Recording Video in Canvas Discussion Boards

You can add more than just text to discussion
boards. You can also add a video recording or record video directly into a discussion
post. Begin by accessing the discussion board you
would like to add the recording to. Click Reply to create a new post. In the Rich Text
Editor, click the film strip icon. By default, the Record Media tab displays. The Record
Media tab allows you to create a brand new recording that will be added to your post.
You will likely need to click Allow on the Adobe Flash Player Settings window to permit
Canvas to access your camera. After you have activated your camera, you
will see an image of yourself with a red dot in the middle of the screen. Click anywhere
on the recording screen to begin recording yourself. When you are done recording, click
anywhere on the recording screen to stop the recording. The playback will automatically
play when you stop the recording. If you are happy with your video, click Save and it will
be embedded in your post. If you are unhappy with the video, click the red circle to re-record
your video. You can continue this process until you are happy with your recording, at
which point you will save it. If you prefer to upload a video you have already
created, you can select the Upload Media tab. Simply click the Select Video File button
and browse to the video file. Click Open to begin uploading the video. When the video
is finished uploading, the Media Comment window disappears and the video is embedded in the
discussion post. When you click the Post Reply button, the video is saved to the discussion

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