93 Replies to “Rolling Sky – Bonus 31 [MUSIC TEASER]”

  1. 我未來真帥:D says:


  2. robloxian _cyross15 gaming says:

    So cool
    And I have a question

    Is the romance on dl the 3rd anniversary??

    What is the level look like??

    Where did you record??

  3. Sharp-Eye-Emoji says:

    Wow i was playing RS why did you come? Lol

  4. Spitfire The Wolf says:

    They really have to keep this style up. This is music that I LIVE for

  5. Tuan Nguyen says:

    A cool song right?

  6. PRD says:

    Nice music😃

  7. Scary the Seedling says:

    Sunny: OMG I WILL HAVE A DADDY!!!! YEY!!!!!!!
    Sunset Glow: Aaaaaaaa…

    Egypt: You RS dev better release us out or else…
    E-labyrinth, Cube, Egypt and Neon: WE WILL RAID ROLLING SKY!

  8. kslwnwldnclpaaka?qkiaosi says:

    🙁 the music is no more chill now 🙁

  9. Ronsive comedy 300 says:

    Level name : Night time falls
    Difficulty : 4 stars
    Keys to unlock :3 keys
    Number of crowns : 3
    Number of diamonds :10

  10. Timy Ticoalu says:

    Ya me to i love dad music 😘😘😘

  11. Tracy Newman says:

    Bonus 31: Early sunset
    Stars: 4
    Keys: 4
    Crowns: yes
    Boxes: yes
    Cost: 4 keys or watch ad
    Placement: Tetris, Early Sunset, VR fairyland

  12. 유은진 says:


  13. 유은진 says:


  14. ķêvîň ćõŕäł says:

    Buena rola jejejej saludos

  15. Timucin Tanribuyurdu says:


  16. eiffel 89 says:

    Name : Cloud Party

  17. Belloboiii 1832 says:

    Name: Blue Sky
    Difficulty: 3 Stars
    Gems: 10

  18. Slime Creep says:

    it's like Yin and Yang.
    Sunset Glow is a chill music, and Bonus 31 is an energetic music

  19. Xiaoguang小廣 XJKRYT says:

    Great,is so cool song😍😍

  20. Xiaoguang小廣 XJKRYT says:

    Nice music\(^o^)/

  21. Fercel Solis says:

    Level Name Ideas:
    Neon Sunrise
    Dark Midnight
    Night Rider
    Etc etc

  22. 4Life lol says:

    Name: Feel the light
    Placement: Between Sci-tech and Birthday party
    Stars: 4
    Gems: 10
    Crowns: 3/3
    Keys to unlock: 3

    Cool Music 🙂
    1:07 I Like very much the beat

  23. rolling sky player says:

    4 Star

  24. TW Lam says:

    easy music

  25. TechNewVideo says:

    idk why the beginning is reminds of psychedelic music?

  26. Yee Boi says:

    beautiful sky
    4 stars
    3 keys

  27. Cloudy Gaming says:

    The drop and the beat is so strange. 6/10 for the soundtrack, not really good

  28. 鄺鄺 Kuong Kuong says:

    Wow they add triplet!

  29. doodle gear says:

    Name: afternoon party.
    Rating: 4 stars.
    Placement: between VR fairyland and street basketball.
    Gems: 10.

  30. LTV KEKE says:

    Moonlight Glow!

  31. knifey 7u7 says:

    This song is cool
    And second part the sunset glow no? :v

  32. SavΕηко васЯ says:

    Level New snowing

  33. SavΕηко васЯ says:

    nah bonus

  34. darren phang says:


  35. Wael Adel says:

    So fast

  36. しょうご says:


  37. Nga Pham says:

    Bonus 31
    Name level: Sunrise glow (maybe)
    Star: 3 or 4 or 2
    2 stars: footballl field and faster
    3 stars: candy and desert
    Or 4 stars: birthday party and terris

  38. 889 says:

    P. Music but better

  39. MOUSAFA Pipi PLAY P O U P E N O U X says:

    I hope its 2 3 or 4 stars or 5

  40. 이환으 says:


  41. Thunderfoot 257 says:

    Yes it is a cool song

  42. FloofyFatRat says:

    Beat party 2.0
    5 stars
    Placed after World Cup
    3 keys
    Gems: 20
    Mystery boxes: No
    Crowns 3

  43. FloofyFatRat says:


    Crystal skies
    2 stars
    Gems: 10
    Mystery boxes

  44. FloofyFatRat says:


  45. Lucas Daniel says:

    Name: Dawn
    Stars: ☆☆
    Localization: Laser,DAWN,dazzle
    Keys: 2
    Gems: 20
    Boxes: yes
    Powers: reverse mirror(Ignite and Laser) , Long jump , break, invisible(sunset glow)

  46. mariama barry says:

    Anyone is hearing oof roblox of the background

  47. Lin Anothey says:

    DL 3rd Anniversary level will be coming???????

