#Guitaristbhavna ( Tu aashiqui hai/ kk ) cover with three chords……

de mami i de mí y yo no [Música] i [Música] en mi vida tu vida mira dicho [Música] desde niño [Música] de mama [Música] y yo carmen no nadie i sí la vida he dicho de donde ir [Música] Read More

Curved Arrow Notation For Acid Base Reaction Mechanisms

consider the reaction between ammonia and hydrofluoric acid how can we write the reaction mechanism for this particular acid-base reaction well you need to identify the acid and base first now you know HF is a weak acid and ammonia Read More

The Economics of Entertainment

I've been in the entertainment business Istarted when I was four. I did it professionally for a decade as anamateur. Ever since college and I've been involvedwith a lot of musicians and artists and so on so I'm very passionate Read More

Rascal Flatts Preview New Songs From Upcoming Album 'Rewind'

I was the first one to hear anough song pitch meeting there in Nashville and when I heard it it just it you know jumped off the speakers that the demo did and the course was so catchy and hooky Read More

Reggae Rhythm Guitar Lesson – How to Play Reggae on Guitar with Steve Golding

hi welcome to guitar control world my name is Steve Goulding I'm a rhythm guitarist I play reggae music I've had the privilege of working with Peter Tosh with the ivories when they did that famous tour with Bob Marley Read More