Pancake Art Challenge Mystery Wheel & Learn How To Make DIY Avengers, Incredibles 2, The Grinch Art

so the round while we drew grinch which is you I just broke a little bit but it still tastes really yummy no no it's cute just the way you like it hey everybody today we are doing the pancake art challenge except guess who's our judged this time he's a Grimm – are you being nice so what do we have to do the cake challenge about today you're going to spin that wheel no we're getting started and it will call you back once we're done okay all right good luck the tough justice time we're gonna spin the wheel and then we get to see what movie there's a Grinch there's incredible Black Panther there's also like it Ralph it's like I let you spin I'm scared and its name look he's gonna be picky to be a salami drawing really handsome yes the mystic rich rich time I need to impress the Grinch okay so he's the greatest green right wait wait blue you don't know I'm not giving her any hands okay I'm gonna start with it's just a second rich so the whole money look like the Grinch to you guys miss they're great actually no not good guys this green screen put green on everything believe I'm a because you're a good person right mr. Grinch you're going to pick mommy's virgin grew up here so I don't know what Creech does he stills presents right but I don't think he should smile he should she be done come on Glenn sticking there you go what do you guys think they look nice I just screwed it up all those like brown stuff rubbing his face maybe here eating chocolate and then he just spill over his face oh great ah the face mr. green all right so the round while we drew great which is you just broke a little bit but it still tastes really yummy [Applause] no it's cute just the way you like it this is that just like you except the I got a little chocolate bone is it do we want to be do you want to be no super elastics that's what your hand is like super are you doing the whole body the person can't really do pancake good you should just focus on the local area no I in the center for incredible eye for incredible there we go and then I was just filling the rest with red because her outfit is rich I'm drawing his mask what else the mouth should be read maybe typically I'm not doing good today I'm gonna lose Jack Jack I'm sorry you look like a hooker he looks good Joker no he has long hair this is not even black what's going on with this color like a great color there you go I've got to I have to wait for it to dry and then we will flip it over that's what I've done most important part what pain free a little bit scary it's good okay good that's super cute I don't know how I can beat Jack Jack okay so I'm gonna flip mine – you're breaking this is not elastic elastic girl if they're great just going to be happy with this one – okay okay guys before we call mr. grinch let us know who do you think he will pick mine Oh mr. grant its back but hey she's known about she's revealing her identity he's very smiley yeah that's the baby yeah you don't like baby my friends much how do you think about the friends not drawing skills so we'll call you back – for me not up for you so man you choose from who do you want you can be Captain America we can be spider-man I let you guys figured out what I decide them how would it be Iron Man so mr. great for like never mind then I'm gonna trying to make it better this time it's a being not doing good past couple times or even those here like a mellow can you guys tell what it is now yeah okay it's cute before I get kicked ass time no do you guys know what this character is it's Iron Man look like iron me iron me yeah today on the skin is that so I know thank you here's some now eyeballs in the center eyeball greyface greyface ears like a robot in the space of time you had a mohawk but I don't have a space so he's just like a little bit here got all this shoulder and wine that's it hi very simple color I'm on life people can tell this is Robin though on the oil oh you're a huge green green ears this whole body is really so I like it you know well see okay I'm gonna fight over yet I think it's ready now so good 2 3 flip tide different baby Frankenstein yeah no emotion again the picture shows me has no emotion I've been coughing the picture or even a who he is they're in it Judy eat the Grinch will pick my hero that I don't know the name of or I'm lovin mr. Grinch were ready nervous oh oh I think I did good job this time he's green just in case this occasion even typing go I'm Robin Beast Boy apparently someone told me that Batman Keith but man's best friend but this is your favorite color all righty Garrett so now we're tied you know last round it's gonna win we'll see next round oh girl from bricks the internet you guys know her name let me know and you're gonna do Ralph himself yes Wow really small what to do sorry I didn't mean to sabotage okay we just actually I want to have thick eyebrows so I have to be careful this one last time I don't like you guys remember oh it's big nose big nose my face again I have running out of the face but the secrete like cute that's the problem I'm gonna do black all over come on Grinch please pick mine I need a point I always lose two daddies have to cover up her face with covergirl I should have put her bow first I like how you put the yellow cheek before I put mine over do you think I'm gonna beat Shawn time on pancake concert oh okay mine's the ready for the flippin action you guys ready right no great if you agreed with a decision of mr. Gregor and you think Sean should have actually won guys I should leave a comment to say that I want right now thank you for watching let us know which one is your favorite okay for now by mr. Branson are you hearing Ryan's world toys and clothing you're now available at Walmart Target Smith toys in the UK and Ireland along with Big W in Australia there's also meet Ryan book to learn all about what Ryan's like hi my name is Ryan and I am seven years old my favorite colors are neon blue India and greed there's also Ryan spiked with combo Panda that Ryan used to learn to ride a bike with no training wheel have a family destiny don't forget to subscribe for more every video shoo shoo flies in the butter

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