  48. Hoss Haven Entertainment says:

    Man, a week after? They are moving fast!!!!

  49. Human First says:

    Mixed by sunny and beat party

  50. TheGreatCG says:


  51. Luke Johnston says:


  52. Luke Johnston says:

    Dawning sunshine? 2 star?

  53. Samuel Ploof says:

    E-lobyrinth, cube, Egypt, 1up, neon i wanna escape
    3rd anniversary. Why do you wanna escape

    Egypt, E-labyrinth, cube, 1up, neon:

  54. Agnieszka Turek says:

    RS: I will create a level
    Sunset Glow: Nice I will have a sister
    Poker: Can I listen to the music plz
    RS: NO
    Poker: >:(
    1UP: Lets Look at the replies first plz
    RS: Fine
    1UP: Lets see
    Eygpt: Plz tell me
    1UP: Lets see
    1UP: Lance the Youtuber replied "To the poor levels inside the event box all u need to do is to kill the 4th anniversary :)"
    1UP: Ooo this will be fun
    Cube: Plz don't do it
    1UP: why
    Cube: because you are an idiot you killed Ignite and Faded Remix Before
    1UP: covers ears I'm not going to listen to you
    Cube: grunts
    Eygpt: Lets see what else it says
    Eygpt: A reply from Kathy Carslon
    1UP: Give me that
    Eygpt: FINE
    1UP: She said "A million"
    1UP: goes on youtube
    1UP: Hmm
    1UP: Oh there's the comment the dialogue caterer(me) said How many obstacles are in this level
    1UP: There's the reply
    Eygpt: I wish I can tell her but i cant get out of here
    Eygpt: Wait 1UP go kill the 4th Anniversary
    1UP: Ok
    Cube: NO DON'T DO IT 1UP
    1UP: if i do i will get out of here
    Cube: Fine
    1UP: Hey the 4th Anniversary
    The 4th Anniversary: Hi what do you want
    1UP: I'm Here to kill you
    The 4th Anniversary: Ok Try to
    1UP: shoots
    The 4th Anniversary: dodges
    1UP: grr
    1UP: shoots some more
    The 4th Anniversary: dodges some more
    1UP: shoots The 4th Anniversary
    The 4th Anniversary: Oww Ahh god Oww
    1UP: Hah yes she's dead
    The 4th Anniversary: Now Birthday Party, Tertis, Desert, and Deep Space will die too
    The 4th Anniversary: dies
    Birthday Party, Tertis, Desert, and Deep Space: dies
    Castle in the Sky: NOO MY FRIEND
    1UP: Yes now time to destroy Rolling Sky
    Eygpt: Time to talk to Sunset Glow
    Eygpt: Hey Sunset Glow
    Sunset Glow: HI
    Eygpt: do you have a million objects
    Sunset Glow: IDK
    1UP: destroys Rolling Sky
    Massif: what are you doing
    Sunny: Yeah
    Poker: 1UP MY ENEMY!!!!!!!!!!
    Poker: 1UP YOURE SO DEAD!!!!!!!!!!
    1UP: destroys Rolling Sky some more
    Beat Party: Gaah Who's that
    Poker: that idiot is 1UP
    Beat Party: k
    1UP: time to destroy that rankings
    1UP: destroys rankings
    1UP: yes I destroyed it
    1UP: sucks up everything
    1UP: blows it out
    1UP: *causes explosin
    Error: Rolling sky has been destroyed
    Error: To be Continued
    Error: Will Rolling Sky be restarted, Will 1UP be removed from the game, or will Bonus 31 ever come out
    Error: Find out Voting ends whenever Bonus 31 comes out

  55. SeaborneInk2985 says:

    Sunset Glow: Finally… a sibling…
    Naval Battle: You’re kidding me, right?
    Forest and Ignite: Where are we?
    All other AW Levels: Where are you? We can’t be bought anymore!
    Egypt, E-Labyrinth, Cube, Neon, and 1UP: Let us out or we will destroy this game!
    The 4th Anniversary; Why… players have to beat five hard levels before they can get to me… or they can just pay 120 gems to play for free.

