7 Different Types of Musician's Mothers

不同音樂家的媽媽2 1. 甚麼都不知道的媽媽 兒子 , 你在努力練習中提琴嗎? 你來拉得非常好聽! 又再來了… 媽,這是一個中提琴… 中… 中提琴? 等一等 , 你甚麼時候開始拉中提琴的? 媽我中提琴已經拉了五年了 五年?! 我以為你拉小提琴! 我還記得帶你去學小提琴 為甚麼你現在拉中提琴? 我的老師叫我不要拉小提琴 , 拉中提琴 因為沒有人想拉中提琴 2. 音樂家媽媽 停! 馬上停! 你的B走音! 你的發音不準! 你的拍子不準! 為甚麼你不用節拍器練習?! 你剛剛才開始練習 你不應該已經開始練歌! 應該先慢慢地練音階 , 還有練長音! 你的接觸點又不對! 你在幹甚麼?! 你這可以叫拉小提琴嗎?! 你滾出吧!! Read More

New Reaper Feature: Music Notation View

welcome to another episode of reaper TV in today's video we're gonna be taking a look at a pre-release version of reaper and one of the new features that have been added to it so this is version 5.2 oh Read More

My YG Entertainment Internship in Seoul, Korea

[Applause] so before we start any of this I just want to show you my view right now it's insane good morning so it's really lovely this is what I get to see every single day at work I just Read More

Songs for migratory birds 4: Guinea-Bissau (World Migratory Bird Day 2018)

somavila migra hora sou mavinga hora sou testemunha das minhas viagens passo ligação entre culturas humanas o povo já que o sistema mostra a existência de recursos naturais renováveis dos países sou mav migrada hora sou mav em gravadora sou Read More

Bassists: You Need to Practice Rhythm Changes

g'day my name is Nikki parrot I'm a jazz bassist and vocalist and I'd like to talk to you about some of the fundamentals of jazz bass playing we all know that the blues are a big part of being Read More