Reflections – Original Composition (Gilmour Style)

September 18, 2019 89 Comments

We lay on the seaside, lost in our dreams Somewhere in the distance, a seagull screams Warm breeze in our hair, and the sea at our feet We’re free as the breeze, but is the breeze really free? The sun goes down, without a splash A red smile on the horizon, as it slowly sinks in Moonlight shimmers on the waves, dancing to their tunes And the sea in its turn, dances to the moon’s Warped reflections, shapeless thoughts Who gets to choose what’s real and what’s not? Reflections above and secrets within Who’s on the outside, looking in?

89 Replies to “Reflections – Original Composition (Gilmour Style)”

  1. dflash88 says:

    More gjupci

  2. Armaan Dua says:

    That was amazing! I loved the solo!
    Well done guys! 😀

  3. Darkiboy says:

    Great Song! Davild Gilmour would love it!

  4. yllekr123 says:

    Really awesome job by all. That was just amazing Ashwin. Your whole family is very talented. Happy New Year to you all, and please don't stop making videos like this. Great song!!

  5. venkat ramana says:

    awesome contribution everybody i am frm hyd very proud floyd family
    i wish to have a family like this great outstanding keepit up

  6. John Barrett says:

    Beautifully well done! Its fantastic how great you and your family sound together. Keep them coming! and have a great new year!

  7. tlpbridges says:

    Sounds like On an Island by David Gilmour. Awesome.

  8. ashwinsriram says:

    Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments! Happy New Year to you all!

  9. len73 says:

    It reminded me of echoes.very good

  10. Martin Leonard says:

    Nice song and drums sound really great… Looks like a Yamaha logo will look them up.

  11. ashwinsriram says:

    Thanks! The drums are Yamaha DD-65.

  12. Sadhana Laxman says:

    Amazing guys! Pranav, Ashwin, beautiful composition and awesome rendition. Great start to 2013 🙂

  13. spiderdave6 says:

    Thanks guys,greetings from Canada, that sounded great .Have a Happy and healthy New Year,looking forward to seeing more always brings a smile.

  14. Jerome le Gamer says:

    just….AMAZING !!!!!!

  15. ashwinsriram says:

    Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

  16. cutepoison98 says:

    Are you guys from mysore? Cos i was in coorg a couple weeks back haha!

  17. Peace Love and Appreciation says:

    Nice Family ?!

  18. GilmourTrueHD says:

    Great song! Very well played by the whole family. Have a great year!

  19. Satyajit Sahu says:

    What a talented little Floydian family! Very nice composition. Reminiscent of early 60s Floyd, or even somewhat Syd Barret era. David Gilmour will be real proud to see Ashwin's soulful playing. Great comp Pranav. And hats off to dad to encourage the kids to listen/play/compose real music. Glad there's no Bieber fever here.
    Happy New Year!

  20. Prab Singh says:

    Nice!! The family that plays together…… 🙂

  21. Ivan Cenov says:

    Hey, you are playing very nice. Have you happy 2013!

  22. aks970 says:

    To the lead guitar playing kid. Dude you're awesome but don t stop there keep improving yourself on this style play with more soul and dont ever litsen to those metalhead shredding bastards that will say gimour sucks.

  23. ashwinsriram says:

    Thanks Prab 🙂

  24. ashwinsriram says:

    Thank you Satyajit!

  25. ashwinsriram says:

    Thanks Daniel, Happy New Year to you as well!

  26. herumorna says:

    Bloody hell this is amazing! Great job guys and kudos to the entire family!

  27. VerbalKungFu1 says:

    Wish we were next door neighbours

  28. Pablo Torralbas says:

    Keep on floyding, this is great!

  29. guillaume policante says:

    Bravo…Il y a la lettre et l'esprit…..Congratulations

  30. Kevin Ahern says:

    Wow, that was really good!

  31. moreira725 says:

    parabens , bela canção, me lembrou muito richard wright

  32. CrossfaderofNature says:

    wow! that was really good

  33. VlissJJ says:

    you guys are awesome keep on playing!! Love to see this.

  34. Mighty Spider says:

    the intro just sounds like a rip off of "A Wolf at the Door" by Radiohead lol

  35. chiranjeev das says:

    Good job guys….very similar to David Gilmour's "Remember that night" from his last solo album

  36. Totoro93 says:


  37. Totoro93 says:

    with that gear everything on that fender sounds awesome, well done

  38. billy semonis says:

    very well done like seeing family do things like this brings ya closer to gether

  39. Booger F says:

    Vary nice Bravo ! The Guitar solo was great .

  40. David Dangcil says:

    That was definitely of Pink Floyd quality! Great job, it brought me smiles!

