45 Replies to “Prince Performs “Purple Rain” During Downpour | Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show | NFL”

  1. Samantha Ivy says:

    Best 1/2 time SB show EVER!!!

  2. SquidParty says:

    I wish my bears won that super bowl

  3. Vanessa Perher says:


  4. K. C. Juntunen says:

    There's never been a better halftime show.

  5. Michael Rau says:

    It was an un-abandoned party. Aka Prince.

  6. Ashton Savage says:

    I refuse to believe that he didn’t order the rain

  7. Alejandra Marano says:


  8. M C says:

    What is the name of the second song?

  9. Leader success ! says:

    No wonder why he's dead .

  10. Ka Be says:

    Vous avez gâcher les meilleurs morceaux, volontairement. Vos commentaires sont ineptes, volontairement. Le Peuple aime la musique, pas les vacqueux millénaires qui par leurs "analyses", nous empêche d' accéder au méssage transmis par le Poéte quel qu'il soit. Bref, toujours les mêmes.

  11. B Caldwell says:

    I hope that guitar was over 18…..

  12. Jeffery Caldwell says:

    Being an EQ guy for PRINCE was a DREAM come true ……Ever so missed REST EASY MY FREIND….

  13. SuperMich66 says:

    the last time the super bowl mattered…. r.i.p………

  14. Muzik Amor says:

    Dude had 6mins to say what EVER he wanted/needed to say. No! He waits till he can cut off a Prince solo smh AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!

  15. Kimberley Meisels says:


  16. James Rippy says:

    One of the best halftime shows ever

  17. j a says:

    Thank God they didn't cancel due to "liability concerns." Historic.

  18. NovejSpeed3 says:

    No one remembers who played that Superbowl………..EVERYONE remembers this HALFTIME PERFORMANCE!!!!

  19. Stefania Ops says:

    What a voice i could repeat it every day to everyone who tell nope.was crazy

  20. Adrienne says:

    I manifested this performance before it was ever televised & IT HAPPENED. I imagined how cool it'd be to see Prince performing "Purple Rain" while it was actually raining at the Super Bowl. Pretty effing awesome! Great performance too! He reminds me of a mix of Little Richard, James Brown, & a bit of Hendrix too.

  21. KEVIN M says:

    That was a great performance. Was nice of them to play the super bowl at a prince concert… RIP

  22. Michael Durham says:

    R.i.P Prince,,, one of the baddest mo fo's ever

  23. Anthony West says:


  24. Loilty Misoc says:

    Prince: God, I’m performing at the Super Bowl this year.

    God: Say no more.

  25. Fried Rice says:

    Prince didn't play in the rain, the rain played for Prince.

  26. Denise Lavache says:

    So incredibly awesome man ❤️

  27. Truth McCats says:

    2 melt a stone-heart….

  28. Nick Ducati says:

    Can you make it rain harder?

  29. Jennifer Coleman says:

    Got to be the best performance ever

  30. Anthony Miller says:

    Absolute legend, one of the greatest artist to have ever lived and will always be remembered for his craft, his music, his talent and his legacy… Thank you Prince may you R.I.P

  31. Sonya Torrente says:

    I love you Prince thank you for all you did in making this world a beautiful place !!! Music forever !!!!!!

  32. Hav Risen says:

    There’s only been a handful of memorable halftime performances: U2 and Prince are 1 and 2. After that it’s debatable

  33. f y says:

    Gods gift 👼👼

  34. Allmon Allmon a walking miracle says:

    A true legend ❤

  35. Ciridan says:

    the last 17 seconds of this video are criminal

  36. lgchupa says:

    If there is ever a time in my life where this does not spark joy and break my heart simultaneously, then I am ready for death.

  37. Jean Robert says:

    Yup First Time Rained at a Super BOWL…It Rained the Entire GAME on Top Of THAT…Prince Kikked Ass!!!!!

  38. Scott Baldock says:

    That is a performance. God bless Prince.

  39. James Smith says:

    I miss you man I love you bro

  40. mr niceguy says:

    prince made some statements about copyright, after his death more of his performances come online

  41. Kim Sim says:

    This would have been amazing in Minnesota in 2018. 🕊🕊😢 RIP, you ethereal being.

  42. Jessica O’Leary says:

    He killed it! Xoxo

  43. Jemma Sykes says:

    Prince singing foos! Yesssss!

  44. shrews12001 says:

    It was nice of Prince to allow those large men to play a game during his concert.

  45. rich thon says:

    there will be no better performance ever at a superbowl ever.

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