  56. Jeremy Reyes says:

    Level Name: Rainbow Rush
    Level Difficulty: 5/6 Stars
    Keys To Unlock: 3 Keys
    Special Modes: None
    Lucky Boxes: None
    Crowns: 3 (like always)
    Diamonds: 10
    Gameplay: Invisible Ball, Short climbing (from dynamic Cube), and Mining (from 1UP)

  57. Yasin Gaming says:

    I think this is a 2 star level the name is dreaming world and it is between football field and faster it has 3 crowns and 10 gems

  58. MB Command Nerd says:

    This better be three stars or else…I hate five star levels because I just can’t fully complete them. I made it about halfway in Sunset Glow, though, so I’m not too bad at it.

  59. Sonic 4ces Gamer says:

    1:07 is like TOE 2 (Theory of Everything 2)

  60. Russ T says:

    It's a pretty cool song. 100% 5 star level. There is no point guessing every good song always ends up being a 5 star. Even if they don't sound like one T_T

  61. Russ T says:

    Does anyone else hear a bell in the song oar is it just me, because the level is gonna have something to do with midnight

  62. Evan C says:

    Name: Energetic Current
    Stars: 3
    Placement: Unlock the Future, Energetic Current, Naval Battle
    Gems: 10
    Crowns: 3
    Key Unlock: 3

  63. Jolt Shocker says:

    Level: Midnight Flow
    Star: 4
    Crowns :Yes

  64. GD Xenmuron says:

    Sunset Glow: um….Yay.
    Me: Why is this a remix of Explorers By Hinkik?

  65. Charles Brandon Perez says:

    Rolling sky is on point with their music. Makes me wonder what RS is gonna do next year with there levels.

  66. Cinon Adjani says:

    anyone an you hear oof sound in 1:31

  67. Minh Nguyễn Đức says:

    this is cool bro

  68. Achi PlayZ RBLX -TH says:

    Name:Sunrise Glow, Morning Sky, Snowy Castle

  69. Gormiti Crafty Marathon says:

    Name:Royal Midnight
    Placement:between matrix and monody

  70. Erlan Erlan says:

    Celebrate Wow

  71. Aden Mai says:

    level : sunrise
    stars : 5
    super power : invisible

  72. Jaime Gomez says:

    Beat Party: you sound like me. Sunny: nun uh

  73. Michele Davis says:

    Name: Moonlight sky Stars: 2 Placement: between Fairy Tale and Laser

  74. rolling sky player says:

    TN is the best

  75. Dylan Vazquez says:

    I'm going to be so excited to see the new level 🙉🙉🙉🙉

  76. Dylan Vazquez says:

    Zzzzzzz ,,,,,,,, , aàaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh😓😓😥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😔🥺😝😝😝🙉🥰

  77. gretchen gosma says:

    I'm only on 50 something present on the new 6 star level

  78. James Urizar says:

    First Beat drop: Good.
    Second Beat Drop: Extremely Good. But I prefer Psychedelic Music and VR Fairyland. But this song is extremely great.

  79. BKG북극곰 says:

    Night and day
    difficulty : 3
    gems : 10

  80. yeongungido hero says:


  81. kyd-j forte says:

    Name : frequenza imbattibbile
    Stars: 3,4 or 5
    Unlock: 3 keys

  82. Cary Dogs666 says:

    снимайте побольше

  83. protheshow says:

    How is it a Music Teaser?

  84. Jaime Gomez says:

    Level: Dynamic Matrix

  85. Jaime Gomez says:

    Level: Neon Sunrise

  86. Bass Hard228 says:

    Maybe Sunrise Glow? XD

  87. Mira Indriani says:

    Sad music

  88. 김희정 says:

    Bonus 31
    Name: Bright Town
    Keys: 3 Keys
    Difficulty: 5 Stars
    Gems: 20 Gems
    Mystery Box: Yes

  89. Huy Phan says:

    Level name : ice age

  90. 山口均 says:

    A cool Music Song and Bonus30

  91. King Gaming says:

    Level: Christmas Heights / Caroling House / Nights of Christmas / Krampus Christmas / NightMass
    Difficulty: 4 Stars, After Volcano
    Rewards: 6 Keys, 10 Balls
    Features: No new Features, 10 Gems, 3 Crowns, 6 Key Unlock
    Color Scheme: Blue, Green, and Indigo / Blue, White, and Cyan

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