Art Trip: Venice Biennale | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

Venice is crowded and also not crowded depending on where you find yourself in this city and when you may be adrift in a torrent of fellow tourists or alone at least for a moment in what feels like a Read More

GE151-Ch9- Determining the Composition of Phases Present

let's see how we can determine the phase composition for some given average composition at a particular temperature so let's say for instance we are given a composition of 40 percent lead in magnesium first we draw a vertical line Read More

Recordings from Coach Carole

hello everyone this is coach Carroll and today I'm talking to you about a favorite passion of mine digital storytelling I'm going to introduce you to a new course to help you preserve your family history you'll find out all Read More

Burlesque performer says he was fired from JFL show

so I know people think of me stirring the pot but I'm just trying to create change also for the next generation or get the conversation going and so for being I would spoken like that I was punished Montreal Read More