43 Replies to “Sara Bareilles – Brave (Official Video)”

  1. tony torres says:


  2. 6 years of listening. super love this song. 10000X watched.

  3. Coco Waters says:

    Seeing the music video for the first time made me emotional. It's a beautiful thing to express yourself <3

  4. it was green .-. the whole thing

  5. So I took your advice and cussed out “that pain in my ass”

  6. Claren Grey says:

    It's great to see people being who they are in a mv 😊💙

  7. This makes me say:

    Roar Who?

  8. Keri Chipos says:

    she is my 2nd cosin

  9. Mike Morgan says:

    But I'm not brave enough to wear a MAGA hat…

  10. My school is doing this dance for the end of the year tallent show and i am not afraid to dance in front of my hole school i love this song soooooooo much!

  11. Mike Morgan says:

    I went to school with this kid's parents… Good for her!!

  12. Nobody says:

    Katy Perry used the positivity of this song to steal it

  13. Hanan Eid says:

    Say what you want to say and let the word fall out honestly I want to see you brave

  14. I love how on other videos there's always some sort of negative comments, but on this it's mostly inspiring comments about people being BRAVE

  15. putrid scum says:

    Being an ex punk, this helped me turn away from a life of self destruction
    Can’t believe it took this to change me

  16. My teacher Ms.Alvarez play this at the end of the day of school

  17. anna nev says:

    Where has this been all my life 🤧

  18. We live in a world where Nicki minaz shaking her ass like a balloon gets millions of views .

  19. Came here from Switched at Birth

  20. Song is still fire in 2019 💕

  21. still loving this. 2019!

  22. HanHan 94 says:

    IVE BEEN FINDING THIS SONG FOR 2 WEEKS ! MOTHERFCK****RR !! finally found it !! god damn it !

  23. Sara is beautiful 😍

  24. Say wat u wannna say and let da words fall out honestly i wannna see u be brave

  25. Lulu Lulu says:

    This is the closest we can get to seeing Kate Middleton dancing on the street

  26. yo _chieh says:

    Our English graduation song(⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)

  27. Happy 6th Anniversary!!

  28. We are all tenants and neighbors in the world. yet we own the right to be who we are.

  29. I always get so annoyed at people and people always make me feel awkward and I always want to say something back to them so I’m not awkward but I can’t it won’t come out lol

  30. In elementary school this was my inspiration … 😎

  31. I would eat this broads salmon

  32. Cookie Lord says:

    Play it in 2x speed

  33. kingsxkids says:

    Whomever had the idea to add the cello fills…. Brilliant.
    How could you possibly make this song any better?
    see what nurses at University of Minnesota hospital edited together.

  34. “Maybe he took the wrong pill” LMAOOOO

  35. This song make me love sara bareilles songs

  36. Nia Sieders says:

    'Maybe he took te wrong pil' at the end of the video really sounds like ned from the try guys…🤔🤔

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