PodRide pitch v1,1

hi my name is Micah and I am the designer all right the basic idea with portrait is to have a weather protected and more comfortable bicycle my solution is this four wheeled fully covered bicycle car it is small and have a short turning radius to work well on bike ways and in other city environments the range is about sixty kilometers the top speed with engine is 25 meters now this makes it a street-legal a bike here in Sweden and most other countries we drive on both rear wheels and many gears can even take on steeper Hills and rough terrain to work well among course you sit in the same height as a normal car there is room for some baggage in the back and if you want to bring your children will you need more baggage you can hook on a bike trailer here I'm bringing my paraglider to do flying I put a lot of effort in making it practical but it has also proven to be real fun to drive it has a 250 watts crankshaft engine with air suspension a comfortable and padded seat and the recumbent seating position you end up getting a very comfortable ride use their wood sticks on the side and break good handles to get better ventilation in the summer you can open up the lower portal front window and also both the side windows in the front I have an extra air inlet headlights and indicate I use this small electric heater to de cross the windows when parked outside in winter it's still yes the prototype but I've been driving to work for more than a year now and it has proven to work very well thanks for watching

25 Replies to “PodRide pitch v1,1”

  1. DeeTheBomb says:

    I'm late but are you gonna still make this

  2. Dawenson Pranksteryoutuber says:

    How can I buy one of this?

  3. Ararussa says:

    its great

  4. Life2.0 says:

    Please start selling pod ride I would buy one instantly

  5. JOSE RAMIREZ says:

    Spectacular a great idea, not only to combat the cold of Suesia, but we can use it in countries of constant rain protecting the driver and his merchandise and a super economic variant … I really congratulate him Mikael excellent work.

  6. POWER ORDER says:

    This PodRide is being very interesting. The first time I've ever heard about this one was for many years ago, but at the same time I've heard about more other velomobiles as well. On the whole, I'm being very interested in buying a velomobile, and the choise is neither obvious nor very easy. Just like Americans use to be the first ones getting their inventions out to the world market, so did it happen with the ELF Organic Transit, an American electric velomobile that also has got a solar panel on the roof.

    The ELF Organic Transit has been out on the world market for many years, while this PodRide, as well as other Europeans' velomobile inventions, are still being just prototypes. Not only is the problem that the ELF Organic Transit costs around 9000 American dollars itself, it's also the fact that this cost doesn't include transports, import taxes and other stuff.

    In Norway by the way, they invented something with a very similar name, but it's called PodBike. Norwegians expect themselves to get their PodBike out on the world market from late 2020.

    For all of us living in Sweden, the best option would actually be the PodRide, sold in Sweden. This way, it would save us costs for international transports and possible import taxes, all Swedes have to worry about in this case is domestic transports.

    I've been reading about the PodRide on many of your sites, and right now it's the PodRide that is being the most interesting velomobile. One of your sites says that you believe that you'll get this out to the world market in late 2019, I hope that this is exactly what is going to happen. I'm being quite excited about the PodRide coming out to the world market as soon as possible, and I'm preparing myself economically so I'll be able to purchase one of these.

  7. Tilak Ghimire says:

    Where is this available for sell ?

  8. Chat- pristi says:

    can we buy one?

  9. T aviation68 says:

    Would it be available in the uk

  10. Lichtblitz HD says:

    i really want this

  11. Sailorman6996 says:

    20 to 30 000 SEK is figures he mention at http://www.jmk-innovation.se/ (Swedish site) These figures may be old could mean around 3 000€. http://mypodride.com/

  12. ironway101 says:

    “On my way to fuck yo bitch”

  13. Arfeen Khan says:

    How online order this

  14. Arfeen Khan says:

    What is price podride

  15. Ajay Tanwar says:

    Is any horn in this cycle car is this cycle car charge and how much its cost

  16. Allaha Allaha says:


  17. Kavi Bhoopathi says:

    how to make a very very easy cycling car

  18. Tennessee Outdoors says:

    Where can you buy this and how much are they

  19. AlissonSv2 says:

    You sound like you need a big cup of coffee

  20. Awais Ali says:

    Sir I'm from Pakistan thanks for great work. Available in market or not? And it's price?

  21. Benny Bluee says:

    how mush cost here in usa

  22. Claudio Pereira says:

    Very good.

  23. Lousia Nicolaidou says:

    This is so amazing!


    Looks good, microcars were very popular in Europe after WW2. I took my family to see this microcar museum before it closed for good:

  25. Peter Baldwin says:

    Hi Mikael, do you have any updates on the PodRide?

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