EPIC SEVEN Dizzy Guild War PVP (Tough Fights Mixed Group Compositions) F2P Gameplay [Epic 7 GW #32]

and what's up guys here we go dizzy in Guild Wars oh my god I I don't even know if I have the right stats look at the I built her I built her tanky I built her tanky the Read More

Recording a Sound with Oboe

in the previous videos we've seen how the oboe library makes it easy to play low latency audio but what if you need to record audio in this video I'll show you how to setup low latency streams for recording Read More

BTS Channels The Beatles For Performance of Boy With Luv

[Applause] are the boys of BTS the new Beatles you may have heard this new musical craze sweeping the globe these fellows are really something they called BTS and people are so excited you can you can only call it Read More

Preaching Chords Tutorial Follow a preacher

what's up everybody I'm gonna start an a-flat tonight I'm going to show you how to follow a preacher all right start off and F we're going to modulate to a flat right you always want to start off with Read More