morning everyone we are all just getting up here the Davis residence and we thought it’d be fun to do some pancake art today. (pancakes yah!!) you know whatcha gonna make yep I have it on the phone right now But you guys wont know until you keep watching I guess you got an idea Tyler what you want to make yes okay all right well I guess let’s get started start making some pancakes let’s do it we’re gonna make a lot of pancakes colors Kayla’s got her colors looks like they’re a lot of it and I got the bright idea of using these gallon ziplock bags to create like the decorating tips and we’re just going to snip off the little corner and then that way we could draw with them yes it’ll be good it’s gonna be fun and then that’s not everything we are going to do smiley face egg and then we’re going to eat them so we’re going to rainbows and smiley faces it’s going to be awesome rainbows and smiley faces look at that smiley face face that’s the best one ever I like it mr. had a turbo button okay how cool is that I don’t care what it is if you’re a guy and you’re using something and as a turbo button you have to hit it turbo turbo turbo I killed it turbos are bad for the mixers unfortunately you’ve stripped all the gears out but at least we were able to make it before it died so what’s up what are the I pistachio ice cream pistachio cream yeah I that’s what it looks like totally alright that looks good okay I had to put a lot of green to get it even this green pinks good yellow should be blue needs more blue yellow should be easy I need a scoop we also have that purple purple there you go looks good I think this is going to work great okay okay is that it do I have to fill it in oh my gosh alright well let’s see how quick to wait to run in we have to go quickly it’s up to you I can’t hold it is it all going to be yellow no okay just go with it just go with it child that’s turning out good And what was the other color blue maybe I should just clip off the tips right now and then that we can really okay now do his head here’s the blue quickly and be blue yeah look that’s big here’s the green so derpy I need his eyes for the black I need blue it’s right it’s right there gently lay that down in the bowl and then pick up the pace is barely hold it that was really good part when we’re done you will all Just do it go around head I think you need just this teeth that looks like a mushroom guy it is He doesn’t have to have an eyebrow that’s cool we need spatulas that’s what we’re missing we need flip that guy in a minute all right Kenneth let me see let me get a get a good picture of that sure I need to connect them so they don’t fall off okay what about the rest of his head yeah I know that’s what I said I need to fill it in okay with what there’s Tyler’s are Goomba all right Tyler’s got his goombas good job Ty good job buddy looks good Okay I’m excited number 2 let’s see what you got that girl she’s doing let’s see carefully I’m so nervous this probably isn’t going to turn out how I wanted to I need to look back at the template it’s kinda like a diamond diamond yes hello bring it back up re position it Oh Oh it’s going all wiggly break put that away for now some yellow pieces draw the S on the whole that’s just full now another blueberry dang it okay whatever alright you’re on to the S she’s got the s coming this is terrible like this It’s beautiful I’ll never cook you just gotta give it a minute okay that’s good that’s great that’s enough Taylor super girl symbol my arm is so hot from holding super girl I see I see my arm is good job girl high five don’t leave your daddy hanging aren’t you going to high five me too awesome high five flip it we have to flip it now high five you are you were taking forever okay I know how to do it really good though so do I yeah so when that’s done we’ll flip it back over we’ll see it perfect S so one side that won’t look like a S but that’s all right that’s alright I can’t wait to see what Shawn’s gonna make I have no Idea what my idea was you can’t steal mine I know and that’s why can’t you just make a watermelon a green circle that’s what me and I will figure it out know what I am going to take one for the team and I’m gonna let Shawn take my idea right no way no no no that’s not I won’t let me either to fix the edges all I need to fix the edges right now it’s Shawn’s turn he’s praying I’m waiting for inspiration waiting for an answer you’re making a stick man aren’t you I’m dying with anticipation of what is this a guy with a Mohawk or it’s like a lollipop so far it’s a lollipop isn’t it is it what is it what it it’s a lollipop looks like a the blue got jam that one got jam with the blueberry that we got Jam of the blueberry you got to pinch it blue berry pinch it out daddy that one don’t make it explode all right there’s not a blueberry oh it popped out I think it’s a lolly pop it’s a rainbow lollipop there’s worldly pop that’s a flower Oh we’re talking doing a flap really it’s a rainbow flower why not it’s magical that look’s cool I love rainbows need some red yea oh so pretty how you like me now dang inspiration I think it is like who gave you that idea taking my credit you were talking about this before the camera was on don’t you be taking my credit this look a beautiful though I love it you go Sean flower is beautiful it’s a beautiful it’s beautiful step it up step up the game alright let’s see what I can do this is gonna be awesome do you remember what a rainbow looks like of course you remember what a rainbow looks like she’s mommy I’m mommy let’s do this queen of the rainbow alright I’m going to start over here up blueberry what I’ve been blocked