12 Replies to “Rhythm Music – The Voyage Mix Series #4”

  1. Flo Zockt says:

    09:58 Leaf Beach & Dream Entact – Pint sounds like Kendrick Lamar 🙂 like it

  2. Kalkaanuslag says:

    this really is the best mix series on youtube imo! love going trough this playlist and fading away in the sun now that i'm done with school <3

  3. sheraldford says:

    +Rhythm Music This is a nice track, but question. Is there a song list, and i mean for like the whole track, not this snippet.

  4. tymond berry says:

    dope asf

  5. Dezaulait says:


  6. reminder: says:

    These kaleidoscopic visuals are downright beautiful
    And these songs have so much flavor to them, but god damn is it frustrating how almost every song drops the beat then mutes off drum tracks into ambient-hangtime moments shortly after. EVOLVE the beat, stop cutting it short! One of the current pitfalls of making music like this is that they spend so much time polishing up small sections of songs that they end up losing sight of organic flow & 1st impressions. That said, the talent is undeniable. Time will refine
    Less trip, more hop

  7. Madi Burley says:

    these mixes are fantastic driving music, but some of the shoddy transitions bug me. sorry mates

  8. DEEPROT says:

    Love it!

  9. Guillaume Joly says:


  10. Artur Lõhmus says:

    More of these please! Love this #Chillax music and keep up the amazing work!

  11. OgFliphone says:


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