get some queen up in here please and thank you

  38. Rahim Khadir says:


  39. GamingWithOmer says:

    1:06 did anyone notice the person appeared randomly out of nowhere behind him?

  40. پيگ آت says:

    كش جزايري هنا 🌹❤

  41. tyler haas says:

    Finally! Been waiting for new song for months!

  42. Rebecca Schwartz says:

    Blasting this makes my narcissistic boyfriend slam the door and finally leave me alone. Thanks. You're the only one helping and there for me.

  43. baconmangamer 58 says:


  44. Ionut Chiper says:


  45. Tomasz Wroblewski says:


  46. Sara Balasa says:

    I just bought some nf merchandise I'm so excited

  47. D B says:

    This shit trash 😂

  48. Prince Singh says:

    Is he actually sitting on the light pole

  49. WhosJmc Gaming says:

    Ric Flair : Wooooooooooo!
    NF : Woo Woo Woooo!

  50. S F says:

    Im still salty about chance

  51. Epictrashcan666 X says:

    Yeah, it slaps

  52. MaYanK SaNkhlA says:

    I am Simple Guy I Like NF new song I Like :3

  53. XxMurkUrDeath Xx says:

    This shit is fire❤❤❤

  54. Kokkie Monster 69 says:

    Hello fire department???

    …yea its NF again 🔥🔥

  55. paradįse says:

    His rap looks like B.I rap of IKON

  56. Braiden Pugh says:

    tic tic tic

  57. igottha juice says:

    Every NF song is the exact same idk why y’all listen to bro. He can spit but that’s all he got

  58. Ronaldo Vicente says:

    Fucking hell I need more nf.

  59. Michael B says:

    Nf said shut up and watch me flex …yeah he is that good flex on Nate your real fans will always be here

  60. Naima Begum says:

    Anyone remember when he was our little secret

  61. Devine Gaming says:

    Yo Nate, keep it up got fire in your bars and in your veins, I'd have love to seen you take those critic articles and threw them in the toilet. Looking forward to Lost

  62. dalu egwuatu says:

    Always fire 🔥🔥🔥

  63. mamba looo says:

    3m view in a day bruhhh

  64. Broken Native says:

    This 15 yr olds. Am tired

  65. LaZi Madonna says:

    Thank you was having a pretty shitty week this singlehandedly stopped it

  66. Real Life says:

    Thank you for rapping I hope one day I can make some music just like you 🙂 in my own way and flow sharing my story as well😁

  67. HACKER X says:

    *me: opens youtube
    Found this
    Da hell did I just miss a nf song?

  68. Shane Glasgow says:

    Number 8 on trending lets go

  69. EliKing mfalme Trendz says:

    NF: Releases new video
    Black balloons: oh shit here we go again


  70. Tiwey LP says:

    shits all sold out in germany shit

  71. Almi Tiktak says:

    This guy's better than Eminem I don't care what any one says

  72. Александр Дьяков says:


  73. L N says:

    Nooooooooooo he's horrible lmfao emo white kids falling out I bet.

  74. SkBeats512 says:

    NF always has the craziest videos 🤯 this shit crazy good

  75. Shawn Southe says:

    Say what you want about my dude but one thing you can never take away from him is his fan base is one of the strongest not only in numbers but loyalty 💯 we love you bro 🌸

  76. Nathan B says:

    He looking like mix of the clown of IT, eminem and the joker 🤷🏻‍♂️


    Damn ur so deep dudee whooaaahh i'm 12 btw

  78. Prestige Phoenix says:

    This song is relatable

    Other than the fact that he was swinging upside down, and on top of a lamp post
    tHaT’s aLL

  79. M.A.N says:

    This is my 6th time listening to it and it still got me hype
    (make that 7th time 😂🔥)

  80. mhl the goat says:

    tht shit’s fire

  81. Rakan // says:

    The best part of the song.

  82. M Robson says:

    The most important to happen to hip hop in a long …….long time

  83. Jonas m. says:

    Click here to clean your ears.


  84. holybiebah says:

    I am so happy that I discovered him a few years ago. Who else?

  85. Philip says:

    I would add that his production value is exponentially increasing

  86. Ilyas Joldoshaliev says:

    NF you are the best

  87. Gwylam says:



    NEW ALBUM??????? #LOST

  89. Niels says:

    1:38 love that clip haha

  90. TryHardTV says:

    Eminem: Can you rap faster than me?

    NF: Hold my lungs

  91. MoniJesu O says:

    I swear his flow is doing my head in 🔥

  92. Retina OG says:

    Rap Industry: Nate Id appreciate lipstick and Vaseline next time

  93. Addy Paul Kurbah says:

    Paid my dues

  94. SinosMeme says:

    pennywise has come to roast humanity

  95. Internet Dinosaur says:

    Nf: released a new song
    After 2 hours
    Me: search trap nation for remix
    Trap nation : am i a joke to you?

  96. Jesse Gillmore says:

    Has anyone noticed the symbols of the whooo nates?
    Some where wearing a black tie and a vest, a moments album reference.
    Nates self is dressed in all white, clothes that he got in The Search.

  97. krushster says:


  98. Clamping says:

    This song SPITS FIRE

  99. Dominic Jeffrey says:

    The end is near

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