  41. Mauro Oviedo says:

    Really great! Good job!

  42. GunslingerMatt says:

    Wow! A family of soul! Good job guys. Keep the videos coming!

  43. jlstube1 says:

    Awesome composition and so nice to see the whole family involved. Pranav's original song and Ashwin's guitar solo are impressive. Thanks for sharing and keep them coming. Happy New Year to you all.

  44. rjkopp says:

    fatastic! It's great to have such a musical family.

  45. djk0811 says:

    congratulations!!! Great job and you are giving your kids a gift that will live with them forever.

  46. TheFremenBlue says:

    I like this very much! And yes, it has a very Gilmour-ish feel to it. Nicely done!

  47. César Antonio Flores Muñoz says:

    Excelente vídeo… Y que mejor que tocar en familia, el sueño de cualquier músico.

  48. ashwinsriram says:

    Muchas gracias!

  49. Jonathan Hall says:

    That was amazing!!

  50. TheUrbanRescueKid says:


  51. ashwinsriram says:

    Thanks, glad you liked it!

  52. ashwinsriram says:

    Thank you so much!

  53. Parham Pourbozorgi says:

    A father I would be very proud of.

  54. ASLi PAiJO says:

    I like it very much …..

  55. Floydinsane YT says:

    Esto, es completamente hermoso :')

    Son lo máximo, deberían seguir tocando, la verdad que me quito el sombrero ante ustedes 😀

  56. MNStyle1 says:

    Hermoso! muchisimas felicidades! 🙂

  57. ashwinsriram says:

    Muchas gracias!

  58. venkat ramana says:

    if the great David Gilmour listen to this he will definitely make cover of this lyrics and great song.
    i really appreciate your work as an indian u are quitely amazing dad and ur tone is absolutely psychedelic
    hope to meet you when i come to Blr

  59. Arash Selahi says:

    good job guys, awesome!!!

  60. ashwinsriram says:

    Thanks, glad you liked it!

  61. alecdawg11 says:

    I would've loved growing up in a family like this! The parents must be so proud; their kids are already better than a lot of musicians 3 or 4 times their age. Good song too. Well done to the entire family!

  62. drumpros says:

    that kid is going to go far

  63. Alfredo Muñoz says:

    Wow talented family love it love it nice song

  64. martin lutero says:

    exelente… el tema la intrepretacion… son familia? si es asi que linda familia… les deseo exito en lo que emprendan…

  65. ashwinsriram says:

    gracias! Sí, somos una familia

  66. MEdZboi420 says:

    Beautifull ….. m/ rock on

  67. Chris Harding says:

    I am very happy for all of you well done

  68. ashwinsriram says:

    Thanks, glad you liked it!

  69. Arturdg1bk says:

    Great composition!

  70. Solar Powered Man says:

    Great sound guys!,the singing too. What's your band called? you should take it on the road.

  71. Krishna Gurung says:

    Lovely composition! ! Hats off to the family!

  72. 123Tymathis says:

    This is amazing

  73. Rafael araujo says:

    Parabéns!!!…Lindo exemplo de união em família.

  74. PrehistoricBeasts says:

    You all blew me away! Congratulations! Wish you all the happiness!

  75. 1690sanju says:

    gosh..wat can i say….i can die for u guyz….xtremely mind boggling…keep uploading..cheers

  76. Rommel Coelho says:

    Absolutely amazing ! a Really Gifted Family !

  77. Soumya Dutta says:

    amazing!! keep them coming.. 🙂

  78. sakamuras s says:

    it's the family von-trapp


    Very nice!

  80. Taxi Man says:

    so talented love it, very nice solo can imagine Gilmour playing that as is 😃

  81. DannyKey says:

    Beautiful….subbed!!! Greetings Danny

  82. Amit kumar Srivastava says:

    Just one thing to say "U guys are a true Gilmour fan"

  83. musician boy says:

    perfect home studio set!!!

  84. sprucesp says:

    A gift from destiny, perhaps as I would like to call it, to see a family expressing such talent and brilliance.
    Gifted lot you are. Keep the good music flowing. Any plans to release family album. Ashwin/Pranav you are a gift to your parents and like vice versa.

  85. PRESTON T MUSIC says:

    Beautiful Music and I love that you all play as a family 🙂

  86. Joe Sciascia says:

    Very Gilmore-ish indeed. Beautiful that your family plays together. Mom w the sweet drum rolls. I'm showing my wife this when I get home!!

  87. ecv16888 says:

    This is an awesome family event. Surprised you didn't get more views! Great family!

  88. Jupe367 says:

    Is this written by you guys. This is great.

  89. Shravan Shrivastava says:

    Surely a perfect family.

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