37 Replies to “PERFECT by Ed Sheeran chords and lyrics”

  1. john vinci says:

    to carry love to carry childern of our own the "g" chord is wrong it should be "C"

  2. my man says:

    To get it more accurate try Cadd9 for C and Em7 instead of Em

  3. Denny elz says:


  4. Dani Cano says:

    CApo fret 1

  5. Rita N says:

    with which strumming pattern you can play the chorus

  6. Sangam Chaudhary says:

    Nice song n thanks for chord

  7. _Accord Music_ says:

    Wrong chords, each chord for one tone is elevated!

  8. Matet Truya says:

    strumming pattern for guitar pls

  9. Anonymøus says:

    Strumming pattern for guitar?

  10. Pepijn Pauwels says:

    It Sound better with capo 1

  11. Goce Tanevski says:

    its to c its c# its not g its g# its not em its em#

  12. chris dsa says:

    Which rhythm is perfect for this song to play it in keyboard?

  13. Tom Jr11 says:

    The key is in G# chord

  14. nik amni says:

    Good I like you

  15. Andre Aja says:


  16. Scorpion Norcimo says:

    I love the song…lyrics and tune matched…

  17. Kotha Kotha says:


  18. 당신나는 사랑한다 says:

    Some are misplaced

  19. Peace Ninja says:

    I’m guessing these chords are for a guitar using a capo cuz I tried to play it on the piano and I almost cried

  20. Eljeih fraine Garcia says:

    The strum is down down down?

  21. Honey Llama says:

    And in the chorus, I do “down, up, down, up”

  22. Honey Llama says:

    I do the strums like “down down, up up, down down, up up”

  23. Dr Mustakim says:

    Iiiiii looooovvvveeeee iiiitttt

  24. Made Damar says:

    I love your musik😙

  25. GamePlay x2134x says:

    pwede gawing free download kasi para ma practice sa mga lugar na malayo

  26. Kuliner Viral Indonesia says:

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  27. Hard Worker says:

    USE CAPO 1..

  28. Fiona Frederick says:

    played along

  29. Nicholas Leander says:

    Capo freet 1

  30. katt blackman says:

    strumming pattern ???

  31. ProDEEDS says:

    Please make more of these. I love being able to slow the video down to learn at a slower pace and then build up and I get better

  32. BRAND ROYAL says:

    i like this vidio 🙂

  33. Grasha Marcelo says:

    Anu strumming?😂

  34. Phone Phone says:

    Miss u

  35. Anup Khadkathoki says:

    Thank u it'smy first song on my guitar

  36. Dede Wahyudi says:

    I like perfek

  37. Kim Vivol says:

    Sub back plzzz

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