Olympias Music Foundation – 2017 Grassroots Champion

What we want to do at OMF is to show that
music should be and can be enjoyed by everybody, and has a really transformative effect on
the people that it touches. The great thing about music is that you can
share it, it’s unspoken a lot of the time, even with singing, I mean you go on the cue
of the person next to you, it’s a hive-mind thing. It’s a great way of sharing in a group and
within the communities that we work with, which are, compared to the rest of Manchester,
in fact, compared to the rest of the UK, extremely deprived. I am learning violin. I am excited because I don’t really get to
use instruments that much. I get to learn new sounds and it makes me
confident about my music and my tunes. I think it really helps to strengthen bonds
between what are often quite disparate communities.

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