23 Replies to “Recording Studio London”

  1. Thomas White says:

    How can I book a session?

  2. Lucas Barnard says:

    Sounds good

  3. Julie Theroux says:


  4. Jayden Douglas says:

    I have a great song, how can I record it? Do you produce?

  5. Philipp Wurfel says:

    Do you have deals for recording full albums?

  6. Danielle Wallace says:

    You have good reviews!

  7. Wan Ma says:

    Where in London are you guys?

  8. Katherine Powell says:

    Hi Mews team! I recorded at your studio, remember me? It was great fun and the song turned out absolutely brilliant! Anyone reading this: I definitely recommend this studio!!

  9. Lewis Howells says:

    Looks like a great studio, nice reviews.

  10. Jake Finch says:

    I will book when I have finished my song.

  11. mewsprod says:

    Thanks for the comment Lewis

  12. mewsprod says:

    Hi Wan ma,
    We are in Walthamstow East London

  13. mewsprod says:

    Hi Philipp, yes we do just email me with your details.

  14. mewsprod says:

    Hi Thomas, the video has the details

  15. mewsprod says:

    Hi Jayden, we can do all the above for you

  16. Mamie Nelson says:

    Are any of these people famous? Just wondering.

  17. Ruth Colbert says:

    Evrybody, please like my channel.

  18. Frank Cordova says:


  19. Winnie Green says:

    I've always wanted to play in London…

  20. Christopher Benson says:

    Keep 'em coming

  21. Michael Falcone says:

    Bla bla bla bla, good stuff tho

  22. Emilio Harris says:

    This look slike a good studio

  23. VAMPYR ENGEL says:

    Are these any good then?

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