29 Replies to “Rock Background Music Instrumental”

  1. Kirill Babiev says:

    Awesome music!

  2. Егор Батов says:


  3. lencher88 says:

    Cool dynamics

  4. Nick Maylock says:

    Nice going! Really impressive slowmo 🙂

  5. Larisa Antonenko says:

    Such cool emotions here %-))

  6. Dana K says:

    Great track and video, i can tell you! I really like it!

  7. Natwest t20 blast says:

    amazing, thats the way to go on, amazing music.

  8. Dmitry Teplov says:

    Cool guitar riff!

  9. Andrey Efremov says:

    Really amazing video, thanks for emotions)

  10. Constanta B says:

    The music in this video clip is super , the best combination)))

  11. Sania Crafts says:

    you are really good at making all those stufs. i have heard others of you.

  12. Easy Drawing says:

    i want to use it for my next short film.

  13. Marina Gerilenko says:

    Wow, that's a really nice music) Not so heavy, but funny! Fascinating, I'm definitely gonna purchase it.

  14. Еlena Tkachenko says:

    Very driving and goes well with the music! Loved it!!!!!!!

  15. MISTER BIG says:

    Is this song copyrighted? I'll put the link of the song in my video

  16. DanYELL says:

    I really love this song! It's great. Really makes you want to get up and dance!

  17. Boris Aceski says:

    DAMN! Loved the music but loved the video more… Haha those were some epic hits 😀

  18. whitetail kings says:

    I wanna use this song in a video on YouTube what license do I need?

  19. candlehour says:

    reminds me of some classic rock, gets your blood flowing!

  20. Dylan Alvarez says:

    I`m listening to this everytime I study while my classmates are listening to alpha waves and peaceful piano. Lol.
    Btw, this one`s effective for studying. Keeps me awake and focused.

  21. V,C,G ! says:

    can I use this for my video

  22. Money Is the motive says:

    Another great video to go with your instrumental. You brought a real rock vibe to life in this production. Great melodies and nice acoustic drums in the background.

  23. TheSpiritualGirl1 says:

    This is like the perfect song for a car commercial!

  24. alamin sheikh says:

    Really laughing boxing fist

  25. Gibbons Motor Toys says:


  26. Hyunsung Kim says:

    Nice work! I purchased the license to use it for my Youtube video later.

  27. Ghost Erik says:

    1st time i get to see women being punched in slow motion … i only saw men being punched in slow motion. Wow! #patriarchy

  28. THIS IS THE AGG says:


  29. Agid Antaris says:

    Can i use music for my video creator?

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