by blueberry blueberry blockage oh my gosh oh there’s no orange she’s not done yet and the rainbow let’s do that would be the next color purple oh my gosh purple comes last in the rainbow purple comes last yeah okay wait red orange yellow okay yellow let’s do it thank you or making it I’m making a little one this is not going to work out that green or you can make a green on the outside and make it bigger yeah I have to go backwards people let’s go backward yellow red what’s next green green yeah because it goes I’m going to make the blue I’m going to save the blue for blockage blockage so this isn’t the standard rainbow but that’s okay blueberry I wasn’t going to do blueberry but someone made the pancake mix too thick so we had to salvage it somebody mean do you mean somebody this quick because I followed the instructions wait a minute blue’s going to be safer oh so it’s going to be a an oddball looking thing but hey you know what that looks weird we’re a bunch of oddball so it’s perfect it’s good it works we can put the cloud again we got the blockage blocks that daddy left from from his creation there’s one cloud so many blockages I think I have a blockage in my pancakes as we just put it in bold it’s lessons all right rainbow good job baby did you get a view of it looking the right way I come around come on we’re read the pen writing have to flip it somehow yeah keep moving keep moving that’s okay let it kind of do it’s thing here for a second flip it I’m not flipping it yet I’m going to do I’m going to make a pink pony real quick oh I’m going for it alright make a pink pony don’t use all the pink you can’t have a pony and a rainbow to put together has to be a unicorn you best be making a unicorn exactly okay well I’m making a unicorn so check it which I’m kind of hair should have purple is his pink purple that’s going to good blue hair mm in contrast a little bit it’s got like a mohawk type of hair style I got blockage so many blockages a purple blue blue hair blue it’s beautiful I love it blue eyes okay purple horn and give it a yellow horn okay then you make it a yellow horn okay guess we don’t need purple even though it’s a unicorn don’t you want to fill it in fill it in with purple ah Ridgid finally please show miss purple what to do this the only filler I wanted no like’s it it’s beautiful that’s actually going to be awesome ah blueberries this is the worst not my intention top blueberry in this why is there so many purple I don’t know it’s crazy blue likes to hang out and blue’s a major component alright so there’s the unicorn said oh I know alright you got to do a 360 pan on this one I know everybody’s going to this taking forever and then I say my hair why let’s do pan pretty good level Should I have colored in the hair the unicorn head is barely attached the uniform horn is is going to fall off right okay one I gotta get it in color the rainbow warrior I don’t need to cut flip the rainbow because it’s going to be ugly yeah I’ll take a shot okay so where’s my your plates over there quickly before it burns barns the other side the beautiful side beautiful side needs to stay beautiful my rainbow smells this is me this is my work what is this exactly everybody is going to yell at me why is it going with because it’s hair it’s flowing in the wind do you want to do another design Tyler one-up me girl Kayla’s a one-upper she’s one up in my flower man cuz she’s got way better art skills than I do so of course it’s gonna look better oh look at that it’s a beauteous thing oh oh baby get on my level Oh get on your level a unicorn and a beautiful flower and who’s got the ugly flower huh Kayla huh are you trying to say what is that one there that your hand is on that’s Tyler smiley face and the next one mini Goomba and a giant Goomba good job Tyler all right now Connie the always beautiful Connie rainbow of course a rainbow yea a pretty pink unicorn yeah and then there’s Shawn’s magnificent winner winner winner it has two eyes winner winner chicken dinner right there it is a beautiful flower with little red berries growing on it and then we have Kayla’s Superman symbol and smeared when I slipped it so I can come out through it well it looks like I’m sure Superman would be proud then it’s the three leaf clover a trying to get four leaves on their but that didn’t work out three is still good and then I have this flower to one up daddy’s flower so let’s see how this shake it up here hi I’m afraid to squirt out alright alright so wow that’s really big that’s thick so I don’t know how that what’s going to happen after this doesn’t look like it’s burning I don’t know it doesn’t look like cooking no I see cooked edge over here if you look very closely over here you see like there’s a little bit of that I can’t flip it though I can’t flip that hanging out waiting for this egg to cook so we can see the final result of the smiley face this is my egg right oh it went blue this is my egg right yea you want this egg this is my egg look at that oh so cute yeah she should we flip them over I don’t know my egg alright guys hope you enjoyed that pancake a tutorial whatever vlog this is the end of the video and hope guys enjoyed it like subscribe Tyler has a joke for you guys guys we loved your fan mail I guess we can just say it’s fantastic yeah keep sending it our it’s pretty good stuff alright okay so share this video with your friends and comment down below make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram and musically we got all kinds of cool stuff up there for you guys to see that’s not in the videos and until next time bye

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