Preaching Chords Tutorial Follow a preacher

what's up everybody I'm gonna start an a-flat tonight I'm going to show you how to follow a preacher all right start off and F we're going to modulate to a flat right you always want to start off with a preacher here whatever their key is but I'm just starting off and I'm f you start off in your lower register you don't want full open you want to give them just give them that much all right build a little bit more pull this drawbar out all right now that's when you should be giving them just a little bit more all right you'll most preachers will start out in the Lord he is my shepherd and I shall all right so you get that but then there comes a point and that's that's sometimes that's Baptist churches okay but then you have different style of preaching where you have the hard hitter all right and let's see and all your trouble everything that you've been going through God said to tell you see I'm hitting like that you just hit it and get off of it some people don't know when to intensify I'm going to show you when to intensify pull your drawbars out don't pull them all the way out alright pull them out give yourself some room for when they get to the drive you should now by the time most preachers get to their max key sometimes it's around a flat sometimes it's around b-flat tonight it'll be around a-flat all right by the time they get to the max key you want to turn your vibrato on see three pull your drawbars out and take the first drawbar in and push it back to seven you don't want to leave it out at eight this is a but seven makes it sound like a scream now watch what I'm doing when they get to a certain point now you want full on full throttle pull this out and hold the nose all right you see I'm holding that note that's for when you get straight drive I'm done deuces I'm going home

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