37 Replies to “Rhye: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert”

  1. I know artists often mention, how hot it is in the office. Can't imagine the temperature in there right now 😂

  2. if these guys can make it to npr, i can too

  3. like most living beings, i too have a gigantic crush on the cellist

  4. Thank you NPR for featuring Milosh and Rhye who I lovingly have been following for years ! I hope more people discover what they have been missing! This is so wonderful they are all just such incredible talented artists ! Love from Boston 💕

  5. Imagine a collaboration with Rhye and Daft Punk for the song "Taste".

  6. who cares says:

    im totally addicted to Rhye …

  7. Super vibes….awesome beautiful..thnxx tiny😎

  8. Beautiful music although the setting makes me think of a seance ….

  9. Y C says:

    R.I.P 🕯

  10. ciriuns says:

    7:15 Damn that whole guitar solo… Awesome

  11. Renee Jones says:

    this is MILOSH! Why'd he change his name?

  12. v0d3r says:

    Imagine a collab with Milosh and Sade…omg that would be the most beautiful music ever.

  13. I was today years old when i realized Ryhe is a man… I feel shooketh!

  14. I thought the singer was a woman

  15. Alex Hdex says:

    I found Rhye today, only to discover that incredible front man’s voice

  16. every now and then the bass player looks like a mix of Freddie Mercury and a young Paul Simon

  17. Chris Tann says:

    Rhye- Creating make out music since 2010

  18. Joe Lugo says:

    I'm jealous of androgynous/falsetto voices lol. My voice is crazy deep and I cant come close lol.

  19. NPR Music: Possibly the best channel on YouTube

  20. Chorus:
    "Oh, baby please, send my money".

  21. would love to have seen the fall or/and open on the set list

  22. i'm shooked that rhye is a man LOL

  23. Ashley Hurt says:

    BEST tiny desk everrrr. Ryhe has become one of my super favorites after discovering on Spotify. (Thanks, Moon Boots)
    The remix album of Blood is 🔥 So so so good!

  24. James Ru says:

    He is the Krishna Das of romance. He chants into love.

  25. OH FAKE CANDLES!? I was thinking man, what a fire hazard!

  26. This was oddly unsatisfying…

  27. Alexis R. L. says:

    Oh carajo, la chica que cantaba… es hombre, qué buena voz, buen ensamble y ya imagino cómo sonarán en el ¡Corona Capital de Guadalajara!, ya pronto. Me sorprendió pero ya nos recompusimos 😀

  28. Thx to the Audio Engineer! Great Job and one of the best mixes, ever heard!

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